Terrelle Pryor continues to take the high road


Jets receiver Terrelle Pryor had a rough day on Tuesday, from being heckled by Washington defenders to facing a pulled punch from safety D.J. Swearinger that induced a flinch to being called out by Jets coach Todd Bowles for talking about Pryor’s ankle injury. Pryor took the high road on Tuesday, and he’s taken it again on Wednesday.

“My goal is to compete, sharpen my football skills and make it clear to my new teammates that they can depend on me,” Pryor said in a statement posted on social media. “It’s crucial for me to be a positive role model for the kids who came to training camp to watch us. My behavior here and during the season is bigger than proving some sort of point during joint practices. I will continue to work hard and lead by example by not making it about me and keeping the focus on the Jets organization.”

Of course, Pryor didn’t completely stay on the high road, since the tweet that posted the statement included a smattering of hashtags that seem to represent the throwing of shade at those who threw insults and fake punches at him:  “#FlinchNRunGang #SillyGuy #toughguy.” (He also posted one of his highlights from the joint practice sessions at Washington with the hashtag #catchthis.) But Pryor has resisted any and all temptation to respond verbally or physically to those who targeted him for abuse, which may be less interesting than a brouhaha but all in all a much better approach.

18 responses to “Terrelle Pryor continues to take the high road

  1. Way to go T Pryor
    Maintain your focus, integrity, & discipline
    Keep it on the field & out of your pockets & off if your reputation young man

  2. DJ Nothinger. This guy is no better than a journeyman DB. Check out his PFF charts to see where he ranks in the league. Yup…he aint any good.

  3. 1. I still have no idea what Pryor ever did to get targeted by so many players, not just Washington players this week but by Pacman Jones and others in the past.

    2. Pryor’s sportsmanship, restraint, and high road comments deserve appreciation. He’s a far better role model than those targeting him, at least in terms of his public conduct.

    3. I’m a Washington fan and I hate when Washington players do things that make me want to not root for them. It’s like, great, when punk Swearinger does good, it’s good for my team, yet at the same time I’m like, shoot, I do not actually want to see this type of individual do well.

  4. While the conduct of the Washington defenders make initially want to defend Pryor, his history is filled with players from multiple teams who seem to despise him. I don’t what it is, but something about him seems to really tick off opposing players. He’s not an awful receiver, but he’s no Calvin Johnson, so I don’t think it’s anger at being snagged on or anything. Maybe they think he’s aloof or something. But in any case, I am not as eager to jump to his defense as I would have been before.

    And I am not too sure that indirectly dissing your opponent is necessarily any better than directly dissing him. You either do it or you don’t. Maybe that’s why they’re mad at him.

  5. So last year when Washington signed him I remembered all the corners hating on him. I didn’t get it cause he seemed like a hard working guy who was trying to switch positions which is very hard. I didn’t get the hate at all. I now realize that this guy rubs people the wrong way. He’s great with the media and the fans, but there seems to be another side to him on the field and in the locker room. I wish him the best, but when theirs smoke theirs fire. This isn’t just a case of his former teammates giving him the business for old times sake. They really seem to hate that dude! Probably all started week 1 when he dropped several passes against the Eagles….

  6. Guys like DJ Swearinger are why the Redskins continue to be a mediocre team at best. He is a punk with a big mouth who can’t back it up. The “made you flinch” BS was funny in 6th grade but as a grown man you look immature.

  7. This goes back to last season’s training camp. Gruden made the corners give Pryor lots of room. They weren’t supposed to touch him. He made a lot of catches in practice and showboated, like he’d beaten a defender. The corners weren’t happy. Then when the regular season came and opposing corners covered him, Pryor couldn’t catch a cold.

    The Redskins’ defenders remember how Pryor acted.

  8. Is it really the high road though? It seems pretty clear there is something else happening here. While I respect “maturity”, all of Pryor’s old teammates clearly hate him, leading me to believe that’s a lot more going on behind the scenes.

    And while I by no means condone bullying, allowing yourself to be bullied, and then passing it off as “taking the high road” doesn’t really add up.

  9. This is the same Pryor who tried to go in the stands and then claimed someone was “racist” towards him even though it was never heard. He was talking trash to Gruden before the practice about how none of the corners could cover him.

    he got what he deserved. Taking the high road because you got exposed as having no heart is just funny talk.

  10. Why does it seem that EVERYWHERE this guy goes he seems to draw such animus? It’s not accomplishment that’s for sure. He is clearly doing something to tick people off that cameras and microphones aren’t picking up. Weird.

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