Cowboys hoping this is the year Tavon Austin becomes a complete receiver


During his five seasons with the Rams, Tavon Austin was mostly a disappointment: Although he made the occasional big play as a runner, receiver or returner, he never really put it all together to be a complete player. Can that change in Dallas?

It can according to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who says Austin is showing he can handle everything thrown at him in Dallas. Prescott said all of his receivers are starting to get it, but when asked which of the Cowboys’ new receivers has done the best job of getting involved in the offense, Prescott said it was Austin.

“I’d say Tavon for the simple fact, in the other place he was, I didn’t know he was as good of a receiver as he was and could run routes as well as he does, and catch the ball every single time,” Prescott said, via the Star-Telegram. “For me, from that standpoint, he’s not just a gadget, gadget guy. You don’t have to run him on speed sweeps and all that steps opens up the offense and you can use him there as well. He’s a guy you can put out there, inside, outside and trust he’s going to get open.”

For his NFL career, Austin has averaged just 8.7 yards per catch, far less than a player with his speed ought to be averaging if he’s as good a route runner as Prescott suggests. The Rams’ offense never did get the most out of Austin’s talents. Prescott seems to think the Cowboys’ offense can.

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  1. I’ve always liked Tavon (Rams fan) so I hope they’re right. It’s hard for me to believe that a guy Sean McVay couldn’t put in a position to succeed is better off with Jason Garrett, though…

  2. LOL

    Hope is not a strategy Jerrah.

    Tavon is entering his 6th year in the league and still isnt even mediocre. Gonna be a long season in Dallas.

  3. When a high draft choice is given away for a 6th round, something failed! Was it a bad choice or something else? Is all this hype real or training camp coaches blowing smoke?

  4. Only issue w/him was he was not consistent catching the ball, the most important trait for a receiver. He can also get jammed up at the line and although he has elite speed, Safeties do not respect the fact that he can make the play, therefore they are not even caring that he is going down the field. He drew coverage his first couple of years, but last year coming out of the backfield, defenses did not care. Even w/the limited touches he received in the Wildcard game, he failed to open up any space….

    I am all for 2nd chances. The Rams did no one a favor by trading draft picks, drafting him so high, then just letting him sit on the bench. Then they extended him in 2016? At any rate, good luck Tavon. Besides my memories of him returning punts for TD’s or breaking long runs, my last memory of him is the smirk he had on the sidelines when Pharroh Cooper botched the two punts in the Wildcard game. The Rams should have given him a chance during that game to open it up. The coaching in that game is another issue, that is hopefully being addressed this Pre-season.

    Good luck Tavon and the Rams.

  5. Samuel D. James says:
    August 16, 2018 at 9:56 am
    I’ve always liked Tavon (Rams fan) so I hope they’re right. It’s hard for me to believe that a guy Sean McVay couldn’t put in a position to succeed is better off with Jason Garrett, though…
    Tough to argue with that.

  6. Austin made more plays than he’s given credit for…largely because about half of them were negated by penalty. However, he never evolved and actually regressed once he got paid. If he couldn’t be a star for McVay, I have a hard time believing he will be one in Dallas.

  7. Rams were hoping for that too.

    Interesting recent comments from Austin in which he admitted his work ethic “went out the window” after the Rams paid him.

  8. yep, right behind Martavis Bryant, Cordarrelle Patterson, the list goes on. I find after 5 years in the NFL speed WR’s just “get it” and turn into Jerry Rice.

  9. He may or may not become a complete receiver, but he’s part of the cowboys culture now, so he’ll at least rack up a few misdemeanors. Maybe a felony or two.

  10. He actually can because he’s a great route runner. The only problem with Tay, has always been size and the reluctance for coach’s to take a chance due to it. Could be like Marquise Goodwin with the right opportunity.

  11. Um — The Cowboys currently have Tavon listed as a Running Back. That doesn’t exactly suggest there’s hope in “Dallas” of him becoming a “complete receiver”. Seems to me they are hoping he’ll be a decent recieiving threat out of the back field, but that is a FAR CRY from hoping him to be a complete receiver. Plus; this article only focuses on what Dak said about Tavon, not the whole Cowboys organization. Dak not knowing what a receiver is might start to explain why Dak hasn’t become that ‘complete QB’. PFT might want to start doing a little more research when writing their article titles if they hope to become a ‘complete sports reporting source’.

  12. August 16, 2019

    “[Whichever team signs him after the Cowboys cut him] hoping this is the year Tavon Austin becomes a complete receiver”

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, your Dallas Cowboy team building strategy, hopes and prayers!

  14. officialgame says:

    August 16, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    All the scouts said he ran like he had a rocket up his ass. All the scouts were wrong.
    They absolutely weren’t wrong. Dude is fast as hell, but he’s not a NFL caliber WR. Even in college most of his big plays came out of the backfield. Only chance he has to be a decent contributer is if they use him as a third down/change of pace type back. A Darren Sproles type role. Hoping he’s going to turn into a complete back in year 6 is a pipe dream.

  15. stucats says:
    August 16, 2018 at 10:54 am
    Tavon has speed to burn and he will fly by the Eagle defense with no problem.

    I’m sure he will. But will he have a ball in his hands when he does? History suggests he will not.

  16. Seeing as there’s going to be like 8 guys up in the box constantly due to the fact that Jerrah, ( in his Wile E Coyote super genius football team building wisdom), now basically has no tight end and a boatload of 2nd rate receivers who scare absolutely no one, he may actually stand a snowballs chance in hell. But I doubt it. Lol

  17. I suppose, in Austin’s/the Cowboys’ defense, it’s worth noting that it took former Cowboy Rocket Ismail 2 years in Canada and 6 years in the NFL (including a 214 yard campaign where he looked like he’d never be anything but a kick returner) before he busted out in his 9th year of pro ball. Eric Metcalf has a 104 catch season out of nowhere in his 7th year. And Ted Ginn,Jr was a certified bust then suddenly had 10 tds in his 9th year. As others have mentioned Marquis Goodwin last year in his 5th year.

    So there is some precedent here. It’s not implausible, esp for a non-prototype player to bust out in his 6th season.

    But I still won’t believe it until I see it.

  18. So my question is will Dak be the one throwing passes to Tavon? Dak doesn’t have good accuracy and Tavon isn’t going to fight much for the ball. Good thing is the whole team will at least stand toe on line for the anthem because at the end of the day that is what determines who won the game.

  19. The Cowboys don’t have alot invested unlike the Rams. No wonder Fisher got fired. If he makes the Cowboys his cap hit is 3 mill if he’s waived it’s 1 mill dead cap.
    The Rams gave him a 4 year extension worth 42 million with 30 mill guaranteed.

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