Jets open season with 48-17 rout of Lions

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It looked like Monday might be one of those nights for the Jets when Sam Darnold‘s first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

As it turned out, it was one of those nights for the Lions. The Jets scored 48 of the next 58 points and routed the Lions 48-17 to move to 1-0 on the season.

Darnold’s initial miscue was the only one he’d make on the night. He finished 16-of-21 for 198 yards and two touchdowns, including a 21-yarder to Quincy Enunwa that broke a 17-17 tie in the third quarter. The Jets would add 14 more points in under three minutes as Darron Lee scored on an interception shortly before Andre Roberts took a punt 78 yards for six more points.

That all but ended the competitive portion of the evening. The Jets’ 48 points are the most in a road game in franchise history and only four less than they scored in three September games last season. They got the ball to the lip of the end zone late in the fourth quarter, but opted to go with the victory formation rather than rubbing more salt in Detroit’s wounds.

Those points came in all phases of the game, but Darnold will be the story of the day. Neither Rome nor quarterbacks are built in a day, but bouncing back from the early turnover and executing the offense flawlessly the rest of the way is the kind of foundation any team would like to build off with a rookie. He’ll get to play in front of the home crowd against the 1-0 Dolphins next time out.

Euphoria is the order of the day for their fans, many of whom spent the fourth quarter emphatically spelling out the team’s name to the delight of the bench and the dismay of the few Lions fans left at Ford Field. The exact opposite is the case for the Lions, who looked terrible for most of the preseason and even worse in Matt Patricia’s head coaching debut.

Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions, was pressured often by a Jets defense lacking fierce edge rushers and got his usual limited help from the running game before getting pulled so Matt Cassel could handle garbage time. Matt Prater missed two field goals, LeGarrette Blount left after taking a hard hit, Ziggy Ansah hurt his shoulder and the defense appeared to give less than 100 percent on a 62-yard touchdown run by Isaiah Crowell that capped the Jets’ 31-point third quarter.

That makes for a big test for how Patricia will get his team to turn the page and come up with something better the next time out. They’ll be in Santa Clara to face the 0-1 49ers next Sunday.

84 responses to “Jets open season with 48-17 rout of Lions

  1. I think he should wear a clown shirt of his own face on it the next time he gets off an airplane. That is the most shameful head coaching job I’ve seen from any coach on his first game.

  2. I think teams need to stop hiring Belichek assistants. Not one of them has looked good as a head coach. The Colts dodged a bullet with McDaniels

  3. Are the Jets that much improved or are the Lions that terrible?

    One thing about Darnold. He looked darn good after the pick six.

  4. The Belicheat Coaching Tree:
    Josh McDanny(iels) – Failed/Broncos
    Jim Schwartie(z) – Failed/Motor City
    Matt Patty(ricia) – Failing Thus Far/Motor City

    Off Topic: “BeastMode” jus’ dun’ run through #99 (Donald), #93 (Suh) for the End Zone TD!

  5. As a Lions’ fan, I’ve been wanting to curtail my nfl addiction for years because I just spend too much time watching games, re-watching games/highlights, and reading websites like this all day.

    So I want to thank you, Matt Patricia. After tonight, I think I’m finally going to be able re-claim my Sundays.

  6. Why is Matt Cassel still in the NFL? At least Stafford threw a score. And the only thing worse than watching the Lions was listening to Brian Griese.

  7. I was expecting a decent showing but not a blowout…as a Jetsfan Ill take it. Darnold didn’t even have to much after the 3rd quarter.

    The Lions have some talent but they just didn’t look ready to play or like they even wanted to. Not a good look

  8. I love it! Giants f’d Up BIG TIME passing up on a franchise QB for Saquon Barkley & Eli Manning AND Darnold playing in the same stadium makes it even better. Good luck jets fans, you deserve a winner

  9. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to see that POS Patricia cringing on the sideline… he looked dazed and confused without Belichick around to save him.

