Shaquem Griffin: “It’s amazing” to be in starting lineup with twin brother

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As great stories go, Seahawks rookie linebacker Shaquem Griffin brings two of them to Sunday’s game at Denver. In addition to starting his first career regular-season game despite having only one hand, Griffin will be in the same lineup on the same defense as his twin brother, Seahawks defensive back Shaquill Griffin.

“You got a lot of dreams, but sometimes it don’t play out how you think it is,” Shaquem Griffin told reporters on Friday. “We always thought about, we’re just going to play in the league, but it’s always going to be against each other. We didn’t think that far because we both play defense, so we didn’t know how that was going to work. To be beside each other again, it’s amazing.”

But it’s not so amazing that Shaqeum Griffin feels overwhelmed by the moment.

“We’re just going to go out there and handle business and enjoy it while doing it,” Shaquem Griffin said. “Having him by my side, it feels good, it’s everything you dreamed about. Once we get through this part, one day we’re going to be able to sit down and be like, man, that was kind of crazy how life happened where you started in high school and little league and we’re at this point in our life. Right now, I got a team full of brothers and we are going to make sure we give everything we got for them.”

Shaquem Griffin is feeling up to the challenge of giving his team full of brothers everything he’s got.

“I’m feeling good,” the rookie said. “Got my legs under me, learned a lot. I think this week, practice-wise, was my best week from a fundamentals [standpoint]. I feel so much [more] confident than any other game I’ve been in. I’m kind of excited to have the first start.”

He’s getting the start because usual starter K.J. Wright has a knee injury. But if Shaquem Griffin performs well enough on Sunday, coach Pete Carroll surely will find other ways to get Wright on the field.

19 responses to “Shaquem Griffin: “It’s amazing” to be in starting lineup with twin brother

  1. enjoy it while it lasts, which i suspect to be about 3-4 games;

    once Wright is back, Griffin goes back to special teams;

  2. An opportunity to show what you can do. That is everything when breaking in to the NFL.
    If he Kicks butt, Wright may get traded.
    Best of luck Shaquem

  3. boaboy65 says:
    September 8, 2018 at 9:51 am
    Nike should have used him for the “just do it” campaign

    You do know he was in the commercial right

  4. I might be totally wrong here but…

    Isn’t the only disadvantage to having one hand him having a harder time making INT (not really that important as we’ve seen guys play linebacker who couldn’t catch a cold) and being unable to grab a guy that goes to his left side while the other arm is engaged by someone. So, if you really try hard you can get to his left side and gain a few extra yards. But the kids done this his whole life so you have to figure he’s better at positioning himself than a normal LB would. Beyond those two things I don’t see what the problem is and we’ve all seen defense lineman and linebackers playing with clubs on a hand rendering it useless. His size is the bigger question about his long-term LB ability, not his hand. I think dude’s gonna have a very solid career in the NFL.

  5. Hate the Seachickens but Im cheering for him and his brother! Such a story. I saw him in college then at the combine. Dude is amazing!!

  6. This is what Nike, the NFL, the President should be promoting a man living the American dream after being stuck with a debilitating childhood decease that would all but end a normal life, yet he’s living an extraordinary life……… He “Just does it”

  7. “Right now, I got a team full of brothers and we are going to make sure we give everything we got for them.”

    Time to go into Denver and knock the snot out of them!!💪🏈

  8. Wright is not going anywhere. Stop trying to push Shaq into KJ’s area code. This is a great story….but KJ Wright is important to any kind of playoff chances is season for the Seahawks.

  9. I used to rap a little bit back in my 20s (on a VERY amateur level, guest verses with a friend’s formal group), and I had a battle rap-style verse with a bar that was punctuated by “you need a hand like Jim Abbot”, referencing the one-handed former MLB pitcher, in the context of someone being unable to rap well. I always loved the line but nowadays anybody young who heard that wouldn’t get the reference. So I’m putting it out there, “you need a hand like Shaq Griffin” is spoken for, you heard it here first!

    No disrespect of course, this kid is an amazing story!

  10. My favorite player , jerrah why don’t you draft high quality people like this so i can have someone to root for other than guys who skate dui’s, beat their women, drug andmpoint guns at people !

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