Khalil Mack will be on a pitch count

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who reported for duty last Friday, will play on Monday night without limitation. Bears linebacker Khalil Mack, who was traded to the Bears eight days before his new team’s regular-season debut, will play on Sunday night, but with limitation.

NBC’s Mike Tirico said during Thursday night’s Falcons-Eagles pregame show that Bears coach Matt Nagy said Mack will play at Green Bay, and that he’ll be on a pitch count.

Mack already has made a positive impression on his new team in his short time in Chicago. Per a league source, Mack immediately assumed a leadership role, staying after practice and working with young offensive and defensive linemen.

Mack’s presence could open things up for the rest of the defense, specifically the rest of the front seven. The first test comes at Lambeau Field, as the Packers officially launch their 100th year.

26 responses to “Khalil Mack will be on a pitch count

  1. He might as well sit out the game. There is no way Chicago wins in Diva Rodgers first game back at Lambeau. The refs have their yellow flags poised to launch in case any defender breaths on Erin. The Bears will do well this year, but this game they have no chance.

  2. Excellent, he’ll only play in the 1st half, then. Rodgers will go into the hurry-up when Mack is on the field to eliminate substitutions and force the same D line-up to play 4+ plays in a row.

  3. Hate when they call it a pitch count. This isn’t baseball. Why can’t they just say they are going to limit his playing time or at the very least say he is on a play count? (I also hate it in basketball when they describe a one-handed, arm-extended-above-the-shoulder pass as a baseball pass when there is no passing in baseball. It should be referred to as a football pass in those instances.)

  4. Mack is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and will, in the long run, make the Bears a better team.

    But can anyone expect to come off the sidelines, no training camp, no conditioning program, from the offseason and expect to make an impact week one like that?

    I suppose we’ll see tomorrow evening.

  5. Si Mack held out to get his record setting contract but didn’t bother keeping himself in top shape?
    The Bears should get a partial refund for each game he isn’t in shape.

    In reality, the Bears overpaid anyway, this is just a little extra that they over paid.

    Same goes for Le’veon Bell. He’ll not be in shape for several weeks.

  6. Packers O-Line coach James Campen when asked about facing Mack:

    “Our approach doesn’t change”

    The Packers tackles Bakhtiari and Bulaga block their man one on one. Won’t change with Mack. It didn’t when they played him when he was a Raider and it won’t Sunday.

    1 Day To KickOff!👏🏈





  7. “That’s what they want you to think.”

    That’s what is inevitably going to happen. There’s no way he learns their entire defense and playbook in a single week.

  8. Y’all dont know football he doesn’t need to know the play book outside of a few stunts. He’s a pass rusher how hard is it to know “Oh I have to get around this big guy in front of me and hit the QB”. Its football not rocket science.

    Seriously it could actually happen this year for the first time in a long time!!! Da bears will finish ahead of the packers! They will also win this game! I’m sooo happy people are counting us out! Bear down mfs!!!

  10. These Packer fans are sure confident for having a reconstructed defense, no Jordy to save Erin’s butt. And to think that Jimmy Graham is the answer?.. I’m not so sure about a guy his age at tight end. This is what? his 3rd team. We will see Monday morning a lot of people shutting up! Maybe Me. But one thing for sure: Can’t freakin Wait!

  11. “Y’all dont know football he doesn’t need to know the play book outside of a few stunts.”

    You don’t know squat about football if you think Nagy is lying here. He’s not going to be completely acclimated or ready. He will get limited snaps, just like Nagy says, guaranteed. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Packers run the no huddle to keep Mack on the field, knowing this weakness.

  12. Revelation123 Did I say he was going to play 90% of the snaps. He will get mixed in on pass rush situations. What did Khalil Mack suddenly forget how to bull rush people because he wasn’t listening to Jon Gruden at training camp… He will have one job on Sunday beat the guy or guys in front of you. Good thing he’s pretty good at that.

  13. in other words, your overpaid trade will not be effective for at least two games, one against a division rival with playoff aspirations;


  14. Push large white guys out of the way. Delicately tackle Aaron Rodgers or else every Billy Bob North of Wausau is going to cry about illegal hits.

    Stay healthy Aaron, I’m praying the Bears embarrass you at home.

  15. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 8, 2018 at 12:39 pm
    Breaking news: The refs for Sunday night’s game were just seen together practicing calling the new Rodgers rule.

    I’m delighted the Packers and Packer fans contribute to making cheesey’s life miserable every day. We got that going for us.

  16. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm
    They are going to be counting the number of Packer fans crying that the Packer0s had to let Mack go and the Bears got him instead.

    Some teams understand the concept of paying too much out of fear they can’t compete, and some don’t. Guess which is which in the North Division. I’ll give you a clue: The team I’m describing has had Pro-Bowl caliber play from their quarterback position three seasons in a row, and they still have no faith in their coaching staff, so they went out and purchased a all-time “guarantee.” You Vike That!

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