Another season, another catch controversy: Did Julio Jones catch it in bounds?


The NFL’s new catch rule was supposed to make it easier to define what a catch is.

We still don’t know.

The league adopted a rule that says a player has caught the ball when he has control, two feet or another body part down and either making or having the ability to make a football move.

Julio Jones did all that on a pass he caught for a 52-yard gain, but on-field officials ruled he did not have control of the ball before sliding out of bounds on his back. The Falcons challenged the ruling.

The league’s officiating head, Al Riveron, ruled from New York that the call stood.

NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay, a former official, second-guessed Riveron’s decision as it appeared Jones pinned the ball to his shoulder while in bounds.

The Falcons ended up punting.

40 responses to “Another season, another catch controversy: Did Julio Jones catch it in bounds?

  1. “The league’s officiating head, Roger Goodell, ruled from New York that the call stood.”

    Fixed your statement. We all know who is really determining these calls when they go to 345 Corruption Ave

  2. It was so obviously a catch that i don’t know if I can watch the league this year between those calls on the regular and this new weight on the QB rule. Plus this game is taking forever, I’m going to fall asleep on the couch attempting to watch whatever this is.

  3. This game dates back to 1932, has seen 52 SBs, 6 Commissioner, countless officials, numerous owners, 7 lockouts/strikes, replay, billion dollar stadiums, crappy uniforms..Somebody was even dumb enough to park over an habachi…And still in 2018.

    No one knows what the hell constitutes a catch!

  4. I know the catching process doesn’t start until you possess the ball, he bobbled it MULTIPLE times, and if his shoulder blade happened to be out of bounds by the time he finally possessed it.

    It was tough to tell, especially on the live play, because TV producers decided that it was more important to show off the skycam and Matt Ryan being chased around by defenders, instead of watching the play develop as normal. For MOST of that drive.

    Save that stuff for the replays or the OCCASIONAL live play… it seems like certain broadcasts are trying to “revolutionize” television football, when its not needed. Unless they are trying to increase ticket sales to see them in person again.

  5. Regardless, Steve Sarkisian needs to be fired. He can’t call plays when we have dynamic players!

  6. The refs were mostly garbage in the game. That call was no different. It was a catch. The last two plays of the game were backwards in terms of the penalty. The contact on Hooper was minimal at best. Darby was ALL OVER Julio including hands in his facemask…but no call.

    They are PETRIFIED to call PI on the last play of the game. It is wild.

    That having been said, if Atlanta wasn’t complete trash in the Red Zone, they waltz out of Philly with a win.

  7. I didn’t watch the game, but I heard about Atlanta’s inability to punch it in. They can’t do anything right. Even against a dysfunctional Philly team. And throw in the bad officiating favoring Philly. What’s the deal with that? I thought that would be over after the Super Bowl.

  8. The camera angles weren’t great. The best was the birds eye view but it was so far away it was hard to see the detail.

    But as an Eagles fan I thought it was a catch.

  9. So happy to see how unanimous fans are on today’s NFL ‘rules’, and yet they will not listen. NFL is too focused on winning lawsuits vs. keeping the game entertaining. Pay to take care of the ex players and none of this garbage exists.
    Fans WILL go away eventually. This game was infuriating to watch and neither team is my team. Weight on the QB is the most absurd ever – it defies gravity. I want to give my season tickets back watching this – they have destroyed real competition with total subjectivity

  10. The problem with the NFL is the same problem our country (congress) has. You let lawyers (Goodell) run things and you get a disgusting mess.

    ….sorry Florio, you are the exception I suppose

  11. One of the worst played NFL games in years – incompetence – stupidity – lazy effort – poor coaching – and horrific officiating…don’t watch Thursday night games (thankfully)…read about them when I have my nightly ice cream around 3am, glad I missed it…

  12. Eagles fan here weighing in here…I don’t know how that was NOT a catch. From my perspective he secured the ball without it touching the ground and before he went out of bounds. Hopefully the zebras figure out the rules before this weekend’s batch of games.

  13. I’m an Eagles fan and that was a bad call in favor of the Eagles there were at least a dozen other wrong calls, in the game. It’s part of the game. I’ve anguished when they went against the Eagles and reveled when they went for.No different than if a player or coach make a mistake. But at least you get to cry about it.

  14. Catch.
    Also the new roughing the passer penalty is a joke.
    New York decided that game, not the players on the field. Take note Vegas and those inclined to wager………….

  15. I’m siding with the refs on that call. Which literally will be the first time in years. Mills foot pulling Jones’ hand off the ball right before he went OB made ALL the difference in the call. As he went OB he literally only had one hand on the ball and it clearly shifts against his helmet before the second had is brought back. That could very easily be interpreted as lack of possession.

  16. I don’t know what everyone else was watching but I saw one last little bobble as Jones shoulders were on the chaulk and the defenders foot hit the ball.

  17. What an awful game. Poor execution by players, coaches and refs. I don’t understand how the heck that isn’t a catch, unless the new review standard is that you can’t overrule the play called on the field without a message from God. And I’m really concerned about this apparent notion that it’s roughing the passer if there is any weight of the defender whatsoever on the QB, for even an instant. That’s crazy.

    About the only good thing I can say about the game is that at least there weren’t any helmet hit calls.

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