Browns players still haven’t earned stripes


If you’ve seen any of Cleveland’s preseason games this year, you may have noticed that their helmets looks like uncarved pumpkins, all orange with no logos (like usual) and no stripes (not like usual).

Coach Hue Jackson, who has earned only one win in two seasons, has decided that players must earn those three stripes, two brown and one white.

A reporter asked Jackson on Friday whether he’d prefer to just play regular-season games without the stripes, which isn’t a bad idea given that the all-orange helmets actually don’t look horrible.

“I wish I could,” Jackson said regarding the stripe-free approach, with a laugh. “No, I do not think that is going to happen. They are definitely going to earn them. The guys who are the 53 that stay here, they will definitely be the guys that have the opportunity to put those stripes on their helmets.”

The 53 will be set next Saturday, meaning the stripes will be earned by the guys who aren’t cut before the roster shrinks from 90. And then, of course, the Browns will start making waiver claims, adding players cut by other teams and necessarily taking jobs away from players to whom the franchise will have just given their stripes.

18 responses to “Browns players still haven’t earned stripes

  1. Don’t look horrible?! Yes they do. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the uniforms lol. I’ve never liked them anyway but I said during the game, it’s the helmet that looks stupid. Haha. Now I know what it was anyway.

  2. I feel sorry for the Browns players having to put up with Hue’s high school mentality.

  3. Hue has constantly put the blame on his players for the 0 16 season. He has taken no responsibility. Bill Belichick would have won at least 6 games with that team last year.

    The is a selfish, egotistical fraud and a terrible coach. I hate who he is and everything he’s about.

  4. Even if this was a good idea, anything sounds stupid coming from a 1 & 15, 0 & 16 guy. He should just shut up about his coaching philosophy for a couple of years…

  5. The uniforms looked so much better last night. Now I know why. Keep the stripes off its so much cleaner.

  6. So are they earning them or just waiting for the regular season where by NFL rules they have to have them on their helmets. Haven’t Browns fans had to put up with enough already

  7. Majority of Browns players are lazier than hell. Watching Hard Knocks I completely understand why they never win.

  8. So a HC that’s 1-31 says his players have to earn their stripes, NOW THAT’S FUNNY RIGHT THERE, I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE THAT THERE IS FUNNY!!!

  9. This team is dysfunctional based on the way too laid back of the Coaching Staff. Excluding Williams who is a total jack@zz. I have been watching Hard Knocks and see that people are impressed by Landry and his 1 handed catches (in Practice). Totally stupid and bad fundamentals; rarely translates to a game. He literally caught 3 out of 10 attempts to him in the game for about an average of under 6yds yard. That my friends is a typical day. He is not fast enough to break away. They need Gordon back bad. My opinion is that Baker Mayfield is a Winner and has huge upside and that Myles Garrett is bar none the best player on that team and will be a dominant force for many years. Yes, this team will be improved, but will they get it altogether before the Contracts start to dismantle this team. Those are the facts for every team.

  10. These NFL players and coaches have never gotten past the high school mentality, stripes, next thing lets put little Browney stickers on the helmets.

  11. Hue, I am confused…Why did they stilll have stripes on the arms and legs?

    Please stop the madness. I hear Pacific needs their coach back.

    Bye Bye

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