Cowboys have no plans to seek a veteran backup quarterback


Cooper Rush won the job during the 2017 preseason. He won’t lose it in the 2018 preseason.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday he is comfortable with Rush as Dak Prescott‘s backup.

“Just his body of work since he’s been with us,” Garrett said. “He was in that role for us last year and handled it well.”

The Cowboys have no plans to seek a veteran quarterback despite Rush’s struggles this preseason. Of course, Prescott has not missed a start in his two seasons.

Rush, who beat out Kellen Moore a year ago by completing 38 of 51 passes for 398 yards and six touchdowns in four games, has gone 32-of-49 for 275 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. He gets another chance Thursday in the preseason finale against the Texans.

In Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, Rush went 11-for-17 for 93 yards with two interceptions, one of which Patrick Peterson returned for a touchdown, and a 39.2 passer rating.

“There were some good things in the game and obviously there were some bad plays,” Garrett said. “You know, he’ll learn from those experiences. He’ll learn how to handle some of the situations better as he goes forward. One of the most impressive things about him since we’ve gotten him is his maturity, how smart he is, how poised and composed he is. When you’re in some challenging situations, all of that gets tested. At times, I thought he handled it really well. Other times, he didn’t handle it well enough. Again, you go back through it play by play, you try to put the play in context and try to understand where his mindset might have been, did the previous play affect him, did the situation affect him, did the fact we weren’t moving the ball affect him and then hopefully he learns from that experience. That’s part of the maturation process.”

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  1. so sick of garrett and his comments…..well…we will look at the tape and try and improve. he did some good things and some bad so will look at the tape and improve…blah..blah…blah…..

    I like that defensive coach who lost his mind on the defenses play…need some attitude in coaching and garrett is howdy dowdy clapping all damn day long whether it was a good play or bad….lordy….last chance…produce or fire this dork.


    The dallas cowboys screwed up not re-signing Tony Romo.

    Y’all screwed up.

  3. With their O line in pieces, Dak is gonna get killed this year. Will make the Atlanta game last season look like a clean day.

    If the Ravens cut RG3, the Cowboys should give him a look. At least he can still run a round a bit before he gets hurt.

  4. Lol, if they brought in a so called backup ( like say bridgewater) chances are 50/50 he is better than the starter

  5. They need a starting caliber QB – not some gimmick who can’t handle a pass rush without running around. The Danish ham is at best a back up quality QB – he is not a starter. He has so much to improve that he has never demonstrated. And he has never improved as a pro.

  6. The treacherous red head surrounds himself with incompetents for assistant coaches ensuring that they can’t do to him what he has done to others

  7. The Truth says:

    Lol, if they brought in a so called backup ( like say bridgewater) chances are 50/50 he is better than the starter.
    i am surprised that you are actually giving Dak a 50% chance, i guess those horse beating rehab sessions are helping.

  8. Why would they? Because the debated top CB in the league baited him and earned a pick-6? It was a nice lesson for Rush, which is what the preseason is all about.

    The truth is, Rush may never see the field all season. The Cowboys tried the veteran backup route with Matt Cassell and Kyle Orton, and those efforts fell flat. So why not develop a young backup or two (Mike White)? A poor performing ‘veteran’ backup is an utter waste of cap space.

  9. With the offensive line in shambles, Dallas better hope Prescott can stay healthy. He has been durable, hasn’t missed a play in two seasons, but if he gets injured, there is little to no depth behind him. Rush has not played as well this preseason as he did last preseason, and neither he nor White have ever taken a snap in the regular season.

    The Cowboys seem to be betting it all on Prescott and Elliott returning to their 2016 glory, but that came behind a much stronger and more experienced line than will be fielded in 2018. The loss of Frederick is far more devastating than the release of Bryant and the retirement of Witten. Can’t form a line without a center. LT Smith has struggled with back injuries, missing three games in each of the last two seasons, and RG Martin is struggling with a knee injury this season. The loss of either or both for even a few games will severely hamper the running game, which will in turn hamper the passing game. Among the receivers in the committee Dallas will play with, only one has ever had a 1000 yard season, and that was a couple of years ago.

    Injuries are part of the game, and a season is a war of attrition. That’s why depth is so important, and these Cowboys are shallow at every position. MLB Lee, for example, hasn’t played a complete season yet, and when he’s not on the field the defense struggles mightily.

