Dolphins beat the Titans, who suffer big losses

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The brave people who outlasted four hours worth of lightning delays saw quite a show in Miami.

But no one in Hard Rock Stadium has had to wait as long as Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins quarterback, playing his first game since Dec. 12, 2016, did just enough to help his team to a 27-20 win over the Titans.

Tannehill was 20-of-28 for 230 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a solid debut in his first start since coming back from months of rehab for knee problems.

But on a day that was far from artful —featuring three hours and 59 minutes of combined lightning delays to make it the longest game in league history — it was enough.

The third act of the game featured a pair of long kickoff returns. Miami’s Jakeem Grant‘s covered 102 yards and Tennessee’s Darius Jennings answered with a 94-yarder of his own.

But mostly, it was the Dolphins taking advantage of an error-prone Titans team.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota threw a pair of interceptions before leaving with an elbow injury. Backup Blaine Gabbert added another interception in relief.

But the Titans also lost left tackle Taylor Lewan to a concussion, and tight end Delanie Walker to a serious leg injury, making it that much worse for their return home.

19 responses to “Dolphins beat the Titans, who suffer big losses

  1. As a Titans fan, that was the worst game I have ever watched. Just a complete dumpster fire of sloppy play, horrible QBs, awful officiating, major injuries, and hours of weather delays. So depressing…

  2. Good job Miami, you toughed it out. The offense looks for real, and the defense looks solid.

  3. The delays turned this into a crazy game… But there was a lot to build on. Loved the commitment to the run. Fins up!

  4. LOL at people writing off Mariota. Without him, they don’t clinch a playoff spot last year or win in the playoffs on the road–their first playoff win since January, 2004.

  5. …Clearly those 13 TDs and 15 INTs helped them get to the playoffs. It had nothing to do with the fact that your team played 6 games against Blake Brotles, Jacoby Brissett, and Tom Savage.

  6. I believe the ref who called holding on Delanie Walker on the play where Derrick Henry ran for a 62 yard TD had money on the Dolphins or was smoking crack during one of the long breaks. He saw the holding that didn’t occur and missed the face mask on the Dolphins defender that did. That was huge. I’ll take the “W” for my team, but I’m starting to believe the Tannehill bashers. He had a clean pocket most of the game and although he threw a nice deep ball to Stills, he still failed to protect the ball (two horrible INT’s) in crucial times in the game that almost cost them a victory.

  7. Im a Miami fan and Tannehill looked exactly how he always has: completely average. Not bad enough to lose the game, but not good enough to win it on his own. Thats fine though as long as the rest of this TEAM do their jobs like they did today. I’m just not sure they always will, cause they sometimes don’t. But… This TEAM is definitely good enough for the playoffs this year. That old, miserable Phin “fan” who comments negatively all over this site wont have you believe that though. I cant wait to see this TEAM improve on this game and see where they go!!

  8. Oh, and Tannehill CAN indeed throw a deep ball. Stills just needs to catch them more than one-third of the time. If he does, than both may be Pro Bowlers. This team is good. Not great, but good. More importantly, theyre going in the right direction- finally. The cap is cleaned up, theres a ton of young talent to develop, and they seem to be well-coached with good chemistry. If they keep that momentum going, they’ll be really good next year. Tannehill is good enough. We’ve all seen teams win with a lot worse. Chemistry is key, and it looka to me like this organization FINALLY has it. #305TillIDie

  9. Tannehill bashers are never satisfied.
    We want accuracy: for 20-28
    1 want deep balls: 75 yd bomb TD to Stills
    Wins season opener after missing time due to injury, something other injured couldn’t do Sunday.

    1 bad INT when he overthrew Grant.
    (I place the Gesicki INT in the rook)

    He may never be elite, not many are, but he showed little rust in his return.

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