Bengals win a wild one as Andrew Luck comeback attempt falls short

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is back, but he wasn’t able to engineer a comeback.

In a wild game that went down to the final minute, Luck appeared to be writing a storybook ending with a comeback drive. But after he completed a pass to tight end Jack Doyle, Doyle fumbled and Cincinnati’s Clayton Fejedelem scooped it up and raced 83 yards for a touchdown.

That gave the Bengals a 34-23 win, a score that looks a lot more lopsided than the game actually was. This was a close, back-and-forth game for four quarters.

For the Bengals, the star of the game was second-year running back Joe Mixon, who had 17 carries for 95 yards and five catches for 54 yards. Mixon looks like the player the Bengals thought he was when the chose him in the second round of last year’s draft.

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green also had solid games for a Bengals offense that looked better than expected — unless the Colts’ defense is worse than expected.

But the story of this game across the league was the return of Andrew Luck, whose shoulder injury kept him out for 20 months before he finally returned today. Luck looked strong and healthy, taking hard hits and getting right back up. But his last-gasp effort came up short.

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  1. Congrats Bengals, you times your hit perfectly unlike the one which got Shaun Williams ejected. The Colts offense is full of potential, the defense has work to do.

  2. Imagine Joe Mixon with a quality offensive line.

    The line didn’t look terrible (2 sacks)… but… this was the Colts.


  3. Shawn Williams should have been ejected for that cheap hit on Luck. But the refs seem to go out of their way to protect luck and it would have been nice if Dalton could get any calls. It stinks when you don’t have a marquee player who can get those

  4. “… the refs seem to go out of their way to protect luck
    and it would have been nice if Dalton could get any calls”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    One play… Dalton gets pressure… gets hit in the head by two players…
    … and… gets NO CALL.

    It happened more than once. As it always does.

  5. “Andy Dalton… also had solid games”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    109.7 QB rating.

    tom brady only had a 102 QB rating with all his “favorable” calls.

  6. Bungles fans shouldn’t get too excited. Barely beating one of the worst teams in the league is a bad look. Also, Marvin Lewis.

  7. “The cheaters played a team that there coach couldn’t coach a pop warner team he will be fired soon”

    “there” coach? LOL, Typical Indiana education levels.

    Why not jump on the Pats bandwagon? Still room, and its inevitable you guys will want to see what supporting a winner feels like. I wonder if Luck will make it out of Foxborough alive next month.

  8. really good fun game with the expected early season stupid mistakes. looking forward to pft power rankings when Pitt is still in the top 10 and Cincy is in the bottom

  9. Horrible calls against the Bengals. Thankfully they still won the game, but they certainly didn’t look that great.

  10. I saw a different Bengals team today. They never make 2nd half adjustments like they did today. Joe Mixon will be a top running back in this league. They didn’t want to commit to him last year. He arrived today in a big way. Despite a horrible call on Dunlap they didn’t let it get them down. Dalton showed up big after that first interception. Right side of the o line still needs some work but the whole line in general was much better than last season. Good feeling to be 1-0. Hopefully the Ravens got all their points out of the way today.

  11. really fun game to watch after the andyception(tm) and follow up int by luck. Best thing is that fedelejem is a 7th round pick. Good to see a guy like that do something great!

  12. That sacking the QB without putting all of your weight into him rule is going to drive me nuts this year. Michael Johnson had 2 incredibly questionable roughing the passer calls.

  13. Williams getting kicked out was bull. He was leading with his shoulder turned his head and his helmet happened to hit luck’s so they throw him out? What is football anymore? Two hand touch touch on the QB and no QB can run. Just get it over with these stupid penalties and ejections are ridiculous. The broadcasters made it out like it was his fault but rewatch it and you’ll see it was a good football play.

  14. Dunlap got called for a roughing the passer at the end of the first half when it was an obvious hold which caused the awkward low contact. Just another bad bengals penalty.

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