Washington defensive backs give Terrelle Pryor an earful


A fight involving Jets receiver Terrelle Pryor hasn’t happened (yet) during joint practices with his former team in Washington, but it’s definitely come close to fisticuffs — and still could.

Check out this video of Tuesday action, featuring Pryor being stopped from making a catch, an uproar among Washington defensive players in the aftermath of the play, and at the tail end of the clip Washington safety D.J. Swearinger approaching Pryor, cocking a fist, and making Pryor flinch.

Chatter regarding a potential brouhaha first emerged in June, when Washington linebacker Zach Brown suggested that the defense would have something special for their former teammate, who apparently was protected against contact when playing in D.C. Sunday’s rash of fights seemed to be unrelated to Pryor.

Before the two teams go their separate ways, maybe more fights will happen. And they won’t go their separate ways until Thursday night, after a nationally-televised game between the two teams concludes.

30 responses to “Washington defensive backs give Terrelle Pryor an earful

  1. Ignorance… and we wonder why Washington is constantly a turd team. It keeps turd players…instead of winners who sole purpose is to win and bring Championships.

  2. Swearinger is a loudmouth who draws a lot of penalties. Half Cortland Finnegan, half Burfict.
    Washington’s a perfect place for him – he can go into politics when he gets kicked out of the league.

  3. What a little punk, classic non-tough guy move. I have no dog in this fight, but what a punk Swearinger was here. If you are going to be a tough guy hit him, but don’t pull this BS. I hope Pryor burns him a few times.

  4. some of these dripwads playing for the Redskins sure make it hard to keep being a lifelong fan of the team. Ever since fatAlbert Haynesworth the Redskins have seen fit to draft or sign some dang sorry human beings who end up not being all that as a player

  5. “orangecrush78 says:
    August 14, 2018 at 11:48 am
    What a little punk, classic non-tough guy move. I have no dog in this fight, but what a punk Swearinger was here. If you are going to be a tough guy hit him, but don’t pull this BS. I hope Pryor burns him a few times.”

    Exactly. Washington is an abysmal team, their defense is a joke and here they are trying to act like big boys by acting like they are going to sucker punch guys. What a bunch of fools.

  6. only the jets, who are having their first joint practice since 2005, could manage to find this kind of nonsensical drama

  7. DJ ran away so fast, total loud mouth with no skill when game day comes.

    Keep talking little man…

  8. Five guys just celebrated a dropped pass in a practice during the second week of preseason. The Redskins must have pretty low expectations this year..

  9. Lol dude got punked. Seriously though no idea where the bad blood came from. Pryor was a Redskins for 2 seconds – never heard a peep out of him. Maybe I missed something.

  10. In other news Pryor has over 100 yard receiving in practice against the redskins laughable defense.

  11. I’ve been a Redskins fan forever and I have NO idea why the hatred towards Pryor….But whatever

  12. Wow, NFL teams sure are putting on quite a display for the fans in practices so far. Why do we treat these people like role models, again?

    Why do we watch this league or spend money on it, again?

  13. What is it about WRs and DBs that they are the loudest and most obnoxious look-at-me divas on the team? This is consistent with just about every team. Running backs and linebackers don’t yap nearly as much.

  14. whodatalien says:
    August 14, 2018 at 11:44 am

    does washington still have bacarri rambo? that dude was something else
    LOL..yeah and we still have Ifeanyi Ohalete too.. remember that name?

  15. I’m an OSU alum, so if nothing else I certainly am not a pryor fan….but I’d feel like a B if i was swearinger in this and i’d feel much better about myself if i’m pryor.

    He reacted to you fake punching him, so? Fake punching is something 13 year old bullies do when they haven’t been hit in the face yet. He’s just a fake punk.

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