Report: Martavis Bryant facing another suspension

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The NFL insists on confidentiality when it comes to players facing discipline under the substance-abuse policy. Except, of course, when it’s time to send out a mobile alert via the NFL’s official app regarding a player facing discipline under the substance-abuse policy.

That’s what my cell phone device just told me, thanks to the official league cell phone device notifier thing. Now-former Raiders receiver Martavis Bryant, according to the NFL, recently was informed he’s facing another suspension.

In June, Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the Raiders were bracing for another Bryant suspension. Vic Tafur of thereafter insisted that Bryant neither failed a test nor failed to report for a test.

There are, however, other ways to violate the policy. And for a player like Bryant, who is permanently in Stage 3 following reinstatement after a minimum banishment of a year, another suspension means another banishment of at least one year. Which could mean that Bryant has reached the end of the road in the NFL.

The Steelers traded Bryant to the Raiders for a third-round pick in April. The Raiders cut Bryant on Saturday.

23 responses to “Report: Martavis Bryant facing another suspension

  1. wow, i can’t believe how many DUMB players there are in the NFL, some make the same mistakes over and over again and don’t learn, what a waste!

  2. Again Florio what are the other ways a player can violate the policy other than failed and missed tests?

  3. NFL players LUV da bud, and kneeling during the anthem. Can’t we just say that weed is the official religion of NFL players?
    That way, he can get reinstated on religious grounds.

    Seriously, I don’t know why the league has to impose these rules anyway. These players put their bodies through the gauntlet everyday. Willie Gault once said its like getting into a car accident several times per day.
    If the players need weed for medicinal purposes, let them be.

  4. What a colossal moron. He sure had enough to say last year when he felt he wasn’t getting enough touches including tanking it in games. Now he can complain about being out on his ear.

    On the bright side, I’m sure he can get a good job with his college degree. Wait, maybe not.

  5. How are some of blaming gruden for this??? The gm made this trade not the head coach. Giving up a third for guy you cut four months later is what loses you your job. Not to mention trading away the best defensive player in the game!

  6. Gruden is the de facto GM…go back to Davis’ comments in March about reassignment of duties.

    You don’t pay a guy $100mm without giving him say on personnel.

    So far Gruden has:

    Traded away Mack
    Traded a third for and then cut Bryant
    Traded a 5th(!) for AJ McCarron
    Traded 2016 2nd pick Ward for Switzer, then cut Switzer
    Waived/cut 2017 2nd pick Melifonwu
    Cut 2015 2nd pick MEJ
    Traded S Luani to Seattle for a 7th

    It’s the Gruden Touch!

  7. Any raider fanboy who doesn’t think Gruden is making the call regarding players is nuts. You can try and shield him from all these stupid moves but chucky is definitely involved. You don’t get a coach pay him a boatload and leave Reggie with the reins. This has been enjoyable. I’ve never seen a team blow up this quickly. Enjoy the next 2-4 years of rebuilding…. so that’s what 25-30 years now of absolutely terrible teams

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