    I don’t know what Jerry Jones GM is thinking, but it appears he’s putting all the pressure on Garrett, Linehan and Marinelli–the only three coaches returning (ever other assistant and position coach has changed). And on Prescott and Elliot, both playing in the third year of their rookie contracts. How successful they will be with a staff and roster virtually devoid of veteran leadership is anybody’s guess, but I’ll hazard a prediction, based on the self-evident truth that a team will always beat a group. Dallas has not yet formed a unified team with an identity, but rather an unfamiliar group without any sense of itself. And if that’s what the Cowboys are going to field this season, they’ll be leading themselves to slaughter. I’m looking at 6 wins at best.

  10. cmack21 says:

    They need a legit starting quarterback first
    I can’t believe all these morons ripping into Dak, what has he done to indicate that he is not a legit starting q.b.?. The man is 22-10 as a starter, he was missing his star running back for 6 games last season & his left tackle for a few games & last time i checked those are 2 important positions for a q.b. His so called #1 receiver Dez disappeared last season & poor Witten had slowed down his last couple of seasons.

    Then there are those people who praise and worship Jimmy G who has stated only 7 games in this league & has proven NOTHING.

    Give your heads a shake, this is Dak’s 3rd year as a starter & he is doing fine, if they can get a great number 1 wide receiver then he will be even better.

  11. gawainsghost:
    With the offensive line in shambles, Dallas better hope Prescott can stay healthy. He has been durable, hasn’t missed a play in two seasons, but if he gets injured, there is little to no depth behind him. Rush has not played as well this preseason as he did last preseason, and neither he nor White have ever taken a snap in the regular season.
    So much misinformation in your comment one might suspect you work for CNN.

    Offensive line: Fredrick missing an indefinite amount of time due to a rare disorder is hardly what I would call shambles. 2 of the 5 guys up front are All-Pro’s.

    QB’s: Prescott hasn’t played every offensive snap for the Cowboys; and Cooper Rush played a series or so at SF last year, and home vs. the Eagles. Those are regular season games. Mike White is a true rookie. He has played as many regular season games as Saquon Barkley has at this point, zero. Finally, 99/100 teams that lose their starting QB will experience a significant drop in quality of play.

    The Cowboys are ‘betting it all’ on Prescott and Elliott no different than the Patriots are with Brady and Gronkowski, or the Packers with Rodgers, or the Saints with Brees and Kamara… Teams lean on and expect big things from their super stars, big surprise there.

    Zack Martin isn’t “struggling with a knee injury this season.” The season hasn’t even started yet, and Martin had an MRI on his knee which revealed no damage. The Cowboys aren’t playing him because it’s preseason. They’re trying to protect their assets from injury in meaningless games.

    The Cowboys LB depth is one of their strengths this year. Jaylon is closer to 100%, and they drafted Vander Esch in the 1st rd. Thomas is playing well, and same with Wilson. If Lee goes out, they’re better prepared than last year to handle his absence.

    Yes, I’m sure Jerry is expecting his coaching staff to have this team ready. All the pressure is, and should be on Garrett, Marinelli, and Linehan. Saying the team doesn’t have an identity is laughable. You could ask a random person on the street what the Cowboys identity is, and they’d all tell you it’s the strength of the offensive line with an emphasis on running the football. This is absolutely their identity and any team that tries to overlook that will get quite a wake-up call on Sunday.

    The Cowboys are 13-3 and 9-7 with this new era of young players. I think 2018 will likely yield a result between 9 and 13.

  12. Patty-Cake is, once again, showing his inept ability to be a NFL HC!!!! If Dak goes down, we are looking at 2015 all over again 🙁 Rush has regressed so much from last preseason, I could not believe it was the same q/b!!!!! I do believe that shows the LACK of coaching, he has received! Tony went down in 2015, and they could not coach 3 different q/bs to win more than 1 game…smh Now, we have Kellen Moore, who was on our PS forever and a day, as our q/b coach. YES, JG, we NEED a veteran q/b as a backup!! I wonder if Kitna is still available?? 😀 😀 JG cannot be GONE soon enough for me, with “vanilla” Linehan following him out the door. Thank God for Marinelli and Richard!!!!!

  13. BTW, 2015, Tony goes down and we go 4-12…smh..AND we still have the same coaches. Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result, is called insanity 🙂

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