Drops plague Chargers in latest frustrating loss

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The Chargers even hit a field goal yesterday, at least, one of them.

But their pattern of strange and unusual ways of losing games continued unabated from last year, frustrated with their own dropped passes and fumbles in a 38-28 loss to the Chiefs.

“I’m always careful to say that ‘we lost’ this one because there was an opponent over there,” quarterback Philip Rivers said, via Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. “But we did do some self-inflicted things.”

When coach Anthony Lynn was asked about the drops, he mentioned four, and that may have been a generous assessment.

“I think a couple of those might be touchdowns — plays that we need to make, plays that we have been making,” Lynn said. “We’ve just got to make those plays.”

The problems were widespread. Travis Benjamin was guilty. So was Tyrell Williams. Receiver/return man J.J. Jones did his part by muffing a punt in the fourth quarter to set up an easy Chiefs score.

“We did everything we wanted to do. We got the looks we wanted,” wide receiver Keenan Allen said. “We just left a lot of money out there.”

Allen may have caught most of his (eight for 108 yards and a touchdown), but he’s right about the theme. If the Chargers don’t get this problem corrected, it’s going to be very costly.

24 responses to “Drops plague Chargers in latest frustrating loss

  1. Well, special teams looked bad as well. This is reoccurring problem with the LA Chargers. The LA Chargers couldn’t handle Tyreek Hill. It’s the old song where the LA Chargers had to depend on Philip Rivers (435 yards and 2 touch downs) to bail them out, but he didn’t as the LA Chargers had critical drop balls. Telesco said he would correct the awful place-kicking problem created by him by dumping Josh Lambo. I’m not so sure that problem is fixed. An imbalance of red jersey’s in the stands. Lot’s of empty seats in Carson. Sadly, the LA Chargers seemingly have no fan base in LA.

  2. Why does the NFL allow the chargers to pump in fake crowd noise? It was blatantly obvious that they were doing it. What an absolute embarrassment!! The chargers belong in San Diego.

  3. That’s a classy way for Rivers to put it. The old “I beat myself” line, like Serena Williams used to specialize in, is one of the more arrogant things any competitor can say.

  4. Maybe the media will stop treating them like an elite team.

    Death, taxes and the NFL media fawning over the Chargers.

  5. What amazes me is all the Pundits were picking the Bolts to go to the Superbowl……you might want to actually make the playoffs once in the last 5 years before you actually annoit them as contenders. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the 9 the straight time the Chiefs have beat the Bolts? When are the “experts” going to start giving the Chiefs the respect they deserve? Back to back AFC West championships and half the “experts” had the Chiefs to finish last in the AFC West….SMH.

  6. Hard to gauge if Mahomes is really good.

    Hill really made those catches,a few were thrown bad..He made excellent catches.

    I wouldn’t get that excited just yet

  7. “raiderfool says: September 10, 2018 at 12:59 pm It’s worse when the raiders are playing there..It’s all Silver and Black.”

    Raiders should have moved to SD. That stadium would be packed to the gills every home game.

  8. Raiders should have moved to LA, Chargers to Vegas. Raiders are loved in LA, Chargers have no fanbase. Would be a perfect fit for a stadium full of tourists, drunk convention goers, and business men. Raiders would be filling the Rose Bowl.

  9. slick50kc slobbered: “Arrowhead West. We own these chumps. We’re gonna slaughter the fade twice this year too.”

    Hey there champ, slow down… Pump the brakes a little… 15 more games to go….

    If KC makes the playoffs, they will be humbled by a superior opponent who knows how to keep their composure and using excellent clock management skills that your coach has a hard time doing in the playoffs.

  10. sinsor13 says:
    September 10, 2018 at 6:36 pm
    It still amazes me that the Raiders can fill a stadium. Mark Davis must accept EBT cards as payment.

    Except they can’t fill a stadium, they use tarps.

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