Report: Kai Forbath to work out for Jets

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The Jets claimed Jason Myers off waivers Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean their kicking situation is settled.

The team will work out Kai Forbath on Wednesday.

The Vikings released Forbath earlier this week. He lost his job to fifth-round pick Daniel Carlson.

Forbath joined the team in 2016 and made 47-of-53 field goals over 23 regular-season games but missed a 41-yarder against the Jaguars on Saturday.

The Jets also have Taylor Bertolet and Cairo Santos on the roster.

12 responses to “Report: Kai Forbath to work out for Jets

  1. Kai made some clutch kicks for the Vikes, but had that annoying habit of missing extra points. I don’t think Zim ever warmed up to him. Once they drafted a kicker, the writing was on the wall. He seems like a standup guy and I wish him all the best.

  2. The missed extra points ensured that Kai could never make people forget about Blair Walsh and that was a bad thing. I hope Carlson has a big year.

  3. Four missed extra points cost him his job but there are a lot worse kickers out there. Hope he signs with the Jets.

  4. Kai will be fine and will find a job. Real solid kicker, I never worried about him making a clutch kick. Against the Saints in the playoffs I wasn’t worried about him making a kick as time runs out…but when you hold your breath on extra points, that’s a problem…

  5. I keep hearing about the missed extra points but the guy was 47-53 on field goals for the Vikings. And those are worth 3.

    Obviously somebody didn’t like him or they wouldn’t have traded up to select a kicker. I would be willing to bet the kid misses more than 6 of his first 53 field goals.

  6. With the new kick-off rules if teams want to be safe and boom it out of the endzone, Kai is not your guy.
    Good guy good kicker. Hope the Viking’s new kicker pans out.
    If the Vikings D holds on 4th down vs the Saints, he would of been the hero of the NFC Divisional Game.
    If the rookie he ends up being a solid kicker for 10+ years for the Vikes — good move.
    If the rookie Blair Walsh’s it in the play-offs — bad move.
    Only 2020 vision will tell if the Vikes made the right move.

  7. Kia has carved out a decent career so far but he is predicatable. He plays GREAT as soon as he starts for a new team..for about a year, than he gets a little comfotable and starts missing gimme’ kicks…takes about a year for that to happen. Check out how well he did with Washington and the Saints when he became their new kicker.

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