Josh Allen took a “step in the right direction”


One man’s trash is another man’s potential treasure.

In Josh Allen’s first game after the publication of unflattering comments from Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey regarding the seventh overall pick in the 2018 draft, Allen performed well enough to garner praise, albeit measured, from his head coach.

“I don’t want to try to quantify his best or what,” coach Sean McDermott told reporters. “It looked like it was a step in the right direction. Certainly he got some meaningful time in the first half, which was important. He directed a two-minute drive before halftime, came out after halftime and took control of the first series there, which is good experience for him.”

Allen completed nine of 13 passes (69 percent accuracy) for 60 yards and a touchdown in three drives, generating 10 points. On a two-yard scoring throw to receiver Rod Streater, Allen showed the ability to keep the play alive with video-game quality hops and bursts left and right and left in the pocket before finding the open receiver.

“That’s certainly one of his strengths, in terms of the skill set that he brings to the table,” McDermott said. “We saw that in college. It’s similar to some quarterbacks that I’ve been around in terms of running ability. At the end of the day, you have to win from the pocket, and I thought he made some good throws from the pocket tonight.”

The performance, coupled with a hairline collarbone fracture reportedly suffered by AJ McCarron, has generated more and more buzz regarding Allen starting the season as the starter.

“I’m not going to get into what I need to see and what I’ve seen [to justify starting Allen],” McDermott said. “Again, it’s an ongoing evaluation like it is for every position. I thought both Josh and A.J. too, and Nate [Peterman] did some good things. It’s important that our team overall learns from this experience tonight. Like I said, there’s going to be tough moments. We’ll be facing adversity on the road, in particular, and the guys responded.”

Allen has, overall, responded well in his adjustment to life in the NFL.

“So far, I would say he’s been pretty steady, and that’s a great quality,” McDermott said. “Mentally, he’s pretty steady. I think the guys appreciate that. For a rookie to have that quality is important. The mental toughness element, if you will, is something important to manage the highs and lows of life in the NFL.”

For Allen, the key may be keeping it simple.

“As a quarterback, sometimes we try to make this game more complicated than what it is,” Allen told reporters. “We were taking what the defense gave us tonight. Getting the ball to our playmakers is was what we were trying to do. I felt like I did a pretty good job of that. Still, some throws that I missed, that I shouldn’t have missed and other decisions that happened quick.”

Teammates are taking notice of Allen’s performance and poise, and that will make it easier to make him the starter, if that’s what the team decides.

He’s definitely gaining my trust,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said, via of “He already has my respect, but just my trust as far as him going out there and being able to command the offense, get guys in place, run it as smoothly as a young guy. If he’s in that spot, it’s not going to be like, ‘Oh no, we’ve got a rookie out there.’ He seems like he’s holding his own and operating at a high level. . . . He’s impressive to me. If he ends up winning it, we’ll have as good a chance as if any of those other guys win.”

At this point, it’s starting to look like Allen’s job to lose. Then, the question becomes whether he’ll develop into the kind of franchise quarterback who will win enough games that there won’t be 19-year breaks between playoff appearances.

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  1. billswillnevereverwin says:
    August 18, 2018 at 10:13 am
    60 yards on 13 attempts, legendary, lmao

    He took what the defense gave him and was extremely poised in doing so.
    QB rating on the night 104.6.
    The kid “HAS IT.”

  2. billswillnevereverwin says:

    August 18, 2018 at 10:13 am

    60 yards on 13 attempts, legendary, lmao
    And Joe will always lose.

  3. The Touchdown pass to Streater was something you’d see from Quarterback’s like Ben Roethlisberger & Aaron Rodgers, Not a Rookie. Allen is dead set on proving his doubters wrong and he’s heading in the right direction to do so.

  4. baker mayfield is better than josh “megabust” allen. mark my words that mayfield will win 2 superbowls for the browns. and joshy boy wont win diddly squat.

    Oh yeah, SIKE!!!!!!!

  5. Anybody convinced either way is wrong. I’ll give my opinion on this kid after he completes his second season, at the earliest. That’s a realistic approach.

  6. george1859 says:
    August 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Ironically, Allen may be the cream of this year’s crop.
    not that ironic, he was the 3rd QB taken and 7th overall.

  7. The coaches have to implement a moving pocket. Gotta take advantage of his ability to throw on the run or on the move with accuracy.

    Joe Montana had the same ability and boy did Bill Walsh use that to his advantage. Where do you think the “Sprint Right Option” play came from?

  8. I am impressed with all 3 AB’s ability to move in the pocket. Tyrod was the best QB Buffalo has seen in a while but 1-2 reads and he was gone. He also wanted to take off outside the tackles and rarely stepped up in the pocket, something all 3 of these kids do. I have no issues letting Peterman start the season and bring Josh in if they get off to a bad start. The Bills I think will take a step back this year but sometimes you need to take 1-2 steps back to go forward 5 or 6.

  9. Am I the only one who feels like fans are jumping the gun wayyyyyy too early with their rookie QB’s? I’m not trying to single out some Bills fans but the Mayfield, Darnold, and Allen hype train at the moment is moving too fast to be realistic. These are vanilla defenses who haven’t game planned around them or gotten any tape on these guys yet. Like a poster mentioned above, let’s wait until 2019.

  10. There’s no question about Allen’s talent, toughness, or competitiveness. I assume he’s going to become a great QB, if he gets half decent coaching, and he works hard. Good to hear he’s progressing. Carson Wentz was very similar. I love to see good young QB’s entering the league. Thank God for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

  11. This snippet is from the NY Times, 20 years ago next week. Perhaps we can learn a little something from it about how much these preseason snaps really matter:


    Round 1 went to Ryan Leaf and the San Diego Chargers. The rematch with the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning will be in October, when it counts.

