Brian Schottenheimer “very encouraged” by Brandon Marshall’s progress with Seahawks


Wide receiver Brandon Marshall still isn’t 100 percent full speed with the Seattle Seahawks just yet, but his progress up to this point has been promising.

Marshall “started” Seattle’s preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts and played just seven snaps without a pass coming his direction before calling it a night. However, his work in practice during training camp has seemed to indicate that Marshall does indeed have something left int he tank.

“It’s been really good,” offensive coordinator Brian Schottenhiemer said. “I mean, he had a big play today. It’s just, there’s some timing stuff still. He and Russ (Wilson) are working through it. That’s a big part of him being out there but I love seeing him out there. He’s been over with us during the quarterback individual stuff, which is great. They’re talking all the time, but yes. Very encouraged.”

The Seahawks haven’t had a wide receiver with Marshall size and pedigree during the Pete Carroll era. The two receivers that come closest to matching the mold are Sidney Rice and Mike Williams, though neither one had the full package Marshall has shown through his 12 seasons in the NFL.

Seattle is looking to replace at least some of the 10 touchdowns scored by Jimmy Graham last season. The hope is Marshall can show his biggest benefits in the red zone while also being a factor between the 20’s as well. Marshall has worked repeatedly with Wilson on communication for plays such as fades or back shoulder throws into the end zone against one-on-one coverage.

“In the meetings, when we’re watching film, see him kind of talking and saying, ‘hey, what are you thinking here or what would you do here? What could I possibly give you here?’ They’re kind of always together,” Schottenheimer said of Marshall and Wilson.

Marshall is working back from a pair of surgeries in the last year. An ankle injury ended his 2017 season and required surgery to repair. Since he was already going to be down for a stretch to rehab his ankle, he also had surgery on a toe issue that had caused him problems for two years. He was extremely limited in offseason workouts and has slowly been ramped up into the full swing of practice in camp.

“He continues to be closer to full go, cut it loose,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “He can play, but it hasn’t really, we really haven’t let him go upfield, run downfield, top speed and all that stuff yet. We restricted him some and he’s been told to be restricted a little bit when he plays just to make sure that we don’t have any setbacks.”

Even though he’s not quite at full strength, Marshall is still making an impression.

“The way he thinks football, the way he sees things on the field, he gives great input when he comes back. He was like, ‘hey what were you doing there?’ and he’ll say something and then we’ll go and watch the film and you’re like, ‘wow, he was right.’ I think that has a lot to do with it. We’re very encouraged.”

4 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer “very encouraged” by Brandon Marshall’s progress with Seahawks

  1. This post takes more time to read than the time he will have the ball in his hands all season.

  2. I am excited to the see the changes to the offense minus Bevell. Maybe it was because of the split duties between him and Tom Cable in the run game but there was absolutely no flow to the drives. It felt like he called plays by by randomly throwing at a dart board.

    If Marshall can get 6-8 touchdowns that will replace the missing red zone threat of Jimmy Graham.

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