Kyle Shanahan: Injuries are part of football


Kyle Shanahan stood on the sideline in Thursday’s exhibition game, watching one player after another exit with an injury. The 49ers had six players leave with injuries against the Cowboys, and they listed 16 players on their pre-practice injury report Monday, according to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle.

There is nothing the 49ers could have done to prevent the injuries they saw in the preseason opener, Shanahan said.

“Oh yeah, you can go through each one,” Shanahan said, via Branch. “[Tight end George] Kittle falling on his arm awkwardly and separating his shoulder, that could be prevented by not having him run the route. Guys getting concussions in games could be prevented from them not tackling people, I guess.”

Five 49ers either missed practice or had a limited practice Monday because of hamstring, groin or calf injuries. Shanahan’s answer? It’s part of football.

“Soft tissue injuries, yeah they can be prevented by having them not doing anything and sit there and just not get hurt and then it will happen in Week 1,” Shanahan said. “To me, it’s just part of [football]. I think we are pretty smart with what we do.”

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  1. I like Shanahan, and realize it’s a quite, not his fault. But this is from the “duh” headline department. Injuries are a part of football. And on tomorrow’s news: grass is green.

  2. “… and if they want to avoid injures completely they have to stay on the sideline, where the danger is they turn into an awkward looking, unhealthy geek with an overbite, wearing headphones and pipsqueak yelling with the voice of a 12 year old…”

  3. “His entire family owes RGIII and the Redskins organization a personal apology”

    RG3 was only relevant for whatever short period of time because of the Shanahans. When the QB is BFFs with the owner and hangs out at his house there is only so much a coaching staff can do.

    Its telling that Washington had two of the brightest young offensive minds in football and let both walk right out the door.

  4. Shanahan is lucky the game against the Cowboys was not a regular season game or the Boys would have injured more players from Clara including Mr. Overrated Jimmy G.

  5. stucats says:
    August 14, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Shanahan is lucky the game against the Cowboys was not a regular season game or the Boys would have injured more players from Clara including Mr. Overrated Jimmy G.

    I think you need to worry about the Eagles and not a meaningless 1st preseason game.

  6. @poppybloodsugar

    Rooted for ATL in that game but even if Shanahan wasn’t the 9ER coach I’d still say the same thing.

    If he ran more after halftime then people would say he called the 2nd half scared and not to lose. He called the game aggressively just like what got them that lead originally. Besides the Pats came out to stop the run game. Knowing ATL had the big lead and we’re going to try and run out the clock. What about the ATL defense? They had their hands in the mess.

    A 28-3 2nd half lead in the Super Bowl isn’t lost by one play, coach, or player.

  7. In terms of groin, quad, and hamstring pulls, proper training limits injury while improper training causes injury. That’s coaching 101.

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