  10. Anyone remember week one last year? How about the Super Bowl? Matt P did not show anything to prove he was ready to be an HC. You gotta love the good ‘ol boy network. And no, we aren’t taking him back

  11. I had zero expectation for a team who was predicted to go 0-16 in 2017 score 48 points tonight on the road.

    Looks like the Lions are in for a long, lengthy season.

  12. Martha Ford can do us all a solid and fire both Quinn and that clown he hired as a head coach. The players gave up, that speaks directly to the head coach!

  13. Did Stanford throw six or seven interceptions? The Lions are going to give the Bills a run for their money for the first pick in April.

  14. Taking out the special teams and defensive TDs, in the last 2 games Matt Patricia’s defense has given up a combined 75 points and 887 yards to a backup and a rookie QB.

    But he wears clown shirts and puts a pencil behind his ear so that’s cool.

  15. Congratulations, Jet fans.
    Lackluster performance across the board, nobody gets a pass on this one.
    Very disappointing way to start out this season, but there’s still a lot of games to be played and we do get the Vikings twice yet.
    So, we’ve got that going for us.

  16. Why any team would pull fruit from the Belicheck coaching tree is beyond me. That tree is poison to the roots. Mangini, Weis, Crennel, McDaniels, O’Brien. Haven’t they seen enough already to know the only reasons for success in NE are the coach and Qb.

  17. Lions are the worst team in the league above the Bills.

    And the Lions have the highest paid QB in the league.

    The Great Lakes must destroy NFL football. Except for Green Bay, which would be down there with the rest without Rodgers.

  18. That was just pathetic, if the Lions continue to show that lack of effort all season they’ll be a lock for a top 5 pick, and potentially the first overall pick.

  19. The audio of tonight’s game was terrible for two reasons. The female commentator (I have no idea who she is) was so loud (and awful, by the way) and Brian Griese was talking so softly you could hardly hear him.
    I turned off the sound and just put close captioning on the screen.
    As for the game, not much to say. The Lions really stunk the place up starting with Stafford and it looks like the Jets may have found a starting QB worth developing.
    One game does not a season make, however, and I attribute a lot of the craziness we saw on opening weekend to the lack of practice and pre-season games these guys get now. It’s clear to me that the absence of hitting in practice and the elimination of two-a-days plus veterans not playing in pre-season games does affect the quality of play on the field in these first games. I expect more sloppy play next week but by week three, things will get closer to normal. Until then — expect anything, such as we saw tonight.

  20. God, grow out of the “asking for a friend”, already.

    The Lions are a terrible team. They’re with Buffalo as the worst in the league.

    And I’m a Bills fan.

  21. So you beat the Lions and their new HC. Wow. Great job. Not a playoff team last year and not an impressive win, considering the only teams that won this week against divisional-round playoff teams from last year are the Bucs and The World Champion Eagles.

  22. Not sure who was worse, Patrícia or Beth Mowan. You know the announcers are bad when people are hitting the SAP button to change to the Spanish broadcast, especially when they don’t understand Spanish,

  23. Well, Lions fans can be happy about one thing: there will be no mid-season collapse this year, crushing your hopes and dreams. After that mess, you can rest easy knowing that the hopes and dreams are non-existent. This team is horrible. From QB down to special teams

  24. Same story with everyone that leaves NE, including players. Belicheat and the league-and-ref-sponsered PEDtriots get way too much help. Players and coaches leave and fail because they’re used to have the refs and Roger playing for them too. Just goes to show that Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT because Brady would be another Dan Orvlosky outside of Billy’s systemized network of cheating and fraud.

  25. I’m 34 years old and have been a Lions fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve been there for an 0-16 season, countless losses by random events (ATL last year anyone) and god knows how many losses came from bad calls because we have never been good enough to over come them.

    This, without a doubt, is the most demoralizing start to a season I have ever seen. It started in the preseason with our joke of a defensive run game. This team is going 3-13. Curse my parents for raising me to love this team.

  26. I don’t know who the female announcer is but she is terrible and the only thing worse then her is the ESPN crew calling the Rams / Raiders….both are just terrible

    Loved the Sam Darnold show….the Giants will regret passing on him for a very long time….my J-E-T-S look like they have a QB

  27. Not sure if I’ve ever seen Stafford look so bad, which is weird given the O-line assets and the continuity at offensive coordinator. NFL coaching must be harder than rocket science.

