Sam Darnold: “Amazing feeling” to be starting


Jets fans have been crying about their quarterback situation for years. This time was different.

When rookie Sam Darnold was told he’d be starting the opener, his first call was to his parents.

Mom was crying,” Darnold said, via Rich Cimini of “As usual.”

Now she’ll get a chance to see her son become the youngest quarterback to start a regular season opener since the 1970 merger, when the Jets play the Lions. And while that may seem predestined for the third overall pick, he had to play well enough to convince the Jets to trade Teddy Bridgewater and skip dependable veteran Josh McCown.

“As a football player, whether it’s Pop Warner, high school, college or now the NFL, your dream is to play the game,” Darnold said. “That’s what I want to do. I just want to go out and play every single day.

“If Josh got the nod, I was going to be pumped for him and be the best backup I could be. Now that I know I’m the starter, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Of course, he has a good role model in handling news with grace. McCown said he was “personnaly bummed” to lose the job he held last year, but that he realized Darnold was ready for the assignment.

“Obviously, as a competitor, you’d love to play, but I kind of understood which direction it was headed,” McCown said. “I’m excited for our team and excited for the future. . . . We’re backing it 100 percent.”

McCown’s making $10 million this year to support Darnold, which makes it easier to swallow. But if the Jets have finally found their long-term quarterback, there may finally be tears of joy from Jets fans.

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  1. .
    Darnold seems unaware that the Jets fans have 40 years of frustration at the QB position and that the NY tabloid media is just waiting to to spring on this fresh faced kid like a pack of wild dogs.

  2. Probably too early…..only the Vikings and Chiefs fans are that delusional this early in the season.

  3. 6ball says:
    September 5, 2018 at 6:43 am
    Darnold seems unaware that the Jets fans have 40 years of frustration at the QB position and that the NY tabloid media is just waiting to to spring on this fresh faced kid like a pack of wild dogs.

    Not sure what that has to do with anything. Jet fans want him to be the answer at quarterback. Fans also understand that he is a rookie and he will have some really bad games this year. Its part of his growth and hopefully he will be better for it.

    The media in NY is like that with any player. This isn’t exclusive to Darnold. They NY media will jump on anyone. They gave Derek Jeter a hard time whenever he struggled. and he’s the golden boy. One of the reasons the Jets drafted Darnold is because of his demeanor. He handled the LA media with no issues and they are just as bad as NY. He is level headed and handles adversity well.

    Also, he has McCown there as a sounding board. That is the best move the Jets could have made when it comes to Darnold’s development. A player that actually cares about his development. This is a much better situation than Sanchez had.

  4. 2nd class citizen in NY. Nothing person just an obvious fact. That’s all the Jets have been and will always be.

    Long Island based team (Queens is on the Island, check the map for the geographically challenged) that moved 2 bridges and 3 hours of traffic from their fan base. Dumb.

    Should have built a stadium where Pilgrim State is. But Woody is a NJ guy and I guess a chopper ride from Teterboro to MacArthur scared him.

    Old NY joke: A Jets fan is someone who can’t get Giants tickets.

  5. tylawspick6 says:
    September 5, 2018 at 10:52 am

    This tool is going to get tuned up!

    Two things you will see; 1 – Darnold will be a winner 2 – he will win without having to cheat

  6. I wish him the best of luck – playing on that horrible team will be a test of wills and spirit. If all he does is to drive two defeats into the heart of New England, that would be a great season.

  7. Luckily he faces the Lions week one. Unfortunately it’s a MNF game. For the most part, the Jets were competitive last year even after the team was decimated as good vets were traded/let go. I give credit to Coach Bowles and his staff. I think that competitiveness will be the difference in a game that may have quite a few mistakes.

  8. guypatsfan says:
    September 5, 2018 at 8:38 am
    Just wait until Bill Belichick gets a hold of this kid!
    I suspect it will result in an automatic first down.

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