Jason Garrett: Scott Linehan will continue to call plays

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The Cowboys changed most of their offensive coaching staff in the offseason, but they kept coordinator Scott Linehan. Linehan became a target of Monday morning quarterbacks in Dallas-Fort Worth, though, after the Cowboys generated only 232 yards against the Panthers, including only 138 passing yards.

Jason Garrett called the plays in 2011 and 2012, his first two full seasons as head coach, before turning it over to Bill Callahan. Linehan has served as the team’s play-caller since he was hired in 2014.

Garrett, though, is not considering a return to a dual role.

“I have a tremendous amount of faith in Scott,” Garrett said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “We just have to do a better job collectively as a staff and as an offensive unit to help us move the football and score some points. That starts with basic execution, play after play not beating ourselves and then finding ways to generate some big plays.”

The Cowboys have passed for fewer than 200 yards in seven of their past nine games, dating to last season. They have scored four total touchdowns in their past four games.

During a three-game losing streak in the middle of last season — without suspended running back Ezekiel Elliott — the Cowboys scored 22 total points.

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, now an analyst on FOX, said during Sunday’s broadcast of the game that he is “not seeing any creativity” in Dallas’ play-calling. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones on Monday called Aikman an “armchair quarterback,” adding it’s “unfair right now to point fingers at play-calling.”

Garrett, who served as Aikman’s backup quarterback, takes exception to the idea the Cowboys offense is “conservative.”

“I don’t know that I would describe two tight ends and a fullback as being conservative,” Garrett said Monday. “If the definition of not being conservative is using a lot of personnel groups, that’s certainly been a part of what we’ve done for a lot of years around here. I don’t know that I buy into that definition. You want to try to attack defenses different ways. Part of using that is using different personnel, part of that is using different formations. Part of that is using tempo — uptempo, slow down the tempo, speed up the tempo, all the different things that you try to do, and then part of it is simply executing ball plays. The best way to do that is to be able to run the ball, throw the ball, every time you break the huddle you threaten the defense — both of those things — and then you can play those things off of each other. And so those are the things we’ll try to do, and we’ll try to do a better job as a coaching staff to make sure we’re attacking the defense a lot of different ways. The most important thing is to make sure we execute. And talking about executing, that goes back to coaching, as well, making sure we’re giving them opportunities in practice so they have a chance to execute well once we kick it off on Sunday. Those are all things we’re focused on, and we’ll try to do a better job.”

30 responses to “Jason Garrett: Scott Linehan will continue to call plays

  1. The obvious answer is that their QB isn’t the savior they thought he would be. Without the best line in the NFL and a dominant running game, Dak is really just another guy. There is nothing special about him.

  2. They could have Mickey Mouse call the plays. I guess Goofy is calling them now.
    The Cowboys have nothing, anywhere.
    These bums are NOT America’s team and will continue stinking up the joint as long as Jerry Jones thinks he is a football genius

  3. In his last 9 games, Prescott has 6 TD passes. In order to survive in a pass happy league, you have to have a QB that can actually throw the ball. Keep Linehan, keep Garrett and keep making excuses. It’s the Cowboys way.

  4. Linehan has been calling plays for the last four years and now they want him out because of one bad game? The offensive line is ravaged by injuries, the quarterback is mediocre, and they have no wide receivers. I don’t think the play calling is the main problem.

  5. You could put josh mcdaniel up there but when your QB is a stiff all the creativity in the world isn’t gonna help. You want to get the most outmof Prescott put him in the wishbone

  6. You have one of the top RB’s and O line in football and still can’t score points. Garrett proved a long time ago that he is not a head coach and Dak is not the right QB for this team. It’s pretty sad that everyone outside of Jerrah can see that.

  7. Does anyone really think this is Garrett’s call to make? Jerry hired Linehan and Linehan reports to him, not Garrett. The only person who reports to Garrett is the water boy.

    You also have to love Stephen Jones calling Troy Aikman an “armchair QB”. Way to disrespect the only QB to win superbowls for your dad.

