Rams wear down Raiders to win easily, 33-13

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Jon Gruden enjoyed that . . . for the first half. Or maybe not considering all the Raiders penalties.

In any event, he surely didn’t enjoy the outcome.

The Rams outgained the Raiders 267 to 141 in the second half, overcoming a 13-10 halftime deficit to win easily, 33-13. It ended up being the result most expected, but it took the Rams a while to realize the season had started.

After resting their star players in the preseason, the Rams got off to a slow start. Raiders tight end Jared Cook had more receiving yards in the first half (113) than the Rams had total yards in the first half (98).

But Los Angeles made up for lost time, rolling upon its return from the locker room by wearing down the overmatched Raiders.

In the second half, Greg Zuerlein hit field goals of 28, 55 and 20 yards; Cooper Kupp caught an 8-yard pass from Jared Goff; and Marcus Peters returned an interception 50 yards for a touchdown.

Peters’ pick-six was the sixth of the NFL’s opening weekend. It was Derek Carr‘s third interception of the night as he went 29-of-40 for 303 yards and a 62.8 passer rating.

Todd Gurley finished with 20 carries for 108 yards and three catches for 39 yards and a touchdown. Goff went 18-for-33 for 233 yards and two touchdowns, a passer rating of 97.2. Brandin Cooks caught five passes for 87 yards.

Aaron Donald, the NFL’s defensive player of the year in 2017, played most of the snaps but finished with only one tackle.

The Raiders missed Khalil Mack, getting only one sack, two quarterback hits and two tackles for loss as Goff had plenty of time in the pocket.

Cook caught nine of Carr’s passes for 180 yards, while Marshawn Lynch rushed for 41 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries.

The Raiders finished with 11 penalties for 155 yards with 145 of the penalty yards coming in the first half.

32 responses to “Rams wear down Raiders to win easily, 33-13

  1. Raiders came out in the first half and smacked the Rams in the mouth. It worked, for a while.

    Rams made their halftime adjustments. Pretty much used that blueprint and ran Gurley down their throats. Defense answered the call.

    Rams pass rush wasn’t that great but seems like Carr got rattled. Threw the ball away too quickly and one throw that was way too lazy.

  2. #carrgivethemoneyback #carrchecksdown 3rd down, down by seven less than 10 min in the game it’s time for the qb to take over and at least try to stretch the play, Carr looks at one option then one more and decides to throw it out of bounds. Classic Carr. The only reason the margin of victory was not more is McVay did not want to out right embarrass his former boss Gruden.

  3. Garbage time points. Raiders had the Rams on the ropes for 3 and a half quarters until Carr threw the game away (literally). Raiders looked a little better than I was expecting under Gruden. I think they’ll be fine this year. Meanwhile the Rams looks great. I expect them to make a legitimate run this year.

  4. No wonder the Raiders are moving. It looked like 20% of the stadium was closed. You know, Mt. Davis that behemoth seating capacity that Al ransomed for returning the Raiders to Oakland? BTW. Alameda County is still paying off $100M in debt for building Mt. Davis.

    Good game. Raiders are still pros when it comes to penalties. Nice.

  5. If Derek Carr is worth $125 Million and Jon Gruden is worth $100 Million, Khalil Mack is worth $500 Million.

  6. The performance by the Raiders was about what I expected. Lynch the cancer is next to useless. As I feared, Gruden’s dink-and-dunk (“West Coast Offense”) scheme is a mismatch for Carr although I’m sure that the “coaching genius” will blame it all on Carr. Defensively, they played alright initially, but Guenther’s game-planning does little to compensate for the loss of Khalil Mack and the fact that there’s next-to-no talent on the D.

    It’s going to be a long season and Gruden is definitely a downgrade from Del Rio.

  7. Finally the raider CBs started looking fir the ball instead of giving up 40 yard penalties. Otherwise the early part of the game would have been even a bigger lead.

    Raiders lost this more than the Rams won

  8. The Raiders got a nice momentum boost out of that completely lame Aaron Donald roughing the passer penalty.

    Instead of lunging for Carr’s legs, Donald instead should have stood up, dusted himself off, and then proceeded to tap Carr on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, good sir, but my position requires that I gently lower you to the ground to indicate that I have stopped your progress on this play.”

  9. Derek Carr is overrated, he is a 15-20th best QB in the NFL. Now, thats not the worst situation to be in as a franchise but to equate Carr to Mack in terms of their skill and what they take up in cap space, is comical. Mack is the best, 2nd best in the NFL at what he does. His contract would only look better and better as the cap rises and other players at his position get paid more than him. The Raiders should have locked Mack up, instead of using that cap space on over the hill veterans and resigning an overrated and average receiver in Amari Cooper. They should have surrounded Mack with cheaper rookies on defense, which they sort of did. Having Mack on his contract and developing Hurst, Hill and Key, would have balanced out Mack’s contract for the next 4 years. The Raiders are regressing very quickly back to the joke of the Franchise they were for almost 12 years between 2002-2014.

  10. The Raiders are at least two years away from being legit. All this talk about getting rid of Carr is nonsense. He a decent QB just needs to get his confidence back. He will with Gruden. Keeping Mack would net the same results. You need a QB in this league. The Raiders wrte in the game until the pick on the 4th quarter. Everyone needs to calm down. The Raiders are not a playoff team this year. If you don’t know this you are a fool. They will be competitive though just like last night. Patience. This thing gonna take time to develop. You have two starters on defense from last year and the offense is using a new scheme. Did you really think they were going to beat the Rams last night???

  11. donttrollonme says:
    September 11, 2018 at 1:55 am
    After watching week 1, this is my prediction for the 2018 NFC West:

    Rams 11-5
    49ers 8-8
    Cards 6-10
    Seahawks 6-10


    I get you but week one is not the time to make predictions for the whole year.

  12. Derek Carr robbed so many people of sleep last night. Now after four years, we find that Carr is what he really is…an ‘average’ to slightly ‘above average’ QB, and very likely will never be in the yearly top 10 of NFL quarterbacks. His checkdowns when passing were stuff high school football is made of. Our running back was his primary receiver all night. This is going to be a very long season… very long…

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