Herm Edwards wins big, Chip Kelly loses big on Saturday

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Former NFL head coaches Herm Edwards and Chip Kelly are both now coaching in the Pac-12, but they’re having very different results.

Edwards, now the head coach at Arizona State, led his team to an upset of No. 15 Michigan State on Saturday. Kelly, now the head coach at UCLA, saw his team fall to 0-2 with a blowout loss at Oklahoma.

The Sun Devils are now 2-0 under Edwards, and they’ve looked impressive doing it. They cruised to an easy win over the outmanned UTSA in the first week of the season, and then they put up an incredibly impressive effort Saturday night against a Michigan State team that was expected to be among the best programs in the country this season.

That win over Michigan State ended with some great clock management from Edwards. As Arizona State got the ball with five minutes left in the fourth quarter and the score tied 13-13, Edwards instructed his players to stay in bounds at the ends of runs as they marched down the field and took time off the clock. The game ended with Arizona State taking a knee to run the clock three straight times, then kicking the game-winning field goal as time expired. Edwards, who scored one of the most memorable touchdowns in NFL history at the Miracle at the Meadowlands, knows the importance of playing it safe when you have the ball late in a close game. His team executed perfectly.

For Kelly, Saturday’s loss was ugly, but an ugly loss to a national title contender like Oklahoma is excusable. Less excusable was that Kelly’s team lost at home to Cincinnati a week earlier. On paper, the home game against Cincinnati should have been the easiest game on UCLA’s schedule. If Kelly’s guys can’t win one, it’s hard to think they’ll win many games this season.

So although Kelly is a well-regarded college coach from his days at Oregon, and although many observers scoffed at Arizona State hiring Edwards, it’s Edwards who’s looking like he has a program on the right track, and Kelly who’s looking like his program is a mess.

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  1. Never understood the seemingly automatic assumption that Edwards would be a terrible Coach.

  2. Chip’ll be fine. You don’t just forget how to coach and the program wasn’t exactly left in national championship shape when he left.

    As for Herm, I’d totally send my kid to play with Herm. You have coordinators to develop the plays but Herm could help your kid stay relaxed, focused, and playing to the best of their abilities. He’s like all that’s great with Harbaugh but without all the insanity.

  3. Never understood the seemingly automatic assumption that Edwards would be a terrible coach”.

    Because he sounded like a total idiot on TV. Maybe it was just an act.

  4. I’m not an MSU fan by any means. But having them kickoff at 11pm is pretty crappy and honestly shows the disrespect for that football program. You’d never see Michigan kickoff at 11pm like that and MSU has been the better program over the last 10 years.

  5. Herm says sign gotta say HOT!!! I love Herm hes the type of coach id play for. Experienced. Smart. Emotionally involved in the team.

    Chip Kelly seems like he always thinks he is the smartest person in the room…

  6. I always liked Herm Edwards because he is a class act and expected his teams to act that way. He wasn’t afraid to call out players as a commentator for their actions off the field either, as so many commentators are. I always respected him for that.
    People didn’t like Joe Theismann as a commentator either, but I always respected him. One of the things I remember about Joe is when Keyshawn Johnson came out with his book and blasted Neil O’Donnell and his coaches in it for not throwing him the ball, Theismann was asked his opinion of what Keyshawn did. Theismann ripped Keyshawn and called him a jerk for writing the stuff he wrote. He was the only former player who that was sitting there that day who had the stones to rip Keyshawn. All the others made excuses for him and laughed about it. But Theismann told the truth.
    I hope Herm Edwards has a long successful career at Arizona State.

  7. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    September 9, 2018 at 9:11 am
    Remember when Chip Kelly was going to revolutionize pro football? LOL


    Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t Chip’s offensive theory gotten into the NFL’s top offenses? It wasn’t Chip the coach that sucked, it was Chip the personal man. I don’t think the Eagles were wrong to hire him as HC but giving him power over personnel is where the wheels fell off the wagon.

  8. It just makes me kinda chuckle a little to myself. All the love for Herm Edwards here now that he’s at Arizona State. But when he was the Jets coach, the insults towards him on here flew left and right all over the place. LOL!

