Bills have a staggering amount of dead money under the cap

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There was a time in the NFL when plenty of teams had plenty of problems when it came to complying with the salary cap. Since the 2011 labor deal was done, the number of teams in cap purgatory has diminished dramatically.

This year, the Bills find themselves in a somewhat unique position. According to the Buffalo News, the Bills have $53.9 million in cap space devoted to players no longer on the team. That translates to 30.4 percent of the $177.2 million available per team.

The bulk of that comes from former Bills defensive tackle Marcel Dareus, who still counts for $13.56 million in 2018.

But there’s no sense that this will be a season in salary-cap hell for the Bills, for various reasons. Perhaps the biggest is the rookie wage scale, which allowed the Bills to acquire a potential franchise quarterback without the kind of cap-squeezing contract that top-10 picks used to carry with them.

Beyond the first round, the draft and the inexpensive players it brings allows teams to build a nucleus of young, cheap talent, making it easy to field a competitive team even if nearly a third of the available cap dollars apply to former players. Which is why few teams now have to tiptoe through a salary-cap minefield. And which is why plenty of them are spending under the cap in plain sight, transferring labor costs into raw profit by squirreling away up to 11 cents per dollar.

Based on a $177.2 million cap, $19.42 million that otherwise would go to players can be retained as raw earnings. Thanks to the wage scale and the franchise tag and players reluctant to hold out because fans instantly align with the billionaires in their periodic fights with millionaires, teams like the Bills can carry $50 million or more in dead cap space — and plenty of other teams can quietly field a competitive team while adding millions to the bottom line by not spending every penny that they can.

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  1. And I thought the Raiders had it tough. The Bills are certainly going to be the team that made the playoffs last year and won’t this year.

  2. $13.56 million isn’t the “bulk” of $53.9 million. Dareus may be the single biggest chunk of Buffalo’s wasted cap space but there’s another $40 million in there somewhere. $3.5 million of it was wasted on WR Coleman, who visited western NY for about 2 weeks before being cut.

  3. Fans don’t align with the billionaires, stop saying that, fans align with the team they root for,the fans are making much less than everyone involved in the NFL so why do we care who makes what money? All we care about is fielding a good team.

  4. fans side with billionaires because they created and built successful businesses….we all know the players would be teaching PE somewhere if they didnt play for the owners……when they players put up their own money and create their own league maybe the fans will side with them

  5. Wait, so you’re saying Dareus earned the contract he got? More like Dareus is a poster boy for why Guarnteed contract shouldn’t become a thing in the NFL. Your logic is a bit off there

  6. That was the plan. Gut the team and reset. The dead money is exactly the point….next year we have a ton of open cap…. undo mistakes of the past…

  7. It’s actually a great job by beane. They will have 0 (currently speaking) dollars accounted for next year and will be about 70$ million under the cap.

    Beane didn’t put them in but he’s doing a great job getting them out. My guess is some of that cap was tsken by woods and incognito who both left the team unexpectedly.
    Between a top 5 pick and all that cap space they can really filll up some holes esp since so much of the roster is young.

    Of course they could have tied up 15 more million in mr 14 td passes Taylor.

  8. Imagine an owner, who knows absolutely nothing about football, interviewing a prospective General Manager. What on earth would he ask him? The GM candidate could say anything, and he’d sound smart. Pro sports are probably one of the only industries where the owner doesn’t have a clue about the industry. Most owners are very smart people, they just don’t understand football. Not a shocker that the wrong people get hired a lot.

  9. Mention the fact that next year the Bills will have the second most cap space in the league….

    Brandon Beane had to get rid of the mistakes made by Doug Whaley… Now McBeane can begin to build on the foundation they have already set… Tre’Davious White, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds… ect.

  10. Maybe the Bills are poorly run?

    Nah, I didn’t think so either.

    I don’t know how much you can blame the former GM, he’s been gone a year.

    Look for another rebuilding year. No wings for the Bengals this year.

  11. OMG, 53.9 Million in dead money? Who is managing their cap, a degenerate gambler? Poor Bills, must be tough, I applaud you for sticking through such dysfunction and constant mediocrity.

  12. A lot of thes players ( such as Darius, Glenn, Taylor) were shed to clear cap space.
    Wood had a career ending injury and Incognito retired.
    The Bills are in a great position to build for the future with a nucleus of young talent , draft picks and money for free agents.

  13. Marcel Darius I blame the general manager for signing him to a guaranteed contract they knew he was lazy he was a pothead yet they still signed him thank god he’s got fired and he doesn’t work for the Buffalo Bills anymore … Brandon Bean – I would think twice about signing Kelvin Benjamin to a guaranteed contract

  14. Everyone is coming down on the Bills but this is a good thing. McBean is taking the hit this season and fixing our cap problems all at once while acquiring draft picks when they can. Next season they have almost 70 mill to spend!!!

  15. All teams have a salary cap. All fans want to accumulate as many good players as they can, within the salary cap. More good players = better chance to win games. So yes, us fans selfishly want all the best players to sign with our team, dirt cheap, lol.

    The players are trying to make as much money as possible, us fans understand that. But how does that help our team win a championship ? it doesn’t, lol.

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