  28. I say this a little tongue in cheek because I don’t think one games defines anyone. But….I guess that BB coaching tree is still awesome. Wait…it never has been.

  29. The problem with ex-Patriots assistants is the fact that they are absolutely barred from raiding the Patriots staff in order to build theirs for another franchise. The coach must try to build a Patriots-like culture without anyone on the staff that can help in reinforcing what they are trying to teach by experience. Being the only guy on the staff with a Super Bowl ring won’t cut if that same cache is not present in the position rooms on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. The coaches that were retained from the previous staff of the Lions have to learn a new way of doing things as well, so there is bound to be hiccups and mistakes. Players who’ve washed out of the Patriots system can only convey so much in putting forth the message. Crennel got Jeff Davidson when he went to Cleveland and I believe Mangini got a couple when he left for the Jets and they fielded passable teams before the wheels fell off. Patricia is going to have to teach the Patriots style all by his lonesome and this is probably why the team quit tonight as there were no real voices of leadership that shared the same message on the coaching staff. I see a message sending trade coming soon (to the Patriots of course) to notify the team that it is his way or hit the bricks.

  30. Theadvent says:

    September 10, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    So you beat the Lions and their new HC. Wow. Great job. Not a playoff team last year and not an impressive win, considering the only teams that won this week against divisional-round playoff teams from last year are the Bucs and The World Champion Eagles.

    Dolphins did too..

  31. Judging by the way the Stafford played tonight I don’t see the lions winning any of the games left on their schedule this season.

  32. Man, Detroit looked really bad before the start of the it seems true they are incredibly weak. If I was the GM I’d cut my losses with Patricia much sooner than later. This is a dumpster fire folks.

  33. Theadvent says:
    September 10, 2018 at 11:16 pm
    So you beat the Lions and their new HC. Wow. Great job. Not a playoff team last year and not an impressive win, considering the only teams that won this week against divisional-round playoff teams from last year are the Bucs and The World Champion Eagles.
    Actually, it is impressive. Rookie QB throws a pick on his first NFL play, keeps his composure, and his team wins in a blowout on the road by 31.

  34. If Belichek assistants keep struggling as Head Coaches, but excell as assitant coaches..then Belicheck isn’t helping them along their careers. Walsh, Knox, Carroll even have done a better job helping their assistants grow in their profession like players.

  35. In his last two games, Patricia’s defenses have given up 89 points. Thank goodness he’s a defensive guru. I’d hate to see how much worse it would be if he wasn’t.

  36. Don’t worry lions fans. you guy are not by a mile the worst team in the league. at least you were able to actually get a first down or a few before the first half was over. im not sure how long it will take the bills to reach that milestone. I feel your pain.

  37. This was demoralizing indeed! Part of me didn’t want to see Caldwell go, but I did think he was too easy going and the team felt complacent last season. My hope was that Patricia would light a fire under the team that would take them to the next level. It’s only one week, but so far, WAS I EVER WRONG!! He seemed disconnected and disinterested, and the team followed suit by quitting on him. This is unforgivable in the first week of the season AT HOME!!

    The only positive last night was the play of Kenny Golladay, who I still feel has the makings of a superstar.

    Maybe next week will bring back my optimism, but right now it’s hard to think of this team succeeding between what we’ve seen in the pre-season and week 1. Ugh.

  38. Wow…one game and the fan base quits. Ok, wear a paper bag over your heads or look at the Packers to support.

  39. You could dig up Vince Lombardi and it wouldn’t make a difference. When the team quits in a game it’s sad. Their paychecks are for a full game and I would expect these so-called professional football players to play a full game. Disgusting.

  40. @Theadvent … it also not like the Falcons didn’t win that game (on the road) by every way BUT on the scoreboard

  41. I’d rather hear Jess Mendoza call play by play of a football game than Reba MacEntire ERR I mean Beth Mowen.

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