Bills name Josh Allen this week’s starting quarterback


Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen has taken a big step toward winning the team’s quarterback competition.

Allen will start at quarterback in Sunday’s preseason game against the Bengals, the Bills announced today.

Although that doesn’t mean Allen is the Week One starter, it does indicate that he has a good chance of winning the job. Teams typically try to work all their starters together in the third week of the preseason.

Nathan Peterman will come off the bench when Allen is done working with the starters. AJ McCarron has a collarbone injury that has taken him out of contention in the Bills’ three-man quarterback race.

It’s still possible that Peterman will outplay Allen on Sunday and win the starting job, but at the moment it’s looking more likely that the Bills’ first-round draft pick is going to be in the starting lineup when the real games start.

35 responses to “Bills name Josh Allen this week’s starting quarterback

  1. I like him but you never want to start a rookie if he isn’t ready. That’s how you lose the locker room and make knee jerk decisions

  2. That’s how to use the preseason games.
    If he doesn’t do well, next guy up.
    But they have to find out know.
    Peterman has better numbers w starters and he’s still there.

  3. This can’t be happening…..Jalen Ramsey said he was trash…..

    It’s too early either way….let’s see what happens…

  4. AJ Mccarron can’t buy a break. This was probably his best chance to start in his career because I just don’t see Buffalo benching Allen if he starts the season opener. They have too much invested in him.

  5. This is how you use the pre-season. Game 3 is when teams usually game-plan as if it was a regular season game. So by starting Allen, and announcing it early, you get to see what happens when an opponent game-plans against your rookie. This way you find out if Allen is really ready.

    If he does well, you start him in the regular season. If he struggles then you go with Peterman while Allen keeps developing. You really have nothing to lose by starting him.

  6. Josh has absolutely earned this chance.

    He started with the 3’s. Continued to improve every week. Worked his way up to the 2nd team, played excellent. Ans now he’s getting his shot with the 1’s.

    I hope he takes it and runs. But if there is even a little doubt that he is ready, go with Nate. You pretty much only get ONE shot to start Josh Allen. Once he’s in, it’s going to be very tough to bench him even if he struggles. It’s a heck of a lot easier to go from Nate to Josh than vise versa. I am overly cautious when it comes to rookies though.

  7. This can’t be happening…..Jalen Ramsey said he was trash…..


    The other option is Peterman. Doesn’t mean Ramsey was wrong

  8. You drafted him #7 overall. Just let him learn on the job and this experience will be very valuable to him next year when the Bills will have $80 million in cap space to surround him with the talent he really needs.

  9. michaelcherittochiefs says:
    August 20, 2018 at 8:05 pm
    Jeez, how is this a good decision? Never mind, logic and the Bills do not mesh…
    It’s on the same level as the Chiefs trading away Alex Smith to start Patrick Mahomes… It doesn’t sound logic, but you take that shot anyway.

  10. Good luck against that Bengal front four. those guys are beasts. He will be sacked on third down.

  11. I love the comments from people you know have never seen Josh Allen play. I don’t know if he is ready to start, but when you watch him instead of reading comments from people who have never seen him play, you see the talent.

  12. Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen has taken a big step toward winning the team’s quarterback competition.


    What did he do? Tie his shoes by himself?

  13. The one question I have on Josh Allen’s performance so far is that I haven’t seen him connect with a receiver on any long passes yet. Everything has been 5-15 yards or so. He certainly has the arm strength to rip it 50 or more yards but the few times he has tried so far this preseason, he’s been off the mark.

    I hope he shows he can hit a guy in stride 40 or more yards down the sideline or putting it between the numbers on someone crossing over the middle from 40 or more yards. I think that was a huge part of his game that the Bills bought into.

  14. his fastball is top notch. he has happy feet and his first option is to run. as they say he could be a coach killer. time will tell.

    Somebody didnt watch last weeks game. His redzone TD was utter perfection for someone his age. Free defenders in the backfield, instead of running he literally jukes them while on his feet, takes two steps forward, considers running again, and instead lays out a perfect TD in the back of the endzone. Hes shown at times that he bails too early, but id hardly say its his “first option”. You also have to consider the grade of OL hes been behind after two weeks.

    Hes still very raw, but he has all the signs of a great QB. Rocket arm, hes slowly tightening his accuracy, he shows good decision making, he has the legs to bail him out if he needs it, hes showing excellent pocket presence through two games, hes making play changes at the line and when his team is down, hes the first one rallying them on the sideline.

    This game is all part of the process Mcdermott laid out for him at the start. He slowly progresses from third team to first team as he proves he can handle each unit. Sunday is his final exam. Can he continue to elevate his game with the first team, or does he need more time behind Peterman and Mccarron?

  15. Emile Hebert says:
    August 20, 2018 at 9:39 pm
    If Joe Burrow was on this team there wouldn’t be controversy
    Joe Burrow will be the best pick in next yesr’s draft no mattter where he’s selected. And LSU fans need to thank Buckeye Nation for the gift.

  16. Browns fan here. I love baker. But dang, Josh Allen gonna be a player. Very impressed Friday night. Buffalo ny 2nd fav team ever since the owner offered us tickets when my team fled to Baltimore. Rooting for Allen and buffalo. I think McCarron is total backup only.

  17. First game versus Ravens in Baltimore. I guess there’s nothing easy in the NFL but for your first game???? It could get ugly.

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