Hue Jackson has no concern about practice scuffle between Jarvis Landry and Terrance Mitchell


It’s the season of training camp fisticuffs, and while the Browns have been largely immune to winning, they’re not immune to fighting.

Receiver Jarvis Landry and defensive back Terrance Mitchell got into a bit of a scrap on Tuesday, and they apparently weren’t alone. Coach Hue Jackson had no problem with it.

“Those things [happen],” Jackson told reporters on Tuesday. “This is football. We have been practicing. We have been going after it. It is not something that we want. It is going to happen. We are men. Things are going to happen that way. Guys know as long as we do not start swinging with our fists and we let it go, we can move on from it. It is not something that we want to do every day, but this is that point of training camp when things start happening like that. We will continue to coach them up and coach them through it. We do not want to get anybody hurt that way, but I do know those things happen.”

Jackson didn’t think the situation was serious enough to bring the team together for a talking-to.

“I think that this is the time of year that it happens,” Jackson said. “I think that our guys know that there is a line that we are not going to cross. They are going to grab and pull and scream and yell, but we are not going to swing on anybody. We will go from there.”

The presence of Hard Knocks cameras could make things a little more intense, creating a greeting likelihood that the line will eventually be crossed. If/when it is, we’ll see it on an upcoming Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET.

7 responses to “Hue Jackson has no concern about practice scuffle between Jarvis Landry and Terrance Mitchell

  1. Geez, Landry, it didn’t take long before you’re getting into it with your new team mates. Are you sure it was all about Tannehill and not you?

  2. I think I see why the Miami Dolphins
    were so quick to get rid of Jarvis Landry.

    Is Landry trying to be chad ochojohnson, jameis winston,
    or a landry/winston hybrid?!?

    Is it the selfish look at me-me-me Ocho-ness?!?

    Is it that he rattles on in an unfocused manner
    with “thin” flavor and overused cliches?!?

    Is it the hollow faux leadership show business
    whenever a camera is present?!?

  3. Fights happen when people get made to look silly. If nobody at some point in training camp didn’t get upset with you because you keep beating them and making them look silly,then you’re probably not the talented guy. Case in point, Myles Garrett and Greg Robinson. Garrett was making him look silly and Robinson got tired of it which led to a scuffle.

  4. too bad all this ‘spirit’ won’t be worth a tinker’s d*n once the season rolls around and the browns annual smattering of good players on a 53-man roster goes up against good TEAMS;

    has Peppers cracked 5 seconds in the 40 yet?

    is Greg Robinson their swing tackle?

    how many games must they lose opening the season (that schedule is BRUTAL) before Hue throws in Mayfield like he did Kizer last year as an excuse to save his job?

    given their revolving door, will Mayfield even know his wideouts’ names before they come out of the huddle?

    did Njoku learn to block?

    maybe he should put on thirty pounds and move to guard since he already has the hands of one;

    the browns will almost certainly lose all of September and part of October..will Mayfield still be alive by Halloween?

    it is almost a certainty Taylor won’t be;

    i fear once again it must get unimaginably worse in cleveland before anything gets better…

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