When will Le’Veon Bell show up?

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For the second straight year, the Steelers have exercised their prerogative to apply the franchise tag to running back Le'Veon Bell. For the second straight year, Bell has exercised his prerogative to not sign the franchise tag.

So when will Bell sign his one-year, $14.54 million tender? He should consider signing it before the 90-to-53 roster cuts are made on Saturday.

Article 20, Section 4 permits the Steelers to place Bell on roster-exempt status for up to two weeks of the regular season. Section 4(a) specifically requires the Steelers and Bell to agree in writing as to what his compensation will be while on roster-exempt status.

This gives the Steelers license to play hardball with Bell, if they choose to do so. Really, why pay him more than $855,000 per week if he’s not going to play for the first two games, against the Browns and the Chiefs? And the Steelers may be inclined to not let him play the first two weeks of the season, given that it took him a few weeks last year to get up to speed.

Bell can avoid this potential wrinkle by simply signing his tender before the rosters are cut. And the Steelers can avoid that wrinkle and several others by rescinding the tender entirely, something that the Steelers continue to have the right to do until he signs it.

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  1. I honestly believe Le’Veon Bell is the best running back in the NFL today. That said, I also believe the Steelers mishandled the entire situation. Though I have the luxury of hindsight, my opinion is that they should not have franchise tagged him, let him test the market, the market prior to the Rams giving stupid money to Todd Gurley. I honestly believe Bell would have never been offered more money than the Steelers offered him. But, then again, there are some pretty stupid owners with extremely deep pockets and the ineptitude to match.

  2. Hope he does show up for week 1 as that game and the rest of the fifteen for in the regular season do count. You can only hope.

  3. .
    I thought the Steelers best move would have been to cut ties with Bell. Then use the cap savings on priority free agents. And finally draft RB Sony Michel who went to the Patriots 3 picks after Pittsburgh surprised many by selecting S Terrell Edmunds in the first round.

  4. There’s a lot of bums on this site that are Furious that they can’t miss work without it affecting their paycheck or job status. It’s Sunday morning, make sure you enjoy it, because you got to swipe that time card first thing tomorrow morning.

  5. When will Le��Veon Bell show up? When will any body care-I forgot this clown was even gone, but I enjoyed the time off not having to discuss his return or lack thereof……………………………….

  6. Who cares?

    Let him miss a couple game checks.

    Then we’ll see how stubborn he really is.

  7. I think Mike may be correct and the Steelers will rescind the tag on Friday before the cut down on Saturday (after the last pre-season game to ensue the backfield comes through without injury). It is now a virtual certainty that Bell will be an ex-Steeler in 2019 so do what Bill Belichick would do – move on. By rescinding the tag the Steelers should also be free to negotiate with Bell who has more value to the 2018 Steelers than he would have to any other team. They can rescind the tag and give him a one year offer of $10 million. Does anyone believe another team would pay him more for 10-12 games (he would need to learn a new system, new terminology, etc. so he would likely be ineffective for the first 4-8 games. How many businesses would be willing to escrow thirty to fifty million dollars to cover his guarantees on a long term deal for a 27 year old running back with a history of injuries and disciplinary problems (remember Cheech & Chong?)? Rescinding the tag would probably enrage the players and highlight the franchise tag as a critical bargaining chip for the coming CBA negotiations much to the NFL’s delight. While the team will probably score less, the volume of offensive weapons makes Bell’s loss manageable. Time to move on.

  8. The Steelers have been one of the better teams at cap management. They know very well its bad enough to pay him 14.5 mil for one year, but to go to 17 mil+ for a long term deal I don’t see them ever going forwards on.

    Bell will play this year under the tag and find out next year he can make 10-12 mil playing for one of the better teams or possibly get the money he wants from one of the perennial bottom feeding teams and never sniff the playoffs again.

  9. Great player. If Pitt rescinds the tag, isn’t he immediately a free agent? Then anyone can steal him? Of course he’d have to agree to terms. It’s a fascinating possibility. What if nobody offers the kind of money he expects? Then he goes humbly back to Pittsburgh and signs for less than the tag?

  10. Why would anyone pay a rb more than 5 mil a year. Only an idiot organization would pay a rb 14.5 mil a year. That should tell you how dumb steelers mgmt is. What exactly did bell do in the playoffs to get his team to the Super Bowl? Same with obj. What exactly did obj do in the playoffs to get his team to the Super Bowl? A whole lot of nothing. Trade these divas. And use that money to strengthen the team, not to make ONE player happy. A rb is easily replaceable. The oline makes the rb. Deangelo I think was the backup, is a great replacement, a better team player, And alot cheaper. Time to move on from these diva me first whiners.

  11. Dude, who dresses you every morning? The pale white doughy skin does not mesh with light Dolores shirts. Try some contrast like a blue shirt. And look in the mirror…ever hear of collar stays?

  12. Pittsburgh did this to themselves…who franchise tags a RB…twice…? RBs are supposed to be easily replaceable…easy to find…irrelevant in a passing league…no great team is supposed to overpay for a RB…yet the world class Steelers organization broke the rules…

  13. the Steelers will NOT rescind the tag. the savings in the cap would have no one to spend it on until the next free agency period. any one, or combination of players, worth that kind of money are already under contract (short of a blockbuster trade for Khalil Mack). Also, they are still a much better team with him on the field than not.

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