Frank Gore should move up to fourth all-time next week

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Frank Gore is a week away from history.

The Dolphins veteran running back showed he can still be productive in Sunday’s marathon win over the Titans, and he moved to within a few carries of another spot on the league’s all-time charts.

Gore had nine carries for 61 yards Sunday, leaving him 14 yards short of Curtis Martin for fourth on the NFL’s all-time rushing list.

Gore now has 14,087 yards, with a shot to pass Martin (14,101) next week against the Jets.

“Every time I had an opportunity, I tried to make it count,” Gore said, via Jordan McPherson of the Miami Herald. “And we got the win. That’s big.”

The 35-year-old back will still trail Emmitt Smith (18,355), Walter Payton (16,726), and Barry Sanders (15,269) once he passes Martin, but at this point it’s hard to discount his chances of continuing the pursuit.

Joining his hometown team for his 14th season puts him in a job-share with Kenyan Drake, but the Dolphins showed yesterday they can be a physical team, particularly when running behind Laremy Tunsil and Josh Sitton on the left side.

22 responses to “Frank Gore should move up to fourth all-time next week

  1. A consummate pro. No hype, just steady play. It’s been 3 plus years since San Francisco let him go because he was too old, and he outgained Carlos Hyde in yards each year (and Hyde is now with the Browns and got one more yard than FG yesterday). You blew it Niners!

  2. interesting how 35-year old Frank Gore still playing and producing is normal, yet former MVP and athletic freak (and 2 years younger) Adrian Peterson was supposed to have retired due to age since he was 30. bottom line BOTH GUYS CAN PLAY JUST FINE

  3. In another era he would have been one of the game’s biggest, most celebrated stars…unfortunately, in this era he is more like an afterthought.

    Glad to see he’s still doing it well

  4. Remembering his last game as Hurricane makes this feat amazing!!!! Probably, the nastiest knee injury I’ve ever seen. Well done Frank! 🙌🏼

  5. i hope people dont look back, see the stats, and think frank gore was a great running back. because he never was. dudes been middle of the pack every year of his career

  6. easily one of the most overrated RBs of the current game;

    mentioning him in the same breath as Barry Sanders is laughable, because it illustrates the flaw of statistics Samuel Clements clearly pointed out long ago;

    mere longevity is commendable but in no kind of way implies the kind of impact on the game in general and each and every game in particular Barry had;

    in other words, DCs didn’t spend sleepless nights trying to devise a defence to stop Gore at any point in his career, nor did both teams line the sidelines each time Frank touched the ball;

  7. I get what you’re trying to say whodatalien, but one aspect of being great is doing it over a long period of time. Is leading the league one time, with a 5 year career supposed to be better? At the very LEAST he’s great because he’s been so consistent and persistent. Only 4 ppl in all of NFL history have put up more yards. That’s it.

    whodatalien says:
    September 10, 2018 at 9:11 am

    i hope people dont look back, see the stats, and think frank gore was a great running back. because he never was. dudes been middle of the pack every year of his career

  8. He’s not Barry obviously but to argue his longevity isn’t a truly special and rare gift is also short selling his greatness. How many RB career have lasted as long as is. Emmitt. Anyone else? Being one of only a handful of guys to do something related to longevity is no small feat.

    Put another way, Emmitt was no Walker Peyton or Barry Sanders but we still acknowledge his top 10 all time RB status.

  9. As a Miami fan I am happy to have him on my favorite team. He is a true pro and will be a huge addition for the Dolphins this season.

  10. When Gore first got to the league he was drafted he went lower than he would because he suffered 2 serious acl knee injuries. I thought eventually he would have a shortened career due to the wear and tear he already had with his knees but that he has been able to last through his mid 30s at a position where most players are done by age 30 if not sooner is incredible. In his prime he was never someone I would consider the best at his position but he was someone that churned out season after season of workmanlike 1,000+ yard seasons.

    I was on the fence about him making the hall of fame but Gore’s longevity and numbers just can’t be ignored. He’s getting in. It’s also nice that He’s passing another workmanlike running back in Curtis Martin who some people also didn’t get the respect his numbers say he should have.

  11. Congratulations to frank if he ever had a good offensive line for more than two years who knows how good his numbers would be. To all these haters saying he’s not a hall of famer look at top all time rushing list everyone above him and a lot of people below him are already in, some with no Super Bowls! As a die hard niner fan he is up there with Montana and Rice for me no one played harder than frank or wanted to win more or blocked better as a rb than this man and he is as smart as it comes as a football player I regret Harbaugh not feeding the beast in the Super Bowl I know he would of got it done with 4 chances kaep got. Frank will always be the Goat at running back for me and when he retires so should his number in SF he is the definition of a PRO! Go get em’ Frank!

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