  9. maddmatter5 says:
    I’m not an MSU fan by any means. But having them kickoff at 11pm is pretty crappy and honestly shows the disrespect for that football program. You’d never see Michigan kickoff at 11pm like that and MSU has been the better program over the last 10 years.
    – – – – – – – – –
    They didn’t kickoff at 11PM. They kicked off at 7:45 local time, Pacific Time Zone. Just like the opposite when a west coast team plays at say North Carolina and it is a noon kickoff local time but the opponent feels like 9AM.

    And of course TV rules the roost and wanted that start time as well so it isn’t about disrespecting the opponent.

  10. thatmanstu23 says:
    September 9, 2018 at 8:29 am
    Never understood the seemingly automatic assumption that Edwards would be a terrible Coach.

    Apparently you never watched any of Herm’s Chiefs games or any of the Jets games when he was coach. As a die hard Chiefs fans I was extremely happy to see Mr. Rah Rah get fired. He’s probably a good fit for college but as an NFL coach he was awful.

  11. Edwards was a mediocre pro head coach. His bombast did not play well on TV; I could not watch him. His schtick will work well for the 17-22-year-olds.

  12. I follow Arizona State football closely and the reason Herm is doing well right now has to do with the coaches he hired. They were pretty good hires. Danny Gonzales, the Defensive coordinator they hired away from San Diego State is an excellent coach, who will probably be a head coach one day. He also hired Antonio Pierce as a linebackers coach, he has NFL experience and he’s had success coaching high school. The offensive staff isn’t bad either, but called way too many pass plays. Todd Graham didn’t exactly leave the cupboard bare when he was fired, there were still good players there at ASU.

  13. Good for Herm, he is without doubt the classiest former player, coach, man involved in the athletic world. He is level headed and is not afraid to not stroke the bad boys involved in sports. He has no problem not falling in the trap of many sports media talk show annalist of what is hip thing to say. The man is a true man.

  14. It’s great that these 2 Coaches have joined the NCAA Football fiasco, that way I have 2 new teams to root against besides ND!

  15. ASU has put their money where their mouth is and invested heavily in it’s football program with dividends already! They ACT like a team that is serious about becoming a leader and the timing for Edwards was perfect. The players love and respect him and his resume from the NFL, and parents love that their kid is playing for a coach who genuinely cares about teaching football and being successful at it. This is a whole new look for ASU and alums and boosters are loving that the school is finally being noticed for something besides being a top party school!
    This is going to be the hottest sports ticket in town. Sorry, Cards, the No Fun League, with it’s outrageous prices, excessive and convoluted rules, and restrictive, elitist atmosphere just isn’t the best party in town anymore!
    Welcome to the Valley Herm Edwards!

  16. I love Herm. My son was very young wanted to get an autograph from a player. It was cold as heck and Larry Johnson walked by not signing anything. Herm walked by and said to my son…you want an autograph and signed my son’s football. Still has it in a case till this day. He still remembers that day.

  17. It’s hilarious watching some of the idiotic Philly fans rooting against Kelly.

    Guys, without the Chipper your franchise is still probably shelling out money to losers like Lesean McCoy and Desean Jackson. The Chipper fell on the sword for you ungrateful idiots, so how about a little respect.

    As far as Chip’s NCAA start, not an easy schedule. Did anyone actually believe UCLA was going to contend THIS year? If you did, you might want to get your eyes checked.

    Chip will reinvent that program within 3 years.

  18. And not a mention of what they inherited from their predecessors, no mention of the incredible HEINOUS mess Mora made of a program that was already floundering when HE took the job… Not Kelly nor any other coach alive can do it with schemes and mirrors alone, you have to have talent, and UCLA doesn’t have any.
    What horsebleep “reporting”! The only variable to consider is who’s coaching, really??”?Yup, nothing to mention in this conversation but who the coach is.
    Do you ALWAYS mail it in like this, or just on opening weekend?
    And people wonder why us old pharts miss the days when there was REAL reporting, not just talentless hacks regurgitating the latest stale myopic “take”. Just ridiculously weak effort, or lack of same.

  19. I always liked Herm, and I’m glad this is working out for him so far. Score one for experience vs. the latest flavour of the week coordinator…

  20. Herm Edwards has done a great job at ASU. I don’t understand what is happening with Kelly at UCLA. It does not look like they are running his fast paced offense. UCLA looks bad.

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