Brian Schottenheimer: Seahawks expect “great things” from C.J. Prosise

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One of the various running backs who have had a chance to become the next Marshawn Lynch in Seattle is C.J. Prosise, a third-round pick selected only a couple of months after Lynch tweeted that he was retiring. But Prosise has been a disappointment, largely due to a lack of durability.

As a rookie, Prosise appeared in only six games, gaining 172 rushing yards on 30 carries, along with 208 receiving yards on 17 receptions. Last year, Prosise appeared in only five games, gaining a mere 23 yards on 11 carries and 87 receiving yards on six catches. That’s fewer than 200 rushing yards in two years.

New offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer nevertheless says the team has high hopes for Prosise in 2018, despite the drafting of Rashaad Penny and the presence of Chris Carson.

“I kept hearing about C.J. and they said ‘go watch the New England game’ or ‘go watch this game,’ so I’d go and watch it, and then I’d watch him in practice,” Schottenheimer told reporters on Wednesday. “Tremendous skill set. Tremendous. Size, speed, athleticism, ability to catch the football, matchup problem. The big thing with him would just be the consistency, you know? He gets open. He had a drop today that I know he wants back, but [he’s a] very, very talented young man that we expect great things from this year. We know we can use him a lot of different ways.”

If he’s healthy. Which based on his first two seasons is a big if.

As to the New England game mentioned by Schottenheimer, Prosise had 66 rushing yards on 17 carries, plus 87 receiving yards on seven catches. He had a 72-yard touchdown run the following week against the Eagles, but he suffered a scapula injury in that same game, ending his rookie season.

12 responses to “Brian Schottenheimer: Seahawks expect “great things” from C.J. Prosise

  1. Since 2012 Seattle has been nothing but hopes and wishes. Expectations should be much lower, then maybe they would actually meet them.

  2. 5.5 games/season with Marshawn shoes to fill while waiting for the 1st rounder’s return?

    Yeah, no pressure CJ.

  3. Those are impressive stats vs New England. Playing against a team who knows the plays your going to run is ligit.

  4. The ONLY issue with Prosise is availability. Having said that, I HOPE he can stay healthy this season and be productive.

  5. One great game vs the patriots in NE buys him 3 years of slack…the proof will be in the pudding. Pretty big let down so far. Always injured.

    Seems like sometimes a guy cares more about his paycheck then being out on the field.

    Personally, I am more hyped for Carson and Penny to get rolling together. I kind of forgot about C.J…

  6. The only reason I like McKissic more is he stays on the field. But if Prosise can stay on the field and actually make some production than I’d much rather have him. McKissic is a gadget player that works well when no one knows who you are (that’s why he had little success last year) but that is gone. Most teams know who he is now.

  7. There is only one Beast Mold, and he is playing in Oakland. Penny-pinching Mode chased him into retirement and then chased him out of town because he was getting paid too much money.

  8. Bold prediction: He’ll get hurt. Prosise is as fragile as he is awesome . He has not finished a season, and this year will be no different. There was reason to be excited 3 years a go when Seattle went on the road and delivered N.E. their only loss (where Brady was active). They had no answer for Prosise. He burned them again and again. Then that excitement was tempered by a long string of injuries (the latest coming in training camp 2018) that define his career to this point. Against the Chargers he played with the 2nd team offense against 2nd stringers, probably to prevent injury. I do not expect much from Prosise, this or any other year. Seattle should save him for the last drive of the 4th quarter in Denver, when they will no doubt be trailing. He should only be risked when his magic stands to get the Hawks the win.

    I thought everyone would be wearing Prosise jerseys by now. Instead many football fans have no idea who he is.

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