Chiefs’ Tanoh Kpassagnon: NFL making it “physically impossible” to tackle

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Chiefs pass rusher Tanoh Kpassagnon was baffled with his controversial roughing the passer penalty today against the Bears.

Kpassagnon, who was flagged after a sack of Bears quarterback Chase Daniel, said the NFL’s new rule preventing tacklers from putting most of their weight on a quarterback when bringing him down, makes it impossible to do his job.

“I think it was just landing on him with the tackle. I don’t know,” Kpassagnon told Pro Football Weekly. “I guess they kind of want me to do something that a lot of people think is physically impossible.”

Kpassagnon said he believes the new rule against landing with your weight on the quarterback is going to be even harder to adjust to than the new rule against lowering the helmet to initiate contact.

“Helmet rule, it’s just keep your head up,” Kpassagnon said. “We’ve all been taught it’s safer for both players — I understand safety of the game. Everybody wants to keep their head safe, their body completely [safe]. It’s a lot harder than just the helmet rule, on both sides, calling it and trying to fix it. Still, football is football.”

Football is football, and football is a rough game. The NFL is trying to legislate a lot of the roughness out of the game, but that may be impossible without fundamentally changing the game.

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  1. There’s been a simple solution for football fans for over 5 years now:


  2. I’m just hoping the vast amount of flags and worse the fines to players are just trying to send a message and when the actual season starts the refs won’t be so fast throwing a flag.

  3. He is speaking the truth. It’s pathetic what’s becoming of this game.

  4. Well one thing is for sure. The NFL definitely cares more about the offensive players safety than the defender.

  5. As a fan of this game for over 40 years, I have to say. If this is what the league is trying to pass off as football, then I am done watching. It is a violent game, it always has been. Trying to water it down into some sort of sissified version will not work! Just cancel the league now because the fans like me are leaving in droves…SMDH

  6. Literally no such thing as a legal hit on the quarterback, unless they give themselves up with a slide. Even then you better not do more than pat them on the back, and help them get up.

  7. I’ll just say it. Patriot fans have been telling everyone how bad Goodell is and no one wanted to listen because it either didn’t involve their team or they enjoyed watching the Patriots get screwed over but this is Goodell destroying the game. Since he took over the game has gotten considerably worse. To the point where most fans are not going to want to watch the games. How are these guys supposed to play football when Goodell and the geniuses at Park Ave don’t want them to play football the way it’s supposed to be played. And if people want to say it’s the owners please tell me why this awesome game that we love so much has been getting worse and worse ever since Goodell took over?! The Commissioner is more concerned with getting games played in London, Mexico and China then he is with the state of the game itself. Right now people are turning away from watching the game instead of bringing new people in. Trying their best to kill the golden goose

  8. Defenders need to tackle down players, however possible.

    And now Marqise Lee/WR-Jags is likely out for the season because of this new lowered-head rule. If you are concussed from a head collision, at least you have a chance to return within a week or two, but with a banged up knee, you risk being out for the season.

    Let the players play instinctively, since they know best how to prevent major injury.

  9. But we have to protect to fragile little erins of the world. Hitting qb’s hard is fine as long as its not erin or tammy brady. Then its time to legislate a rule change.

  10. The players can deliberately put their full weight on whoever has the ball. If its inadvertent they should not be flagged but it’s an EZ call.

  11. He left his feet and landed on him with all his weight. This has been a penalty for some years now. This is not new.

  12. Just think, Pats fans, there is at least a 75% chance that your owner, Kraft, has been voting in favor of these rule changes. Reports are that the helmet rule vote was unanimous, meaning he definitely voted in favor of it. LMAO!!!

    If you all do not like the rule change, go after your owner to get it changed. Same for all the other teams fans.

  13. Henceforth, the defense will strike the QB smartly with a kerchief, forcing the QB to the ground!

  14. A fan since 1956 and I have stopped watching! You cannot block,tackle or make plays in any way without a flag being thrown! Commercials after every play, ticket prices and vending out of reach of the average citizen !The NFL has destroyed this game that I used to love…all in the name of player safety and GREED! People are turning this game off in DROVES !…let us wait and see what attendance at the stadiums looks like in the coming weeks after the season starts. I will not watch flag football, which this game has become, because of constant rule incursions destroying the players ability to play the game the way it was meant to be played !…Very Sad indeed ! db

  15. Can you imagine a game ending, Superbowl winning sack being called a penalty for something that for years we considered a great play…….and now moving the offensive team into FG range to win?

  16. Open your ears and eyes people!
    If players didn’t sue the NFL for everything, then there would be NONE of these rule changes.
    How many rule changes were instituted b/w the 50’s and 80’s? Very few.
    Then when players (past and current), the NFLPA, and lawyers who see the NFL as a cash cow..filed suit against the NFL in the 90’s…THAT is when the NFL had no choice but to minimize future legal liability by instituting rules changes that they could present in court to defend themselves.
    Therefore, Tanoh Kpassagnon, if you are going to blame some one for the NFL making it “physically impossible” to tackle then blame the PLAYERS themselves!
    Players and lawyers have caused the decline of the NFL.

  17. boyso3 says:
    August 25, 2018 at 7:42 pm
    I’ll just say it. Patriot fans have been telling everyone how bad Goodell is and no one wanted to listen because it either didn’t involve their team or they enjoyed watching the Patriots get screwed over…
    You are making an apples and oranges argument. The difference being that Chiefs’ Tanoh Kpassagnon didn’t feel the need to destroy his cell phone in the process. The Patriots didn’t get screwed over, ever. They have paid the price for cheating. Goodell didn’t force them to cheat.

  18. Step 1: Enter into terrible, uncapped liability concussion “settlement” just to get it off your desk
    Step 2: Distort entire sport’s rules to try to eliminate all forms of physical contact to prop up terrible settlement
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Bankruptcy

  19. Next season the league will penalize players for forced fumbles because ripping the ball away from another player is rude.

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