Corey Coleman: If Hard Knocks was going to show my trade, show everything


Corey Coleman was traded from the Browns to the Bills at the start of training camp, which was documented on Hard Knocks. But Coleman says the HBO/NFL Films reality show didn’t show the whole reality.

Coleman, who caught one pass for the Bills in last night’s preseason game against the Browns, said afterward that he didn’t want to get into all the details of everything that happened, but that he wishes the show would have given viewers a fuller look at the issues that led to his departure from Cleveland.

“With all of that, I’m going to take the high road,” Coleman said. “You all can see for yourself how all that stuff worked out. I just laugh at it because it’s kind of funny. They should have shown the whole thing if they were going to show it.”

What Hard Knocks did show was Coleman walking into coach Hue Jackson’s office and saying he wanted either to get more playing time or to get traded. What Hard Knocks did not show was any other conversations Coleman had with the coaching staff, or the internal conversations the Browns had about trading him. Those conversations would have been interesting to Hard Knocks viewers, and Coleman is right: Hard Knocks should have shown that.

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  1. Every good story has an arc: introduction > conflict > resolution. We’ve reached the resolution on this one and it is time to move on.

    I respect Corey and wish him well, but moving on was best for him. He was injured way too much (“glass hands”) and – when he was on the field – he was only hovering around “average.”

    An average player who creates drama gets cut. (It’s not collusion.)

    You want to be traded? Okay. We consider this story resolved. Good luck in your next adventure.

  2. This year’s Hard Knocks is bland compared to previous years. Watered down. There’s hardly any front office goings on being shown, ringing around the league for trade talk, coaches discussing the roster at length, players feuding with coaches, etc etc. There’s some of it, but it instead devolves into more of a video presentation piece than a gritty drama.

  3. The show also only showed him doing poorly, while before Hard Knocks came out I was seeing plenty of reports coming out of Cleveland about how well Coleman was doing in camp and how hard he was working. I would actually be surprised if Hard Knocks WASN’T intentionally trying to make Coleman look bad.

  4. Coleman showed everything over the last couple of years.
    Coleman demanded to be cut or traded yet somehow the media is portraying the Browns as the bad guy here and Coleman as the innocent little “victim”.
    Coleman got exactly what he wanted.
    If he stinks it up in Buffalo, who will he blame then? The Bills? Or will he blame the ONE person who is responsible for his failure?

  5. I’m pretty sure it showed you dropping lots of passes which is consistent with your play last season. You cauhght 1 pass last night. No need to expose yourself anymore.

  6. Reality TV; Thanks, but I don’t want to know what athletes, singers or actors are doing when they are not performing. Ditto my mailman, doctor, mechanic or the cook at the local greasy spoon.

  7. It’s an NFL films production. When was the last time you heard of any show presenting a side that was contrary to the side of the production company?

  8. I don’t know this kid from a can of paint, don’t know what his deal is. But I did find it very odd that they showed him emotionally confronting Hue Jackson, who unbelievably just deferred the whole situation to Todd Haley, and then it was just “…so he’s gone now.” Very curious, considering they showed the whole conversation between Vontae Davis and his coach the year they covered Miami, and his classic stunned “can I call my grandma?” Coleman seemed very worked up, I’m sure it wasn’t a boring conversation. Very strange.

  9. Browns coaches meeting…
    Coach1, “What about Coleman?”
    Coach2, “I know he wants the ball more but he doesn’t have much passion for the game, he’s just going through the motions and he’s injury prone”
    Coach3, “He’s a bust”
    Coach1, “Should we trade him?”
    Coach3, “Hell yeah!”
    Coach2, “Who we can take advantage of?”
    Coach1, Coach2, Coach3, “BUFFALO!”

    Yeah Corey, I don’t need to see it to know how it went down.

  10. Really not that important. The jist was you wanted to play or be traded, and they traded you. It’s a minor part of the show.

  11. Dude walked in to the coaches office and was disrespectful. As a result he was shown the door. The whole story doesn’t really matter after that. I could care less about the browns, but I became a Hue Jackson fan when he quickly got this dude out of the building.

  12. The truth of the matter is that if Coleman was giving the Browns a good reason to keep him they would have.evidentally he wasnt performing to their standards of excellence.

  13. I would like to know why they gave Coleman away for what amounts to a ham sandwich.

    But Coleman might not like to see that. He probably NEEDS to see that though to change his approach to the game.

  14. Root 4 Cleveland you’re an idiot. He was definitely above average and you got fleeced on that trade. Cleveland definitely has the cap and definitely doesn’t have the talent at wr to trade him for nothing.

  15. Hard Knocks is solid, only on this board would people complain about a show depicting the NFL in a way nobody has ever done before. Enjoy the weekend

  16. The day Coleman becomes relevant as an NFL player I will begin to care about what he has to say. That day remains a long way off. Until then, do yourself a favor and shut up.

  17. “Show everything”

    Like 4th down with a chance to win your only game of the season, and the ball hits you square in the chest and bounces right off you? Yeah, we saw that Corey. As far as i’m concerned, that was your “trade request” right there.

  18. Buffalo paid a very small price to land a WR with speed and something to prove. Maybe it pays off and maybe it doesn’t. Maybe the change of coaches and teammates will have a positive effect. Worth a 7th rounder for first round speed.

  19. Of course they wouldn’t show the whole thing, Otherwise the drama and one sided blame wouldn’t drive the scene where they wanted it.

  20. No brainer move by the Bills. A 7th rounder is basically like a walk on UFA. To say anyone got taken advantage of is a joke. Cleveland lost a headache and the Bills took a flyer on a need position. Simple. From a value point the bills win it if he develops as anything at all. Zero downside

  21. corkspop – “first round speed” doesn’t mean anything when you have a weak attitude and hands that are somehow simultaneously made of both brick and glass at the same time.

    There’s usually a reason guys like this are given away for next to nothing. Because that’s exactly what they’re worth.

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