Ejection in Colts game came from unnecessary roughness foul


When Bengals defensive back Shawn Williams flattened Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, many assumed that the foul and ensuing ejection arose from application of the new rule against lowering the helmet and initiating contact against an opponent. But that’s not the case.

According to the league, the foul and the ejection both came from a finding of unnecessary roughness.

While it’s ultimately a distinction without a difference in this specific case, it’s an important to remember what is and isn’t a violation of the new helmet rule. Williams apparently initiated contacted not with his helmet but with his shoulder, even though helmet-to-helmet contact definitely happened. An argument also could be made that the helmet contact was inadvertent, since Williams didn’t strike Luck with the crown of the helmet.

Still, the fact that Luck was being tackled, the fact that Williams hit him hard enough in the head to snap it backward, the fact that Luck is a quarterback, and the fact that he missed all of 2017 may have been factors in the decision both to penalize and to eject.

The fact that a Bengal applied the hit also may have had something to do with it.

7 responses to “Ejection in Colts game came from unnecessary roughness foul

  1. really? because it was a bengals player?? More likely its no surprise that a Bengals player took a shot to inflict punishment, rather than just make the play. If the new rules are meant to limit concussions, and to preserve QB’s then this is the league, and we all better adjust. That hit deserved the ejection under the new rules.

  2. “The fact that a Bengal applied the hit
    also may have had something to do with it”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I TOLD YA.
    I knew the nfl would be quick to penalize “my” team for any strong, old school play.
    That is the way the nfl chooses to apply penalties.
    Other “certain” teams get a free pass for similar plays.

  3. If you run like a RB you are going to get hit like one. My opinion. Bengals fan. But the same thing happened to Dalton multiple times in the pocket with no call. Not to mention a pretty obvious face mask. No call. No surprise. NFL only protects its BIG name players in major markets.
    PS. I know the NFL doesn’t hire a lot of people with science backgrounds. IE. Law of gases. But momentum is a thing. How is Carlos Dunlap a 6’+ 230+ dude supposed to just not fall on top of a QB who is about his size?

  4. There were two penalties called in that game for what appeared to be the new helmet rule but both were called something else. Seems like the NFL wants to enforce the helmet rule under the disguise of other penalties.
    Bizarre and a testament to Roger’s handling of the NFL these days. Can’t come up with an Anthem policy? How about can’t run the NFL as a business the way MLB, the NBA and NHL seem to be able to. No Anthem issues there.

  5. After looking at the hit, QB or not, you hit the player that is already being tackled and is close to the ground expect to get flagged. That was really close to spearing.

    I understand wanting to get the hit in, however head shots when they are already down is bush-league.

  6. Anyone saying that wasn’t a bush-league hit is drinking too much orange kool-aid. There’s no doubt Williams plays past the whistle too many times and he LOVES hitting the head. I’m a Bengals fan and all I could do is scream at the TV “no! don’t do it” as I saw him coming in. Williams is very quickly becoming the new Mike Mitchell, declining skill and way too much flying around trying to knock people out. Just don’t hit the guy that’s already down, it’s not too tough.

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