Andrew Luck was scared his shoulder would never heal

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On Sunday Andrew Luck will play in a regular-season NFL game for the first time since the end of the 2016 season. That will be a return to the field that he once feared would never happen.

As Luck spent all of last year rehabbing from shoulder surgery, he feared he might never be able to play again.

“I was scared, scared in my core, in my insides. There was a time I was very scared about football, and about my place in football,” Luck told the Indianapolis Star.

Luck said that during the worst of his attempts to throw through shoulder pain, it nearly tore his life apart.

“I was a sad, miserable human,” he said. “I was not nice to myself, nor was I nice to anyone else. I was a miserable SOB to be around. I was nervous. I was scared.”

Now, Luck says, he’s feeling good about himself. He’ll hope that on Sunday against the Bengals, he can finally show that he’s capable of being the old Andrew Luck again.

32 responses to “Andrew Luck was scared his shoulder would never heal

  1. If Luck does too good and it looks like the Colts will dominate the rest of the league then Roger Goodell can force Luck miss 4 games for using footballs on January 18, 2015 that were below the league required 12.50 PSI.

    The Colts footballs were below the required 12.50 PSI even after the officials allowed the Colts footballs to warm up indoors while they were measuring all of the Patriots footballs twice. Not a fair way to conduct a test.

    Roger Goodell still owes football fans a look at the PSI data that was collected during the 2015 NFL season. Showing that data would be in line with the “transparency” and “integrity” that Roger promised. Hiding that PSI data corruption on display.

  2. I have a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum. Seven weeks out it is still in PT, stiffens up every night, and they say I cant lift weights until week 13.

    Watched the surgery on a dvd. Nasty. I can only imagine what QBs do to their thriwing shoulder and the pain they live with every day.

  3. Guys like him who are down to earth and aren’t know it alls are the players I like. You can be good without being an extortionist or arrogant. I hope that Luck achieves success in the NFL – he seems frozen in time. I wish him well and a long career.

  4. I’ve had shoulder surgery. It takes a long time to get back for normal people, so I’m not surprised than an NFL QB would only now begin to feel he can perform. I wish him all the best, he seems like a great guy!

  5. H’es earned 80 million and will be up to 100 million after this year.
    I don’t wish injury on anyone but if he had to stop playing it’s not he’s wanting for anything.
    There are plenty of guys a lot worse off.

  6. to the viking trolls. the barneys will never win a super bowl. but alas, neither will the colts win one with suckluck as their inferior quarterback.

    the real quarterback lies in pittsburgh. GO STEELERS!!! HOORAH!!!


  7. Had three shoulder surgeries two on rotor cuff and one to reattach biceps tendon. Had full range of motion back after 8 weeks but takes about a year to build your strength back. But I am not a pro football player so I had to go back to work after 12 weeks sure if had therapy like they get would have been lot faster. But tried to push it to fast first time why had to repair second time. So my guess is he tried to do to much to soon and they should have known that but was more worried about trying to get him on field last year instead of taking time he needed. As a competitor like he is sure he pushed him self too. But wish him best of luck and I am a bengals fan. He is a class act.

  8. Yeah, sadly though Andrew, they’ve done little to build a team around you. Thanks for working your way back so they could sell tickets, but the Colts are in long term rebuild mode now, so good luck with that. At least you’ll be getting paid.

  9. indiapalealeblog says:
    September 4, 2018 at 7:53 pm

    H’es earned 80 million and will be up to 100 million after this year.
    I don’t wish injury on anyone but if he had to stop playing it’s not he’s wanting for anything.
    There are plenty of guys a lot worse off.

    actually he’d want to play football

  10. I am not buying he is 100% healed. I am picking the Bengals over the Colts in their game.

  11. Andrew, “You wanna see something really scary?”

    No, no. Not the Twilight Zone movie.

    Take a long, hard look at who is supposed to protect you in the pocket this season.

  12. COLTS: Trade for a running back. Seriously. Go after Ingram. Get a running game to help Luck. Yes Brady can so it without a rb because 1. He gets pass interference calls and soon lowering the helmet calls to assist when losing B. Goodell hangs out at Krafts house…see internet. C. Their schedule is set to qin every year. Example 1. Playing the Texans week 1 when Watson is coming off injury. 2. Playing toughest defense vs. Vikings at home on a night game. I van go on but I proved my point

  13. 2 years ago I tore my labrum and my rotator cuff along with severing my bicep and tricep tendons from my shoulder. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in all my life especially since it lasted so long PT was excruciating pain. I completely understand and sympathize for him and commend him for admitting that he was a horrible SOB to be around because I was in the same spot. Ultimately it cost me my marriage and my life is forever changed. I hope he sees success as I have fully recovered physically but mentally I will always have that dark shadow in my past.

  14. “When you take a hit, you gotta get back up… there’s always gonna be nails on the road to victory”

    -Jon Gruden

  15. Good to see Luck back playing. However, really interesting to hear Andrew’s candid comments now and reflect how his owner, Jim Irsay was promising his return last year just to boost season ticket sales.

  16. I am a Pats fan and nothing eaglesnd18 said about Pats fans applies to what I said. I find that on these threads, as in life, generalizations assuming every group is uniform in thought and action exposes more about the person offering the opinion than that of the individuals making up the group they attack.

  17. Having had a major reconstructive rotator cuff repair, I totally understand. Mine will never be the same, and I am not a pro athlete. It was a major surprise to me to be told they cannot fix everything. It can be a two year rehab, and frequently is a two year rehab.

  18. Welcome back Mr. Luck. And while you were out injured, the owner went and built you a powerhouse team to lead to a championship….Kidding, no he didn’t. Same borderline starters with the same borderline coaches and philosophy. So get ready for more of the same as when you were hurt.

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