Adrian Peterson will wear No. 26 in Washington


Officially, Washington has only one retired number: Sammy Baugh’s 33. Unofficially, others aren’t used, such as Darrell Green’s 28.

That won’t change with the arrival of a guy who has worn that number for most of his career.

Per Rich Tandler of NBC Sports Washington, Peterson will wear No. 26 with his new team. Peterson wore 28 with the Vikings and Saints, and 23 with the Cardinals.

Peterson’s new number has an intriguing history in D.C. Clinton Portis wore it during his time with the team, initially buying it from safety Ifeanyi Ohalate for $40,000 after Portis was traded from Denver. Portis paid the first half of the amount before stiffing Ohalate for the balance after he was cut by the team. Ohalate sued, and Portis eventually settled for 90 cents on the dollar, paying $18,000.

Before coughing up any cents of your own dollars for Peterson’s new jersey, it makes sense to wait and see if the makes the team. With no guaranteed money, there’s a chance he gets cut before Week One. Since he won’t be playing special teams, he’ll need to land close enough to the top of the depth chart to justify keeping him around. Which means he’ll need to perform well enough to convince the team that he merits the chance to be a central figure of the rushing attack.