  8. I was calling out Garrett when he was our offense coordinator. He sucked then, still sucks, will suck again this year! Dak is a Bum

  9. A chemical engineer disguised as an NFL exec calling a Hall of Fame QB, an armchair quarterback. Only in Dallas. Too funny.

  10. As a Stanford guy, Garrett is too academic with the game of football. He prepares a gameplan like a study guide for a test. The problem is, the end result is generalized as “conservative” because it’s “Football 101”. Sure, he may have balanced play calls, and follows the rules to the tee when it comes to coaching decisions to punt or try for two. But as it relates to offensive and defensive schemes, it’s not complex enough to fool anybody. You can get away with that when your roster is loaded with talent. They do have a talented team, which is why they will win SOME games. But they’re not talented enough at the right positions (mainly, Quarterback – and right now, offensive line) to win CONSISTENTLY.

  11. You can’t blame this debacle on injuries to the offensive line. The only player missing was Frederick. The line was a disaster yesterday. They couldn’t run block, they couldn’t pass block. If a QB doesn’t have time to throw, it’s over. I don’t care if you have Joe Montana back there. You have to blame the coaching staff, because the team was obviously ill prepared and that falls on Garrett and Linehan. Marinelli obviously had his squad ready. Eight years of this mediocracy is enough.

  12. The owner is the GM- first problem. The coaching staff are a group of people that are there because they are willing to cow tow to the owner/GM. The QB is regressing since his rookie year and his QB coach was the back up last year. The WR/TE group is the worst in the league- not hyperbole. The Oline has talent but is banged up and the RB faces 8 in the box on a routine basis. That is the problem with their offense.

  13. Nothing is going to change until Jerry dies. The Cowboys are structured like a business with yes men working for a narcissist. That model doesn’t work in the pro sports. never has, never will. Think about it, the only times the Cowboys were successful is when they had a strong football coach with a competent staff. Now he’s got a sock puppet coach and a bunch of enabling yes men running a circus. The only thing Jerry will ever pay attention to is money and there are lots of suckers out there who’ll keep buying Jerry’s tune that the Cowboys are “next year’s champs”.

  14. Someone should tell Stephen Jones, Aikman isn’t an armchair quarterback, he was the last freakin quarterback to win a Super Bowl for the Cowboys.
    He has a lot more credibility than Stephen. Aikman was right, did anyone see any creativity? They traded for Tavon Austin and he had him run jet sweeps, how exactly is that creative when they ran the same exact play with Ryan Switzer last year ? Hopefully, Garrett and Linehan are gone by the end of the season.

  15. Upon furthr review, it has been confirmed that the Boys are missing some key components on the O side of the ball. Like, who is the number 1 WR, and who is the go to TE, and about that Safety. Also, It was observed that the Cam Newtonian could skirt the outside of the D line and LBs, and move the chaings, how could that happen?

  16. Dallas has a GM who’s gutted the roster. He’s not trying to tank and he can’t be fired. So, no matter who calls the plays, he will fail. Then the season will end and the GM will need a scapegoat to fire. Why not the play caller? So there’s no way Garrett’s volunteering to call those plays.

  17. should let jerry call the plays. seriously! it’s an entertainment business’s and that would be hugely entertaining. they are never going to be contenders with jones involved anyway so what’s the harm?

  18. Stephan Jones calling Troy Aikman an armchair quarterback is pretty rich. Troy is a hall of fame quarterback who won three Superbowl’s. Troy has forgotten more about football than the Jones clowns will ever know. If they had any brains (they don’t) they would hire Troy to be the Cowboys GM.

  19. Stephan Jones calling Troy Aikman an armchair quarterback is pretty rich. Troy is a hall of fame quarterback who won three Superbowl’s. Troy has forgotten more about football than the Jones clowns will ever know. If they had any brains (they don’t) they would hire Troy to be the Cowboys GM.

    Exactly. Anyone who says the Cowboys are better off with Stephen is fooling themselves

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