Amari Cooper: Raiders may need to score every possession against Rams

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The Oakland Raiders open the 2018 season Monday against a Los Angeles Rams teams that is among the favorites to reach the Super Bowl out of the NFC this season.

The Rams were the highest scoring offense in the NFL in 2017, averaging 29.9 points per game. With that in mind, Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper knows Oakland’s offense will have to put up points to have a chance to get to 1-0 on the season.

We might have to go out there and score every possession. You never know,” Cooper said, via Matt Schneiderman of the San Jose Mercury News.

It may prove a difficult proposition for the Raiders to accomplish due to strength of the Rams defense they will be facing. And while Cooper’s comments weren’t in reference to the trade of Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears, it’s safe to assume the Raiders will have more difficulty keeping the Rams off the scoreboard without Mack than they would have had with him.

Oakland’s offense ranked just 23rd in points scored a season ago. While they may need to score every possession to keep up with the Rams, actually doing so may prove to be an enormous challenge.

18 responses to “Amari Cooper: Raiders may need to score every possession against Rams

  1. Memo to Mr. Cooper –


    Scoring requires having possession of the ball.

    That frequently entails Catching The Ball when it is thrown in your direction.

  2. This Raiders team has already given up on “Gru-dog” for being a liar and trading its best player. They are going to get destroyed on Sunday.

  3. Even without Khalil, our defense will be much improved from last years squad. Obviously the bar was pretty low. I’m just saying, they should be noticeably better. I don’t expect them to be good enough to hold the Rams to under 24 points though, so maybe Cooper is right.

    That being said, the offense should be light years better than last year. We have a real coach and a real system. Our QB, RB, and WR1 are all healthy. Jordy is as good, or better, than Crabtree, even at his age. Roberts is back, Cook is back, and the O line remains in tact. All pretty healthy. If Miller can’t play LT, we can swap him with Penn and we have basically the same O line (Miller must be an improvement at RT). Also, we added some blocking TE, a FB, and some depth at WR and RB.

    I expect the offense to light it up this year. Defining season for Derek Carr.
    I expect the D to come along a little slower. Basically all new faces and a new system…plus we lost a stud.

    The Rams are a tough draw for week one. The league must live the Chucky vs. McBay angle too. Fingers crossed. Go Raiders!

  4. Yeah good luck with even scoring once! Suh and Donald tag team got Carr having nightmares already plus he knows where to place the footballs Peters and Talib like their balls placed at!

  5. Carr and Lynch are both finally in the perfect offense to suit their skills.

    Count me in as a Gruden hater but its not hard to see that Carr is thriving right now, and stone hand Lynch not being count on to catch passes in a spread offense anymore is just what the doctor ordered.

    Lynch really didnt play the first half of most games last year and didnt fit into the scheme and still almost put up 1k. Im confident hes still one of the better backs in the league when healthy.

    If Coop can actually catch some balls this year and Jordy can get us some first downs then the Raiders might have a scary offense.

  6. This could be one of the best games this weekend. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Raiders fan, it’s just a fact that they have better coaching on offense and defense this year.

  7. Wow, he was explaining that you never know how a game will go, maybe you need to score a lot and maybe hardly at all.


  8. @bigbatgdogg I am not saying the Rams won’t win but the combination of Suh and Donald seem a lot more terrifying when you think of Suh his first 3 years in the league. Suh is now the modern day Albert Haynesworth

  9. “We might have to go out there and score every possession. You never know,” Cooper said

    Don’t you try to do that in every game?

  10. Just move baby. The value of the team will double once they move, so look for Howdy Doody to sell the team.

  11. @ the FAKE JoeToronto…how is their season already shot? Haven’t even played a meaningful game yet. Sure we traded a generational player but we have 3-4 first or second year players on the D-Line AND it’s obvious that Mack was only looking out for #1 considering that Carr, Jackson and Ellis all signed extensions that were below market value. I’ll take our youth AND 2 extra first round picks any day over a player that was not in it for the team.

    I love the hate.

    One Nation

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