Aussie Jordan Mailata poised to make the Eagles after strong preseason

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When the Eagles drafted Jordan Mailata four months ago, he was an Australian who had never played a game of American football in his life, and he seemed like a long-term project who was destined to spend time on a practice squad before making a 53-man roster. That no longer appears to be the case.

Mailata got plenty of playing time in Thursday night’s preseason finale and played well enough that the consensus out of Philadelphia seems to be that he’s going to make the team from Day One.

He’s a freak of nature,” teammate Lane Johnson said. He’s just a baby. It’s gonna be scary what he’s gonna be able to do in the next few years.”

Former NFL lineman Ross Tucker predicted during the game that Mailata will be an All-Pro some day. But for his part, Mailata is still viewing it like he’s just fighting to make the team.

“My job was to try to make it hard for the coaches. I gave it everything tonight. So if they’re happy with what I put in, we’ll see what happens. I’m not settled in here, still got a lot to work on,” Mailata said.

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  1. He’s still got a long way to go but he’s come far enough that the Eagles are afraid someone will poach him. He will be among the inactives on game day this year but it looks like he has a shot at an NFL career.

  2. Then there’s “Big V” the human turnstile, who’s just happy to be there

  3. Just goes to show Roseman is light years ahead of Bill Belichick as far as talent scouting goes. Douggie P was clearly the better strategist and motivator when it counted the most. The Eagles, who were last in the ultra competitive NFC East the year before, stormed back to destroy the league and ref-favored Cheaters in the AFC Least.

  4. He is just so fast and so strong. He just extends his arms and people go flying back or stumbling past.

    Now hes went against some guys who will in the defensive rotations on game days in Pitt, NE, Cle, and NY but hes mostly went against bottom the roster or guys who are about to get cut.

    So I cant wait to see him go against the best of the best. Hopefully thats a couple years away though, for Jason Peters sake.

    Still its exciting though.

  5. He has potentially screaming out of him. But he’s still so raw I’m thinking Philly is keeping him primarily for future concerns, not for this season. Very realistic dude, too… he knows that his athleticism/physique alone are insufficient and that he has much to learn, still.

  6. What a find this guy is unbelievable. He’s 6’8″ 3550lbs, strong as an ox with quick feet and speed. Jordan never touched a football until 8 months ago and made the roster of the Super Bowl champions because he never would passed through waivers. His improvement was nothing short of remarkable and I think the Eagles found their replacement for Jason Peters in the 7th round.

  7. This is turning into a cool story. If he continues to progress at this pace, watch out. It’s almost never that you find a guy who is 6’8, 345 lbs and that athletic.

  8. The people who are saying he never played in his life before May are really under selling. Its not that he never played. Its that he knew NOTHING about the game. He didnt know what a QB was,what a LOS was, how many linemen there are or what a lineman is.

    He knew as much about football as you know about Australian rules football, what you know about cricket, what you 90 year old grandmom knows about Quidditch.He knew as much about football as you about some random game some kids made up with their friends in Cherry Hill, NJ.

    Considering how long it takes a whole mess of players in NFL, who have been playing football since they were 7, to learn a playbook, the fact that he knows enough to even practice in team drills is amazing.

    But to be beyond, not only playing in preseason games, but dominating when he does, is close to divine. Like this kid was truly blessed with an amazing gift.

    Now none of this is to say he will keep advancing like he has, or that he will be an all-pro 1 day like Ross Tucker said or even a starter. Just that its amazing where is from where he started.

  9. Lot’s of people laughed at the Eagles for drafting Mailata, especially fans of our NFC East divisional opponents. Laugh now clowns..this Jordan Mailata is a beast. He’s very athletic, strong as an ox and has grown tremendously as a left tackle. He will slide into Jason Peters place when he retires…and to think he was a 7th round draft pick..steal of the draft!

  10. Eagles answer to Refrigerator Perry

    he scores a TD to help the Eagles win the next Superbowl

  11. Birds RT QB then a TE and then a T.
    Birds LT was a UDFA TE then a T.
    This guy, who could be there next LT was a rugby player.
    Pretty remarkable

  12. raidernation210 says:
    August 31, 2018 at 8:40 am

    Foles beats Dilfer in pretty much every QB stat and had a lot more to do with his team’s Super Bowl win than Dilfer.

    raidernation is a great name, since the Raiders are abandoning their home-town fans and moving to another part of the nation, again.

  13. Slow down, friends…remarkable yes, but he played against Manny, Moe, and Jack’s brother Dick last night. Give him a chance to get his foundation before we crown him.

    Cool story…yes. Maybe a great find…yes. But lets take it slowly. Until he stones BG in practice week after week, then we’re onto something….

  14. That huge back slide step he takes is gonna get torched all day long and twice on Sundays but like I said he would be the best o lineman on the Giants !

  15. raidernation210 says:
    August 31, 2018 at 8:40 am


    Through three career playoff games, Foles has completed 72 of 96 passes for 793 yards, with five touchdowns and no interceptions. That works out to a 116.4 passer rating.

    That 116.4 passer rating is the best in NFL history for any quarterback with at least 75 postseason passes. The quarterback whose passer rating record Foles broke, Jeff Hostetler, had a similar story to Foles: He was a backup who became a starter late in the regular season, and then in the postseason, for the Giants when starter Phil Simms got hurt in 1990.

    You were saying what?

  16. Nomadnation Carr is a $25 million cap hit and your only good player is holding out. Foles has 1 less post season win then the nomads this century. Carr’s next playoff win will be his first. David Carr >> than Derek Carr

  17. If anyone from the New York Football Giants reads this please scoop this guy up ,,if If DeAndre Carter ends up in the iggles Practice Squad claim him off wavers this guy is the next Doug Baldwin book it !

  18. I admit I questioned the pick. Then I admit I quesyhim playing the second hardest position to learn to boot (I was dying to seeing him run the ball/ or at DT killing Guards. But, I was at the game last nite and counted 8 pancakes. Then watching him with his team mates. He’s loved and gives love. He was the first one patting guys on the back for good plays ect.

    For the posters saying he had less competition, think about that. He’s NEVER played the game. He’s NEVER even watched a game or how to play it! He was killing cats who played football for 10+ yrs!

    He’s humble and wants to get better. Eagles fan or not, how can you thumbs down a great story like this? It’s fine, he will be a starter next year or next and will dominate when he does. Then he might be a short yardage FB…Wow..can’t wait to see that!

  19. I was pretty skeptical at first. But you can’t teach 6’8″ 345 of muscle and pure athleticism. And, he’s humble and coachable and learns fast. Howie might have done it again…

  20. I have to agree about the kick slide…Peters has to school him on that…he looks like Batman doing the electric slide.

    And, I dont think anyone above is thumbs down on this story…its a great one. However, he’s got to really learn the game first and then use his technique and his monster power to be great. I got a chance to stand next to this cat, he’s a behemoth…trust me. If he pulls it all together quickly, the Iggles have found a real monster.

  21. Am I the only one who wants to see this man with the ball in his hands, coming through the hole and abliterating a LB or safety foolish enof to get in his way? Haha

  22. Good story. What he has done is nothing short of amazing. He must have some incredible athletic ability to pull this off. He’ll be interesting to watch.

  23. Lots of talk about Howie who definitely deserves credit, but Joe Douglas deserves a ton of props too. He will be a GM someday and we will definitely miss him.

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