Report: Rico Gathers arrested for marijuana possession

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Cowboys tight end Rico Gathers is believed to be on the roster bubble today. He didn’t help his cause last night.

Gathers was arrested last night in Frisco, Texas, for marijuana possession, according to Mike Fisher of 247 Sports.

A former college basketball player, Gathers has the natural athleticism to be a very good NFL tight end, but so far he hasn’t put it all together on the field. The Cowboys took him in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL draft, and he still hasn’t played in a regular-season game.

Although marijuana possession isn’t a particularly big deal, it remains a violation of Texas law and could get him in hot water with the league’s substance-abuse policy. And it might just be the last straw for the Cowboys, who are weighing whether he’s worth continuing to invest in.

21 responses to “Report: Rico Gathers arrested for marijuana possession

  1. Obvious a college education is wasted on so many of the NFL players. Throw it all a way for a lousy joint, smart I say.

  2. The leadership shown by Yak Prescott is impressive indeed. Since he took that locker room half the team suspended or arrested

  3. Legalize it.

    So many people are so quick to moralize the guy.

    He smoked weed. It’s not like he overdosed on pain killers…

  4. Why do people carry an ounce of two in their car?
    If you intend to transport, leave it in trunk in a container
    that keeps the Odor to a minimum.
    Also don’t smoke and then drive.
    If you haven’t been smoking it and there
    Is no discernible odor, don’t give the police
    the permission to search.
    The police have to state a fact that gives them
    reasonable suspicion to search your car.

    Lastly make sure you license,car and
    inspection are up to date. Also make sure
    no taillights out. Don’t give the police an easy reason
    to pull you over especially if you are in possession
    of an illegal substance.

  5. Rico, not the smartest tool in the shed. How does someone do something so stupid when your livelihood is on the line ? Unless, he planned it this way to get cut so he could latch onto another team, but I doubt other teams will want to touch him with this now on the records. This goes down as one of the dumbest criminal.

  6. The Truth says:

    The leadership shown by Yak Prescott is impressive indeed. Since he took that locker room half the team suspended or arrested
    so basically it is Daks responsibility to take care of every single player when they are off the field……… are unreal and need help.
    I guess you will blame Dak for any world wide tragedy that happens too……SMH!

  7. Replace the word “marijuana” in this story with the word “beer” and you quickly realize how drocainian this all really is. The only crime committed here is the harassment and incarceration of an innocent man.

  8. “The leadership shown by Yak Prescott is impressive indeed. Since he took that locker room half the team suspended or arrested”

    This has nothing to do with Prescott and everything to do with the team drafting and signing many poor character guys who often had off the field issues before going to the Cowboys. I don’t know if this kid had problems in college or since, but Dallas has loaded up with turds for years.

    The other issue being is how much longer will the league demonize weed? Within 10 years its likely to a legal recreation product in almost every state. Any state the borders one with recreational weed is already making the moves to go to full legalization. Its like the casinos. The states without them as seeing the ones with them make too much money. Philip Morris is selling weed now in at least 4 states. There are huge investments into the growing industry. General legalization is coming across the country. Get used to it.

  9. I make $57k PER YEAR and I wouldn’t throw it away with an arrest for any legal reason! These guys make millions and can’t control themselves in order to protect their jobs, let alone their families. And, society is using this as an excuse to legalize the stuff…smh.

  10. This guy has made over a million dollars, for no production whatsoever. The owner of the team just yesterday spoke in terms of he’s going to make the roster again, albeit because the owner thinks he’s a football genius, but still how can anyone justify his actions.

  11. General legalization is coming across the country. Get used to it.

    I agree, but until that happens if you live in a state where it is not legal, or have a job where weed use isn’t allowed, don’t smoke weed.
    It’s a risk/reward choice…is the risk of losing your job worth the reward of getting high? We know what Rico chose.

  12. Wow, a Dallas Cowboy arrested for drugs? Didnt see that coming said nobody ever.

    All part of “the culture” Jerry and Carrot Top have instilled. Garretts Guys rock!!!

  13. Oh my god, the horror, not marijuana!!! Doesn’t Rico know he should be drinking and taking opiates? That’s harmless fun, right.

  14. The Truth says :
    Before Dak Prescott became a Cowboy
    Gen; Sean Lee, Iron Man; Jason Witten, Tony Romo, JG, JJ, etc all were Capts, leaders, mentors, Coaches, Assts, & Owner

    Who’s the blame for that?
    Dak Prescott inherited Romo’s team & problems

    How many players were suspended, under investigation, & in the midst of getting in trouble?

    Man, this is a very cruel world we live in
    When these very same shoes are placed upon the feet of you self righteous judges of men that y’all force upon other men feet,
    Just how fast & how loud will y’all scream for mercy?

    It’s pathetic to read such crap some if you commentors have the gall to print!

    IF Rico is guilty, by NO MEANS will it be attributed to Dak Prescott without you same people admitting it’s more if Sean Lee’s fault & every other team Capt preceding Dak
    This will also include the brass/FO/owners etc

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