Marvin Lewis, Frank Reich have no disagreement on Shawn Williams ejection

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Bengals defensive back Shawn Williams found himself ejected early from Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, after drawing a flag for unnecessary roughness that was deemed to be flagrant. After the game, the respective coaches agreed with the outcome.

“Well you just can’t — you’ve got a quarterback running, he’s in the grasp and you just got to be careful,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told reporters. “You can make sure he’s down, you’ve just got to tuck it. It’s a point of emphasis and you don’t want to leave it in the hands of other people.”

As to whether the hit warranted an ejection, Lewis punted, saying it’s not for him to comment on.

Colts coach Frank Reich was willing to comment on the outcome.

“I didn’t see how bad it was until the replay,” Reich told reporters. “When I saw the replay, it was a pretty vicious hit. Probably appropriately there were some consequences that were probably appropriate.”

It’s probably appropriate that we leave it right there. Probably. And appropriately.

9 responses to “Marvin Lewis, Frank Reich have no disagreement on Shawn Williams ejection

  1. It was well justified. I am a little surprised Luck didn’t have to be looked at though. That was a brutal hit. Crazy though the guy that replaced Williams got the game winning td. I do think the roughing the passer on Dunlap was a terrible call but I don’t think any Bengals fans should have issue with the ejection for Williams.

  2. If the hit was so bad then why wasn’t Luck checked for a concussion? It was clear from the start that the NFL wanted the Colts to win. And I’m glad I was at Lucas Oil to celebrate the win and to watch Dolts fan walk out crying!

  3. As a Bengals fan I totally agreed with the ejection. Williams is not usually a dirty player but that was a nasty hit… ejection was well deserved

    He’s gonna pay up for that one $$

  4. This was different from the Kiko Alonso hit. Luck was already down. In the case of the Alonso hit Flacco started his slide late, too close to Alonso, and was hit before he was down.

  5. Williams has to play smarter than that if he wants to stick around the NFL. He’s got potential to be dominant, but don’t be THAT guy known for cheap shots.

  6. No problem either……..

    I don’t have a problem with the flag, but I do with the ejection. I think all fans want consistency; and that was not in evidence yesterday…..

    With 7:37 left in the 3rd, Dalton hits AJ Green with a slant, and as Green is going to ground Darius Leonard hits Green in the helmet hard, leading with his helmet. Not even a penalty, or mentioned on the TV call. Just as bad a shot as Williams on Luck, but not even mentioned, less called.

    I’m not a Bengals fan; but I understand why The Bengals and their fans think its one rule for them, one rule for the others…….

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