Ereck Flowers isn’t losing sleep over criticism

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Ereck Flowers heard a lot of criticism while playing left tackle for the Giants last season and the team moved the former first-round pick to the right side of the line this year after signing Nate Solder as a free agent.

The first outing in his new spot led to more criticism. Flowers was penalized twice in the team’s first three plays and couldn’t stop Yannick Ngakoue from pressuring Eli Manning on a play that ended with Myles Jack returning an interception for a touchdown.

Flowers refused to talk to reporters on Sunday, but did talk on Monday and explained that the Ngakoue play called for him to first make sure linebacker Telvin Smith wasn’t blitzing inside of him. Smith faked a blitz, which gave Ngakoue time to beat Flowers around the edge and Flowers said offensive line coach Hal Hunter said he would have done “the same thing.”

His first penalty came for tripping defensive end Calais Campbell and Flowers said he moved too quickly because he thought Campbell was more of a speed player. Some will surely wonder why Flowers didn’t know what to expect from a 10-year vet coming off a 14.5-sack season, but the tackle said he’s not paying attention to what any detractors have to say about his performance.

“I can take it. Whatever,” Flowers said, via “I’m playing for the dudes on this team that I’ve been working all season with. That’s going to be there regardless. I don’t lose sleep over it. I lose sleep over what these guys in my room think about me. That’s it.”

Head coach Pat Shurmur said he thought Flowers had some “really good plays” in addition to the less successful ones and made no indication that a change to the lineup was under consideration. Chad Wheeler is the only backup tackle on the Giants roster at the moment.

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  1. “Also? That other guy – y’know the ONLY other option they got – he’s actually worse than me. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. In fact, it’s not even a human. It’s just a big turnstile with a Giants helmet sat on top of it. So nah. I ain’t worried. What they gonna do? Replace me with a real turnstile?”

  2. Isn’t this his exact problem? He think he is great and doesn’t need to improve? This is a pattern with Millennials in general.

    Too sensitive, entitlement, no accountability and an attitude.

  3. As a Giants fan I HATE this goofball, teenager-like sort of attitude. If this is truly all he has to say then he is better off simply saying nothing. Fans of the Giants who have been rooting for them for decades before Flowers was even born (many of whom pay a nice price for tickets) dont need to hear this nonsense.

  4. Did the Giants actually expect him to be or act any different than he has been his entire professional career?

  5. The Giants are stuck. They signed him to a four-year, $14.391M that is fully guaranteed. That means they have to pay him nearly $2.4M this year even if they were to cut him. That would seem to mean the only reason they would cut him would be if they had someone to replace him. The Giants will certainly either draft his replacement or find someone in free agency

    Flowers should care though. He’s in the last year of his contract–a contract that averaged ~$3.6M. He may find out he’s not getting another contract like that. He’ll be more likely to get what Seantrel Henderson received–a one year deal with a modest salary and roster bonuses. If he plays badly enough this year and continues to not care, teams may decide they don’t care to sign him and his NFL career will be over after his first contract.

    He was drafted #9. He has done nothing to show he deserved to be drafted that high. I’m sure he was happy with his contract and decided to not care about playing hard. Teams may decide to not care about someone who doesn’t care.

  6. Literally the only reason he is still here is because the Giants’ bean counters think it’s cheaper to keep her. Now that the season is in and they created that cap space last week with the move, there’s no reason to keep this oaf.

  7. He deserves to have is a ass kicked all the way down the N J turnpike to the Atlantic City expressway then across the state to the Garden State parkway and back,along with the genius who thought he was a first round pick.

  8. .
    granted he let that dude fly right by him, but ELI stepped up and made the guy miss.
    ELI wasnt rushed it was a normal play and the guy who batted the ball was being blocked well, it happens.
    Things to note, the Jag defense apparently is a really good defense that is what people are saying out one side of their mouth, then they are saying the Giants OLINE is still HORRIBLE…
    OK… so if the Oline is still horrible and they played against a very good defense then explains to me why Eli only got sacked 2 times. why were there ONLY 6 QB hits 2 of which were sacks? WHY? a terrible Oline against a very good defense means the QB gets massacred…
    I still dont understand why they made no pass attempts into the Endzone after the Jenkins INT at that time ELI was 11 for 11. Capisce? 11 for 11 with a TERRIBLE Oline against a very good defense. He had completed ELEVEN passes on ELEVEN attempts but the play calls had ZERO attempts at the endzone. WHY?
    And then you make a dude who just ran 68 yards for a TD, quickly line up for a 2pt run attempt??? what?
    How about having Barkley back to catch that punt on the last play?
    u paid the guy play the guy.

  9. .
    Dak Prescott got sacked 6 times with that supposed outstanding Oline
    Eli got sacked 2 times with that supposed horrible Oline
    Brady was sacked twice.
    Ben sacked 4 times
    Russel Wilson 6 times
    It’s hard to admit the Giants Oline is improved when presented with facts but facts dont matter anymore…

  10. I thought Shumer would bring some needed change but if he thinks Flowers is a starting RT in the NFL, I am wrong.

  11. Flowers should care. He’s auditioning for his next team. As if anyone would want him. He hasn’t made any progress now in his 4th year. His surly attitude along with boycotting the OTA’s because his feelings got hurt after the Nate Solder signing are red flags. He took the air out of that game from the very first offensive play of the season.

  12. It’s obvious that Flowers is trying to cope with the criticism. He was bad but the entire OL played poorly. Realistically this was the OL’s first game against a very good defense and they need reps to gain better chemistry. The OL actually was starting to play better in the second half which gives me some hope against a good Cowboy defense but that is not as good as the Jags.

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