Adam Gase sees “room for improvement” in his backup quarterbacks


Jon Gruden may not know whether his backup quarterback is on the Oakland roster, but Adam Gase has been consistent and clear in his position that, behind Ryan Tannehill in Miami, the options will be David Fales and Brock Osweiler, with the specific order to still be determined. (They continue to be listed as co-second stringers on the depth chart.)

Never mind the calls for a Teddy Bridgewater trade or the general plea for someone/anyone other than the unfortunately (or maybe aptly) named Fales and the far fallen fledging star in Osweiler. Gase hasn’t wavered.

“I think there’s room for improvement for sure,” Gase said of his No. 2 and No. 3 (or No. 3 and No. 2) after Saturday night’s loss to the Ravens, “but it’s hard to put it all on them when you get the ball and you’re not expecting it or we’re not blocking the guys. That’s why it’s hard to evaluate quarterbacks sometimes in preseason games and you have to use all your practice time and what you know about guys’ history, and that’s what makes it tough to evaluate them sometimes.”

Fales completed five of 10 passes for 63 yards and an interception. Osweiler completed five of seven for only 23 yards and an interception. So what did Gase learn about his candidates to be the understudy to Tannehill?

“I think Brock’s temper is better than it used to be, because I understand why he was frustrated,” Gase said. “He took a couple shots there. It’s not on him.”

Although Osweiler was sacked three times by the Ravens, absolving him of blame is a charitable gesture from Gase, who continues to seem to be determined to love the ones he’s with, which possibly means that, all things considered, there’s not really anyone else out there he loves.

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  1. Adam Gase is delusional! Osweiler absolutely stinks and yes, I understand he was with scrubs for an OLine, but his timing is bad and he he throws a nose down pass all the time. Fales can be OK and has looked the part playing under the 1st and 2nd OLine, but he is still a developmental QB at best. I am guessing we scour the nearly 70 QBs that will be out of a job after next week and hope Tennehill does not get injured. Once again this is a mediocre team with ZERO DEPTH. This can’t be blamed on players. TannenBum, Grier and Gase this is all you.

  2. Bring Matt Moore back. He is not a great starter but way better back up then what’s on the roster now!!
    Gase is way too delusional

  3. How is Osweiler still in the league? 55% completions last season and a rating of 72. The only time he’s even looked passable was when Denver had the best defense in the league the Super Bowl year and he lost the starting job that season following a 5 turnover game.

  4. Gase can improve his backup QB situation by simply cutting Osweiler. The other guys have had their issues but Osweiler has been HORRIBLE in every aspect. Many fans have criticized Tannehill for a lack of pocket awareness but Osweiler makes Tannehill seem clairvoyant in the pocket. Brock could be the least talented player on the entire team. In Denver he did show promise (when Gase was there) but since he got his big contract and pocketed millions he stinks like hot garbage and this is his 4th team since that contract. Cut him. Now.

  5. This is Gase not wanting to say he was wrong about Osweiler. The guy is awful, and I truly mean awful . He’s on his 5th team in 7 years, lifetime 72.5 Rating and no upside, except maybe his height.

    But I agree with FinFan68, Dolphins backup QB situation improved by simply cutting Osweiler.

  6. I would release Brock and ket Petty and Fales battle in the last preseason game.
    I have always felt Petty was the best of the three.
    He had a great combine but has had little opportunity.

  7. .
    The Dolphins need to get out of the gate quickly. Their early season schedule has several winnable games:


    Their second half schedule is a true nightmare:


  8. Adam Gase like Hue Jackson will go down in flames with their QB decisions.

  9. Wake up please wake up There is no change in this team they stink It’s going to be a very long season getting back the quarterback isn’t going to make a difference none what so ever they still can’t protect him Defense defense they can stop a little peewee team right now against the run forget it and as far as get to the quarterback they take a year and a half to get there There were joke their organization is a joke that coach is a joke playoffs what playoffs

  10. A large amount of people on this site would be happy if they pick another team to support. How about the Eagles, or the Pats.I’m happy with Gase, and I think he will be here for a long time. As for Hue Jackson, a lot of fans were for him to come to Miami Gardens.1-31 so far. Bill

  11. Gase knows quarterbacks, he had a hall of fame quarterback in Payton Manning and the greatest ever in Dan Marino . They probably discuss the quarterback play everyday. I see upside in Fales as a number 2 ,but if a Teddy Bridgewater becomes available at the right price you have to jump.

  12. Lol Tannehill is clearly the best quarterback on this team. However Gase is also delusional if he thinks Ryan is a Franchise QB just because he was drafted number eight in the first round. Worry about your number one signal caller getting the ball in the end zone enough to win.

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