Kevin Johnson transported to Houston-area hospital with a concussion

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Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson was transported to a Houston-area hospital with a concussion, coach Bill O’Brien said after Saturday’s preseason game.

“I think he’s going to be OK, but I don’t know all the details,” O’Brien said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

Johnson’s injury provided a scary moment early in the game.

He banged his head hard on the turf after being beaten by 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin on a 40-yard pass. While doctors and athletic trainers attended to Johnson, players from both teams took a knee in obvious concern.

Johnson walked off under his own power, escorted by two of the team’s medical personnel, and headed to the locker room.

6 responses to “Kevin Johnson transported to Houston-area hospital with a concussion

  1. That was a scary moment! But goes to show they can’t make penalties on every type of hit to stop injuries. This was the ground and unless it’s flag football, the game is going to be rough and risky. I do hope he’s ok. Taken in means it’s definitely not a light one.

  2. I saw it when it happened, he did not slow his fall at all until his facemask hit the ground… the announcers were talking about his shoulder.

  3. First I hope he’s ok. Second, for a first round pick he is barely a practice squad guy instead of a starting CB. I hope Obrien has a plan B because plan A ain’t him….

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