AJ McCarron getting second opinion on collarbone injury

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A report late on Friday indicated that Bills quarterback AJ McCarron suffered a hairline fracture of his collarbone in the team’s preseason game against the Browns.

On Sunday, Bills coach Sean McDermott said that McCarron did suffer an injury but that tests are “not totally conclusive” as to the diagnosis. McDermott said that McCarron will go for another medical opinion before the team sets their course for the future.

If McCarron is out, the Bills’ quarterback competition would be down to Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen. If McCarron is not out of action, however, things will continue as they have all summer.

“If healthy, we pick up where we left off,” McDermott said, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com.

That would mean McCarron and Peterman getting most of the work with the first team, although the alternative could offer Allen more chances to show McDermott that he’s able to make steps in the right direction on a regular basis.

14 responses to “AJ McCarron getting second opinion on collarbone injury

  1. Be nice to go rounds with you on this Joe, but a friend is in from out of town today and hasn’t seen this awesome city in 4 yrs, so I am taking him around to see what a fabulous city we have with all the changes since then and I’ve been telling him just how much you love it!

  2. The Bills are setting QB Josh Allen up to fail!!!! The Bills are taking a very very very green/raw rookie QB who doesnt yet a full 100% understanding of the playbook/offense yet with extremely limited talented around him with a poor core of receivers, pass catchers, not much of a run game whos knows where Shadys at while the line wont help him anyway. This team could tale and ruin Allen by week 16. BUF might as well toss PEterman out there, let Allen sit and develop and have a bunch of money and high draft picks to build a team around Allen in 2019 and be a contender next year,

  3. hawkkiller says:

    August 19, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    The Bills are setting QB Josh Allen up to fail!!!!


    I think that is actually the plan Sean has for him…it has been all along, so I don’t see that changing with Peterman there to take this season at least.

  4. If the first opinion came from the team doctor… GET A SECOND OPINION.

    For you idiots who get injured at work… DO THE SAME.

  5. I think Josh Allen is a great prospect and I wish nothing but the best for him. He looked decent Friday night, but lets be honest. He was going against the Browns 2nd and 3rd teamers. 1st team was pulled after the four consecutive three and outs. Don’t rush this kid. Let him learn for at least half the season.

  6. McCarron was likely just a placeholder anyway, and the flip flopping on the reps isn’t helping anyone but the coaching staff on deciding who they want. At this point it’s jsut more important to make a decision-either cut or trade McCarron to free up a roster spot and allow him a chance to start (because, let’s be honest, even if he did win the job in Buffalo the entire affair is just temporary, and he definitely does not want to be a veteran backup again). Peterman actually does not look that bad, at least not worse than Allen would, and the staff seems to approve of both of them. Neither have experience, so whomever they pick will be better served by starting sooner rather than later.

    If it were my decision, I would start Peterman and let Allen sit simply because of how raw he still is. I would honestly just start McCarron if that were an option, but they don’t seem to want to and the injury would make that impossible anyway. The early part of the season is where you want the vet if you plan giving the young guys any starts in the season at all, and if the vet’s not available, you might as well let the guy who is going to start begin to build his confidence and connection with the team.

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