Seahawks activate Earl Thomas

Getty Images

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas will make $500,000 on Sunday. And he’ll be earning it.

The Seahawks have announced that Thomas has been added to the active roster, three days after ending his holdout and reporting for duty.

This means Thomas likely will travel to Denver, dress for the regular-season opener against the Broncos, and play in the game.

The 29-year-old defensive back, the lone remaining member of the Legion of Boom, enters the final year of his contract. He’ll make $8.5 million for the season. He wanted an extension or a trade, and he stayed away from the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason in an effort to force the team’s hand.

But the team was never going to budge, and Thomas eventually sensed it. Though he could have skipped eight games and still gotten credit for the final year of his contract (the rules are different for players who have signed contract), Thomas opted to collect his money, play football, and presumably hit the market in 2019 — barring a trade before the Tuesday after Week Eight.