Dan Quinn on red zone failures: “Our ability to score down there, that has to change”

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The inability to score in the red zone brought an end to the 2017 season for the Atlanta Falcons last January in Philadelphia. Their inability to score in the red zone Thursday night against the Eagles helped get their 2018 campaign off to an 0-1 start.

The Falcons had five red-zone trips Thursday night. They scored a touchdown, kicked a field goal, threw an interception, turned it over on downs and ran out of time as Atlanta lost their opener 18-12 to the Eagles.

Head coach Dan Quinn said after the game that they have to be better when they near the goal line.

“Our ability to score down there, that has to change,” Quinn said. “We weren’t able to do that tonight. Give credit to them. We knew coming in this was going to be a good matchup defensively, offensively and all in different areas but that part of our game clearly tonight we didn’t execute at the level we’d like and we’ve got work to do.”

Atlanta ran 17 plays in the red zone, including two penalties on the Eagles. Nine of the Falcons’ red-zone snaps came inside the 10-yard line, including the final play. Quarterback Matt Ryan went 1-for-9 with an interception in the red zone, according to ESPN Stats & Info. They had seven snaps inside the 20-yard line on the final possession needing a touchdown to at least tie the game at 18-all. Only a 10-yard pass to Mohamed Sanu and an illegal contact penalty on Jordan Hicks netted positive yardage for the Falcons over that span.

“We’re going to go back and look, for sure, and you know we put a good bit of work in there and we still have more to do,” Quinn said. “By no means is this game going to determine… (2017) is over. This is (2018) and that’s part of our game that we have to get right if we’re going to be really good”

They weren’t good Thursday night and it’s why a winnable game didn’t go their way.

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  1. Saying Matt Ryan is a born choker at this point almost feels like a compliment. Especially after last night& 28-3. I’ll take Tannehill& his 15 million, a modest salary compared to door Matt& his 30 mill.& at least I know what I got with Tanny. Good thing Arthur Blank is an idiot who can pay that for nothing, bout the same as the way him& his wife had the type of stare on the sidelines as Tom Brady crushed their premature dreams. A BLANK stare… 😂

  2. Without a the Eagles defense lining up in the neutral zone on a 3rd and long they don’t even get that one touchdown.

    If the Falcons spent all offseason preparing for this rematch, they failed miserably. Everyone not named Julio Jones should hang their heads in shame.

    Those were some pretty awful red zone plays, Ryan tried to force the ball to Jones on almost every play and looked like he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn once they were inside the 20.

  3. hello3987 says:
    September 7, 2018 at 3:15 am
    Most disappointing redzone offense in the modern era


    Alex Smith says “hey”.

  4. You’re game decisions must improve too Dan…If you would have kicked the FG on the first drive then you would’ve only needed a Fg on the last drive. That early in the game, KICK THE FG!!

  5. The offensive coordinators concepts down there were putrid and only exceeded by a qb who seemed in over his head. Could t believe how bad Ryan was for. There and that int he threw was just the worst.

  6. 1st: throwaway out the back of the end zone
    2nd: out the back of the end zone over everyone’s heads
    3rd: near sack fumble and could have been picked. Lucky incompletion.
    4th: out the back of the end zone over everyone’s heads and lucky pre-throw illegal contact penalty as it was uncatchable so PI wouldn’t have been called.
    1st and 1 second. Over Julio’s head and he got his hands on it but couldn’t land in bounds.

    Really only 1 very marginal chance to even catch a pass. Should have been in the 95% range in getting a TD assuming a 50% chance on each throw. Ryan maybe gave his team maybe a 20% chance.

    Horrible QB play. Can’t be afraid to throw a pick there. You have to force it and hope your guy wins the ball or at least bats it down. A TE and two big WRs in there.

  7. Why in the world would Ryan throw an uncatchable ball with seconds remaining on 4th down? Was he afraid of getting intercepted? Then when he got a second chance with one second left he throws it out of bounds. You could see the choke in his eyes.

  8. The fact is, Julio Jones is a great receiver who very rarely scores touchdowns, at least since his second year in the league. Since 2013, he has 25 touchdowns on 462 receptions (5.4%). Ryan threw 108 TDs on 1,535 completions to other receivers in that time, which is a 7% rate to lesser receivers. You’d think your best receiver would have the highest touchdown percentage but he just doesn’t score a lot for the volume he gets.

  9. The best front 7 in the NFL owns the red zone…same for last year. Smart teams would take the 3….but the Falcons aren’t smart…that’s why we OWN them.

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