Report: “Robust” trade market for Khalil Mack

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The Aaron Donald deal indeed seems to be pushing the Khalil Mack situation to a head. But not in the way many thought.

Many thought that Mack and the Raiders were simply waiting for Donald and the Rams to work out a new contract, with Mack and the Raiders using that deal as the template for his. However, that’s never been the case; Mack and the Raiders aren’t and haven’t been talking, in months.

Donald’s deal has had a separate impact on Mack. It’s allowed other teams to figure out what Mack would take, allowing those who are interested in paying Mack what he wants to begin figuring out what it would take to get the Raiders to trade him.

Indeed, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that a “robust” trade market has developed for Mack, with the chances of a trade “very real.”

Last weekend, PFT reported that four teams had serious interest in Mack, and that the Raiders hadn’t slammed the door on a deal. This weekend, that door could swing wide open, with Mack exiting Oakland for a new team.

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  1. Fun Fact: Between Reggie’s last four years and Al’s last four Reggie has only won one more game. This includes the Jamarcus years.

  2. Not just because Mack played college ball at the Univ of Buffalo, but the Bills could be a real landing spot. It was just reported that he, his representatives and the Bills have been in regular contact within the last 8 hours. Buffalo will have the 3rd most cap space next season and will also have 9 draft picks. I’m not saying anything is going to happen, but there have at least been serious contact between the two sides.

  3. Chicago needs to move fast!!!! Rookie qb contract! 2 first and pay the man! We only hit 50% on first round pics and the other 50% hold out or are injured.

  4. Somewhat like the thoroughly robust reporting? Ask any coach or GM if they would make a move for a Game Changing player and they will always say they’re interested.

  5. I understand that the Browns are very interested in a trade. In fact, Hue Jackson is on record as stating that this would be, and I quote, “the second greatest trade in football history.” The first, of course, being the Carson Palmer trade in 2011. Believe me when I tell you…

  6. People might not like it, but good teams like the pats rarely ever break the bank for a player. Ex: Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones.

  7. Wish the Vikings could afford to trade our next two first rounders but we need to draft offensive linemen with those picks.

  8. Huge contract. Kings ransom to be given up in trade.

    Simply not worth it for most teams IMHO.

    No Super Bowl ready teams have the cap room and/or will be willing to mortgage their future for a defensive player.

  9. Looks like the Raiders need to part ways because they cannot afford him. I had to make a similar decision in my early twenties with a high maintenance girl. The great thing is I’ve been rewarded with an amazing wife and two kids. She is about to turn forty, never married, rents an apartment and leases a Mercedes she can’t drive due to a 12,000 mileage limit. Trade him to the Browns and hope the Raiders turn a negative into a positive. It is possible!

  10. It made sense for the Rams to get Donald signed, they have the talent to go win Super Bowl on both offense and defense. The raiders have some very good pieces on offense a almost nothing on defense. Is Mack signing going o change anything for the Raiders on D, no, they need all new linebackers, safeties, corner, DT. Trade him and rebuild the defense. Mack is a greta player but football isn’t one man show. Just make sure he goes to a NFC team, don’t let him haunt you.

  11. I’d love to see him in Green Bay. They have the 2 first round picks and some reasonable cap room. But methinks Cleveland might have the upper hand. They have more cap room and maybe they can convince The Raiders to accept picks over 2 years?

    *BUT* another consideration is conference. Gruden and McKenzie will likely need more in trade from an AFC team. Unless Gruden gets his socks totally knocked off by an AFC team, he might prefer to take less from the Pack (just the 2 firsts) to get Mack outta the AFC. That would be smart.

    Carr, if he faced Mack in a regular game or the playoffs might get hit so hard that his next kid would be born with contusions.

  12. Mack is the best defensive player for RAIDERS since Charles Woodson & and best pass rusher since Howie Long.

    Hopefully this is all the media.

    If RAIDERS trade MACK they lose.

    99% of the time you give away the BEST player you LOSE the trade.

    That simple.

    I thought the RAIDERS move to VEGAS was to compete.

    That the RAIDER NATION deserved to compete.

    Trading MACK would prove Mark Davis a liar.

    And the RAIDER NATION would suffer on the field.

    So that is my reward as a 7 year season ticket holder and spending thousandd of dollars for the last 30 years as a fan.

    Even get 2 1st’s rounders and 2 2nd’s for MACK.

    SO WHAT!

    Dj Hayden #1 – Gone
    Gareon Cooley #1 – MIA
    Mario Edwards #2 – possible cut.
    Obi Melifonwu #2 – Waivers (nobody wanted)

    I’d rather have MACK!

    I’d cut 5 starters right know off the squad to keep MACK.

    Talent like this comes along once a decade. If your team is lucky enough.

    Frustrated RAIDER NATION.

    PLEAS SIGN MACK and just Charge he corporations on the PSL!!!!!

  13. Two high picks for the ‘privilege’ to pay someone 20+ million a year? As always, you look brilliant if it works, but you’ll be selling fries if it doesn’t.

  14. Trading an MVP caliber player like Khalil Mack is as crazy a proposition as hiring a mediocre has-been HC for an exorbitant amount of money was. If the Raiders had a capable guy in charge of drafting then they could approach a fraction of the value that Mack provides on the field. But with Gruden in charge of the draft and given his track-record of drafting, there’s a huge question as to whether the draft picks acquired in such a trade would even pan out at all.

  15. Rumour has it the Browns upped their offer to 3 first rounders, as long as Hue Jackson was part of their deal

  16. A typical made up Rapoport report that says nothing. What does a “robust” trade market mean? Who are teams involved in this robust market? And please tell me which one of them is willing to part with 2 1st round picks and pay Mack 150 million?

  17. Jets, 49’ers, Browns. They would be the only teams with the $$$ to do it, and have a potentially high enough #1 draft choice to appeal to Oakland.

  18. araidersfan says:
    September 1, 2018 at 6:58 am
    Trading an MVP caliber player like Khalil Mack


    MVP caliber? You are delusional

  19. “Glorydays says:
    September 1, 2018 at 7:27 am
    Jets, 49’ers, Browns. They would be the only teams with the $$$ to do it, and have a potentially high enough #1 draft choice to appeal to Oakland.”

    No they’re not,the Green Bay Packers have TWO number one draft picks in next years draft and they have the money in the bank to pay him what he is asking for,plus if you were Mack who would you choose to play with,Aaron Rodgers and the Packers a perenial playoff team and Super Bowl challenger or a team with little hope of going to the playoffs.

  20. nhpats says:
    September 1, 2018 at 8:29 am

    araidersfan says:
    September 1, 2018 at 6:58 am
    Trading an MVP caliber player like Khalil Mack


    MVP caliber? You are delusional


    You’re the one who’s delusional. In case you missed out on the 2016 season, Mack was DPOY – at 2 positions.

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