    The meeting last night between Leaf, the second pick in the National Football League draft, and Manning, the No. 1 pick, was only the second time in N.F.L. history quarterbacks picked 1-2 in the draft had faced each other as rookies.

    Leaf was 15 for 24 for 172 yards, set up one touchdown and ran for a score as the Chargers broke a 3-3 tie at half and beat the Colts 33-3. It was only an exhibition game, but after a shaky first half, Leaf looked sharp in leading the Chargers.

    Manning, playing into the third quarter for the first time in the preseason, was 11 for 21 for 123 yards but twice had passes intercepted.

  12. I didn’t plan on going to the opener but now I want to! Bills have an exciting time in front of us!!

  13. .
    The definition of total insanity is judging players (especially QBs) the day after the draft. The definition of partial insanity is judging these young QBs after two preseason games. Tom Brady spent over a year on the sideline, as did Drew Brees. Aaron Rogers spent three. There’s a long way to go with these young guys.

    Of the five taken in the first round (Mayfield, Darnold, Allen Rosen and Jackson) , it’s most probable that 1 becomes a star, 3 are somewhat average and the other totally flames out.

  14. george1859 says:
    August 18, 2018 at 10:02 am
    Ironically, Allen may be the cream of this year’s crop.

    I thought going into the draft he would turn out to be the best QB in this draft. I think too much is made of his completion % and playing at Wyoming. His team wasn’t very good. Wentz played for a smaller school but he played on an incredible team. I thought he had lots of promise but didn’t think he’s show as much as he did in his rookie season. I think Allen will be the start before October. I believe he is this year’s Carson Wentz but only time will tell.

    I’ve been impressed with what little I saw from Mayfield too. I don’t particularly like the guy but he has that ability to lead a team to be better than they are. He reminds me of Drew Brees. Brees didn’t have all the numbers (short) but there’s no questioning his abilities on the field. I think in time Mayfield could (I said “could”, not “will”) be a Brees-type player. I’m not saying he’ll pass for 60,000 yards but in his ability to get the best from his team. I don’t like the guy but he seems like a winner.

    (Darnold turns the ball over too much I think and Rosen has a history of getting injured. Lamar Thomas is probably going to need a few years to develop.)

  15. The Bills are going no where this year. Focus 100% on developing Allen.
    If he’s ready to start, then do so.
    If he would benefit from sitting some games first, then do so.
    Don’t rush him if he’s not ready. Rushing an unready QB turns them into a checkdown artist.
    Thats not what you want with Allen.

  16. Allen has made some throws that people criticized him for being unable to make. He’s shown progress and I like that he’s run a pro offense and been able to audible since college..way to early to judge these guys but would be nice if this draft was one that produced a few good qbs for the next 10 years.

  17. Adam Kachur says:
    August 18, 2018 at 10:41 am
    baker mayfield is better than josh “megabust” allen. mark my words that mayfield will win 2 superbowls for the browns. and joshy boy wont win diddly squat.

    Oh yeah, SIKE!!!!!!!

    So the Bills held Baker Mayfield out of the end zone with their 3rd string defense and Josh Allen scored 10 points against Cleveland’s second string defense and this makes Baker better? Glad Tyrod isn’t missing those wide open receivers for the Bills anymore…He never would have scored that td in the red zone like Josh did last night………….GO BILLS!!!

  18. Awesome to see these young kids injecting life into a dull boring league. As for the naysayers i will tell you that i’d trade dak prescott straight up for : mayfield, rosen, allen, darnold and mahommes and maybe jackson no questions asked

  19. For those laughing at the stat line, he was “actually” 9-12 with a spike to stop the clock, and he also led the team to 13 points, not 10, in his three drives. Was it the performance of the year? No. But points on all three drives and 75% accuracy is a lot better than “trash.”

  20. Anytime you click on the username and see this saunj67………’s a new username from the troll from Toronto. This was another username the troll set up today.
    Scott ‘Wide Right’ Norwood says:

    August 18, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    We suck, bring back Tyrone Taylor

  21. There will be some mis-steps along the way but true Bills fans are absolutely giddy that they have found their top QB for the future. All the hopes since Jim Kelly (over 20 seasons) are on Josh.

  22. Allen was once again captain checkdown the other night, throwing 13 times completing 9 but only managed 60yds passing. Josh Allen isnt ready, and if he starts he will be starting behind the worst O-Line in the NFL that lacks weapons and who knows if Shady McCoy will be able to play or night. The supporting cast is set up for a raw QB such as Allen to fail , and if he comes out and his confidence takes a huge hit it could really stunt his growth. Bills arent going to win this year anyway, so why not start Peterman the first 5-6 weeks before throwing Allen in and risking stunting his growth? The guys just isnt ready.

  23. it;ll take him a season maybe two but I think Allen develops into an above-average top 12-14 caliber QB in 2-3yrs and is a career 58%-59% a la Cam Newton.

  24. Everyone is Josh Allen this and that. Let’s compare Allen against Peterman.

    1st Preseason game quarterback ratings.
    Allen 84.54 Peterman 109.58 (with interception that bounced off receivers hand) –

    2nd Preseason game Allen 104.65 Peterman 147.08

    Both Preseason games Allen 92.71 Peterman 133.54

    Remember Peterman is just in his 2nd year. He had a disasterous first half last year in ONE game but please don’t count him out. The man has a lot of talent.

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