AJ McCarron suffers hairline collarbone fracture


And then there were two.

The competition for the starting quarterback job in Buffalo may be down to second-year pro Nathan Peterman and rookie Josh Allen, thanks to an injury suffered on Friday night by veteran free-agent arrival AJ McCarron.

According to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, McCarron suffered a hairline fracture of the collarbone in the first quarter of Friday night’s game at Cleveland.

The duration of McCarron’s absence isn’t known, but it likely wipes him out for at least the near future. He started the game against the Browns, completing three of six passes for 12 yards.

McCarron signed with the Bills after four years in Cincinnati. In 2015, McCarron had extensive playing time following a broken thumb suffered by Andy Dalton, nearly leading the Bengals to their first playoff win since 1991.

40 responses to “AJ McCarron suffers hairline collarbone fracture

  1. Josh Allen will get the nod over Peterman, as he should, and get destroyed this year. Buffalo’s season is over before it started. Josh may be great some day but not in 2018.

  2. Well I’m sure that helps Sean McDermott narrow down the starting qb competition to Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman.

  3. Allen is our guy. Need to work him with the starters and get him ready! Omg I’m so excited this year! Go Bills! (although hate to see any player hurt)

  4. Both Allen and Peterman have outplayed McCarron so far in the preseason. The #1 QB competition has technically been a two man race the last couple of weeks anyway.

  5. He may have taken himself out of the starting competition with his play tonight anyway. He was bad, to put it nicely. Although the starting o line was terrible while he was in the game, too. So it’s not all his fault. Gregg Williams sure wasn’t treating it like a preseason game with the amount of times he sent pressure… but it was a good test for thr Bills o line and they failed it miserably.

    On a positive not – Josh Allen looked very good.

  6. It sucks for McCarron, but he wasn’t doing anything special for us.

    Meanwhile Allen ran with the second team and went 9 for 13 (one of those incompletions was a spike to stop the clock), for 60 yards and a TD. And he looked like he belonged. Sure two throws were way off, and he needs to learn to put less juice on short passes, but he looked like our best QB tonight.

    I say start Allen in pre-season game 3 and give him the first quarter and a half. If he still looks like he has through 3 quarters of play, 17 / 20 for 232 yards, 2 TD’s, and 1 INT (that bounced off his receiver’s hands) then you keep him in as your starter.

    This McCarron injury may very wel help launch the Josh Allen era in Buffalo.

  7. I actually feel bad for AJ……finally a chance to compete to start and this happens. The Buffalo 1st team offensive line gave him no chance tonight……Cleveland’s 1st team front 7 loooked very solid.

  8. I don’t know if the Browns starting defense is that good or the Bills offensive line were just pushovers but McCarron wasn’t even given a chance to think let alone get a pass off. If it’s the offensive line, no way I would put my 1st round draft pick out there for three quarters with them. Sacrifice Peterman till you can get some talent up front.

  9. This is why I hate the full 4 game preseason. Gotta limit them to two games.
    Still have two weeks and much can happen as they do every year.

  10. With McCarron out for 6-8 weeks the Bills will have to bring in another QB or at the very least an emergency QB like they ran with last season.

  11. I really hope they trade him. Believer whatever you will about his ability, but it sucks to be convinced that you have a legitimate shot at a starting job and then losing it due to injury or a draft pick that, while having potential of his own, still hasn’t shown what you have at your position.

    All the best to McCarron, hopefully he gets out of Buffalo so both he and the organization can do what they’ve planning to this entire time.

  12. working behind that sorry offensive line,i have little doubt that peterman and allen will suffer injuries too, and soon.under gm beane and coach mcdermott the bills are finally making good ,sound football decisions. sadly they were so low on talent when those 2 got there they need another draft,possibly 2 in order to rebuild that team.here’s hoping that the pegula family gives them that chance.1st order of business is using the first 2 rounders on ‘o’ lineman in next years draft.

  13. I wouldn’t say thanks to an injury suffered on Friday night was a very kind way of putting it, maybe “unfortunately’ wouldn’t sound so much like someone was thankful about McCarron’s injury? Of course maybe someone was unfortunately!

  14. Sucks for AJ I was kinda hoping he flashed something but he was pretty average at best so far in limited action…he wasn’t even clearly above Nate. Well bring in a vet I’m sure for emergency but I guess it’s the 2 kids running the show. Man up! Let see what you have. Allen made a few nice throws so far, so we might just have to go trial by fire which isn’t ideal with limited OL talent but here we go

  15. Peterman will be the starter. And now, with this injury to McCarron, Allen will get a lot more meaningful playing time. Not a bad turn of events except for McCarron.

  16. I just hope everyone remembers during the season that this year we are working. Both QBs need time, no matter who we start. I love both, but Allen is gonna be something special. This year won’t be “wins” as much as growth for both. It has to take its course and let them get into the dirty of it to learn.

  17. Why on earth would the Bills want bridgewater? Maybe he goes somewhere with an injury at qb, but the Bills definitely don’t need tyrod lite. We just got rid of him, and I wish him well but we weren’t going anywhere with him at the helm. Great guy tyrod, avg at best QB.

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