Emmanuel Sanders’ big day lifts Broncos over Seahawks

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New Broncos quarterback Case Keenum had an up-and-down game in his Denver debut, but whenever he threw to an old reliable receiver, he was up.

Emmanuel Sanders had a huge game today, catching 10 passes from Keenum for 135 yards, and the Broncos held on for a hard-fought 27-24 victory.

When throwing to Sanders, Keenum was 10-for-11 for 135 yards. When throwing to all his other receivers, Keenum was 15-for-28 for 194 yards. Keenum threw three touchdown passes and three interceptions.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also threw three touchdown passes, despite losing No. 1 receiver Doug Baldwin to a knee injury. The big revelation for the Seahawks was Will Dissly, who had three catches for 105 yards and a touchdown.

Denver’s pass rush got to Wilson for six sacks, including three from Von Miller. With Miller and Sanders continuing to play well, the Broncos may be contenders in the AFC West. But they’ll need more consistency from Keenum.

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  1. .
    meanwhile OBJ was 11 for 111 when he was supposedly not going to bother to catch anything after getn paid and with that no name defender on him all game.
    Even better was the announcer declaring OBJ hasnt done anything all day while noting sure he has 6 catches so far the most on the team…
    It’s like these people forcefully make things up against actual facts, oh wait thats what fearless leader does so its ok.

  2. Watching that game, Denver basically did everything they can to keep Seattle in the game… and they still couldn’t get the job done.

  3. It’s going to be a long year for the Seahawks. Still looks to be no running game and the offensive line is still abysmal, possibly losing Baldwin, that’s not counting that the defense is not the same.

  4. Seattle’s D can’t carry them like they’ve done in season past – so the offense is going to have to be better. Russell not really on his game today, and the offense almost never got in a rhythm. Carson looked good; Penny, not so much.

    It’s only one game – but doesn’t look like this team is going to surprise me this year. Needs some more athleticism on the defensive side of the ball. Only gonna get that through some good drafts.

  5. Hey remember when I said Doug Baldwin is too injured to play well, and a bunch of Seahawks fans bought into that schlock Pete Carroll was selling? Pete forces guys who need knee surgery to try to play through it; which is just an incredible waste of talent and stupid.

  6. Bad call on the last Denver TD. How is your foot in bounds yet clearly out of bounds when the ball of your foot separates from the ground? Refs sucked.
    Seattle will only improve from here.

  7. It is just one game, but all reports are that the Seahawks were bad on D and inconsistent on O.
    As expected…

  8. What I want to know is how Fox gets the right to broadcast NFL games when they’re still Flintstoning it at 720p? That maybe flies if a 32″ tv is top of the line but anything in the 50″ and above size and it looks HORRIBLE. I googled it and people have been complaining since 2015! I know 4k is slim pickings right now but 1080 on a 55″ is waaay better than 720. All the money for theme songs and animated robots but no money for cameras in the last 3years? Pathetic.

  9. Tough watching as a Seahawks fan but I like Keenum, he was fearless today despite the INTs. Wasn’t thrilled with the refs after that last DEN TD but that’s the game.

    Not too worried about Seattle, they will get sorted and win some games this year. Would have been nice to get this one but Denver deserved it

  10. “What I want to know is how Fox gets the right to broadcast NFL games when they’re still Flintstoning it at 720p?”

    They ave highest resolution for FoxNews division.

  11. omeimontis – are you a dolt or willfully ignorant? No one is calling the current Seahawks secondary the Legion of Boom. That title was reserved for Thomas, Sherman and Chancellor. You seem to have a more difficult time moving on than Seahawk fans.

  12. raiderfool…Thats a good name that the Oakland/L.A./Oakland/Vegas Raiders should adopt. Can’t keep your best players and cant keep a team in a city Raiderfool. It must be bad in Vegas for you raider fans to be trolling here. Wait there cant be actual Raider fans or else there team wouldnt keep bouncing from city to city. Denver success will probably send Al to the grave…Oh wait

  13. Denver’s pass rush got to Wilson for six sacks!

    Ifedi couldn’t stop my 85 year old Grandma getting to Russell Wilson, time to make a change there IMMEDIATELY.

    Disappointed today with Seabass, could have sent the game into overtime if he hadn’t missed the two earlier attempts on that field goal.

    Weird…..Seems Russell Wilson played better before he got married.😆

  14. Raiderfool, you live in North Mexico, you probably shouldn’t be making city/state comments. And raider fan claims they are gonna be sb champs every off season. At least Broncos fans calls are a little more realistic. Go away now, adults are talking.

  15. So sick of hearing about what a class act Wilson is. I punked that dude when he was in college at Wisconsin. In 2011, I went to Madison, WI with some friends to watch our South Dakota Coyotes play his Badgers. After the game, we were at a bar when this clown showed up and started acting like he owned the place. We ignored him until he came over to our table, talking about how he was going to “whoop on everyone” for not giving him “respect.” Him being 5’11,” 200 lbs. and me 6’6,” 250 lbs. I confronted him and put him in his place very quickly. I’m just glad the guy who took a video of the incident deleted it instead of putting it out in cyberspace.

  16. mlhigh says:

    Three picks by Kenum is a problem.

    Keenum might still be in MN except for his penchant to throw floating ducks.

    He does a lot of things very well, but his floating ducks were the reason the Vikings needed the Minneapolis Miracle (what will probably be his greatest career pass).

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