Mike Tomlin unhappy with league office’s replay decision

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The Steelers heard the league’s statement confirming officials were wrong on an unnecessary roughness penalty on Myles Garrett. They wonder why the league office hasn’t commented on a punt return call that wasn’t overturned on replay.

A Pittsburgh punt appeared to hit Browns running back Nick Chubb‘s helmet. A scramble for the ball resulted in Steelers safety Sean Davis recovering.

Officials ruled it had not touched Chubb, and the league office let the play stand after a replay challenge initiated by the Steelers.

“All of us saw the ball hit that guy,’’ Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Why that play was not corrected, I have no idea. Ask New York. They felt comfort talking about the hit on Ben [Roethlisberger] was inappropriately officiated. I’d be interested to see their comments regarding that play.”

The fourth-quarter play would have given the Steelers the ball at their own 47.

Pittsburgh and Cleveland tied 21-21.

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  1. That game was horribly officiated. So many huge game changing calls called wrong. The Steelers got jobbed there and the Browns got jobbed many times.

    Also, is nobody bringing up the fact that the refs stopped the clock in the first quarter to give the Steelers offense 25 more seconds and a dry ball? The whole thing was a clown show.

  2. Get over it Tomlin. Answer is simple: there was no conclusive evidence. I saw the replay, you cannot conclusively say from any angle that it hit the guy. So, whether “we all know it” or not, the rules say you can’t change the call.

  3. Can’t even beat the Browns with the refs help. Sad! Not least there’s no more Bell talk today.

  4. There was conclusive evidence. The ball changed directions and went straight up. That doesn’t just happen for no reason. The other horrible call was when the Browns player fumbled the ball out of the endzone but was ruled down at the one. He clearly fumbled before hitting the ground.

  5. The game was poorly called with calls hurting both sides…..this one was very obvious unless you are a Steeler hater…..time to move on milk has been spilt…..get over it. I think the Steelers get their share of calls unless they play the Cheats,

  6. Just like a Steer to cry. How about crying about the 6 turnovers and the fact you couldn’t beat the Browns!

  7. Just like a Steer to cry. How about crying about the 6 turnovers and the fact you couldn’t beat the Browns!

    No sure who the Steer are but you head is buried in a place where only a yoga move could extricate it. Steeler fans are crying they are stating the obvious Francis….the ball hit Chubbs helmet end of story…..cant change it now so move on. Save your breath you sound like a hater.

  8. marima07 says:
    September 11, 2018 at 5:45 pm
    yeesh… so these things don’t just happen to Tomlin in Foxborough


  9. The league should publish weekly stats on the officials just like they do on players. At least the fans could get some satisfaction that the league is serious about performance. It does no good for the NFL to apologize to teams after the fact for blown calls. Every game has obvious blown calls that sometimes cost teams a game. Maybe the NFL should pay a fine to teams that are wronged. Apologies are useless and BS. The Steelers/Browns game was just one example of poor officiating last weekend that cost somebody a win.

  10. Blah blah blah how about Joe Haden completely covering Josh Gordon’s face mask as he interfered. Should’ve been 1st and goal on the one.

  11. See here’s the thing , if replay was removed from the game you would have some tough calls but at least you would understand it’s part of the game. The nfl flourished for 80 years in this fashion. Only now you have the blown calls EVEN WITH THE DELAY AFTER DELAY replay has brought to the game. I don’t gamble, i don’t play fantasy so i don’t give a hoot but that gronkowski “ catch” was beyond hilarious. Patsies fans cannwhine all theymwant about haters but the fact of the matter was it was incomplete by rule. What i’m sayingmis get rid of replay and bring the human element back into the game if you can’t even get it right with technology

  12. “What i’m sayingmis get rid of replay and bring the human element back into the game if you can’t even get it right with technology”

    That ship has sailed. Most people can dvr the games on HD and replay or not they can personally replay any segment or play of game they want to and will still be screaming about any call they disagree with. The networks will still replay anything controversial they have the slightest chance to as well.

    Technology is too pervasive now, there’s no turning away from it.

  13. They said the Call Stands not the call was confirmed. In other words there was no conclusive proof the ball hit the Browns player so they couldn’t overturn the ruling on the field. That is the correct call. Had it been ruled the other way on the field I bet he wouldn’t be complaining even though the same evidence wouldn’t confirm that either.

    The Miles Garrett play is literally the NFL admitting that a player was called for breaking a rule he didn’t break and that there was concrete evidence he didn’t break it. Browns had a 15 yard penalty for playing football basically.

  14. Wash,

    The ridiculous Garret call also gave Pitt a touchdown as it would’ve been 4th down

  15. Oh Sqeelers… how do you get an extra 12-15 seconds for a ref to dry off your ball when both sides are lined up? I’ve never freaking seen that before.

  16. In the Seahawks game the final TD by the Broncos was ruled incomplete. Another referee came in and changed the call to touchdown. The video evidence on Fox’s Bunny Ears resolution you see the Broncos foot landing on the white out of bounds.

    New York says inconclusive stick with the call on the field. The one that was changed after the fact.

    This is the NFL for years.

  17. That ball didn’t hit anyone in the helmet. Tomlin is embarrassing himself after an already embarrassing game. Let this sink in. They couldn’t even beat the Browns in week one when coaches can try all kind of trick plays before everyone gets wise. Instead, Tomlin’s trick was to have Little Ben throw the game in the garbage and it worked. Pathetic.

  18. The rules clearly state that there has to be definitive evidence to over-turn what was called on the field. Anyone with any understanding of simple physics knows that if a ball makes contact with another object, the ball’s spin trajectory will change which did not happen. They had to look at it from 6 different angles in slow motion and still couldn’t quite tell. So BY RULE- the play stands as called. The refs were trying to hook up the Steelers the entire game with play stoppage to give them dry balls to bad calls favoring them. You would have never guessed that was a Browns home game.

  19. Mike, ypu’re an average coach in an above average organization. There is no creativity to your game plans and your QB looks old and is more concerned about getting hit than throwing completions. 9-6-1 this year, thanks for coming.

  20. To be fair, if MY team had just played to a tie with the Cleveland Browns,
    I too would be trying to steer the conversation to anything BUT that
    my team had just played to a tie with the Cleveland Browns.

  21. So for all of you saying he’s crying and whining or blaming the game on that play, here’s his complete response (not just an excerpt for social media ninjas) to a direct question from a reporter.

    “I am not asking for explanations,” said Tomlin. “The way I look at it is it’s an opportunity for us to grow. Sometimes things happen in football that are outside of your control. Sometimes you feel you have been wronged.

    “All of us saw the ball hit that guy. Their returner (Jabrill) Peppers saw the ball hit that guy. Why else would a returner insert himself into that scrum trying to recover the ball unless he was sure the ball hit the guy?

    “That is the approach we are taking as we move forward. Once a decision is made, there is nothing else you can do about it. You have to move on. You will miss the next opportunity to win the game in some way if you spend time crying over spilt milk. We had plenty of oppotunities to secure the game after that. Why that play was not corrected, I have no idea. Ask New York. I would be interested to hear their comments regarding that play.”

  22. Away from all the Steeler haters comments, watching the game the officials were suspect on more than one call. Some really iffy calls and some big missed calls, helmet to helmet as well as blind side block . The reaction on ball hitting player was really obvious as a reaction to being hit and the officials missed this on replay.

  23. some of you haters have a REALLY low bar for whining. btw, what do you call all your insightless, and mean-spirited comments? at least he’s directly answering questions PEOPLE ASK HIM. and what part of his statement was whining? just curious.

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