Sam Darnold: “I thought I played pretty well”

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold will be a New York tabloid cover boy on Tuesday morning after leading his team to a dominating win in Detroit, but Darnold was measured in his self-assessment afterward.

Darnold said after the game that he still needs to find a rhythm with his receivers, having not played with them much. But he generally felt he had a solid first game as a pro.

“I hate to say it but those types of things are going to happen in the first game, just starting to get a rhythm with the guys,” he said. “Other than that, I thought I played pretty well.”

Darnold threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown on his first NFL snap, and he acknowledged that was a bad pass. But he said he didn’t let that get him down, and he didn’t throw another interception.

“Right when I let it go I thought I had him, then right when I released it I saw the defender and thought, ‘Oh, shoot,'” Darnold said. “On the interception I was pretty nervous, but after that I put it behind me.”

That’s what the Jets need from Darnold, whose first game went more than just pretty well.

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  1. I chuckled at his INT, but he bounced back great, but the defense (and Stafford)really helped with that as well. I don’t really believe in many USC QBs transitioning to the NFL they have really struggled, Carson Palmer was probably the best in the last 40 years with missed potential on players like Lienart, and Sanchez.

    While Darnold may be able to shake that USCurse, he did make some good throws and good reads, but I need to see more, Look at players like Luck, Newton, and RG3. Showing promise but then either getting injured, or just not keep playing at an elite level.

    One thing I will say about Darnold is as the commentator sai dhe doesn’t get to up or down on good or bad plays. That will help him as he goes on in his career, because I feel players that have that mindset (Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, Brady) tend to be MUCH more consistent. Than someone that gets up and down (Newton OBJ) it seems like they lose focus when they ride that rollercoaster and it can really seems to mess with their performance.

  2. Great win for the Jets, looked strong in all areas. Build on this and keep that confidence going.

  3. Vikings fan here.

    I was really impressed with his throws for most part. When he rolled out he still looked accurate and had a cannon.

    Good luck Jets fans!

  4. Patsies fans rejoicing and ridiculing the kid after one pass. See the future bandwagon nation you got 20 more years of this coming

  5. Geno Smith played good in his 1st start…Got a win…threw for 250yrds and a TD…..everyone needs to relax until 8-10 games into this kids career. Lets not blow his head up any larger. Pun intended.

  6. Yeah, I’ll bet he literally thought, “Oh, shoot!” …
    But he did have an excellent first game, and seems level-headed and mature, with strong leadership skills.

    Not many of us regardless of age could so quickly and easily shake off a pick six in our first NFL pass on national television.

    It won’t be long before we’re trying to convince the youngsters that the powerhouse Jets and Browns used to be perennial cellar dwellers.

    Congrats to Darnold and his entire team for this strong start to the season!

  7. Barring a serious injury, there aren’t many worse ways to start your first NFL game than a pick six. And not only did he forget it quickly, he looked very good for a rookie. The Lions played a part in being awful, but Darnold still delivered. His poise and short memory are the kinds of things you are born with and no amount of coaching can instill. The Jets may have found the one.

  8. Let’s not fit him for a bust in Canton just yet. He has potential that is for sure but at this point he has 1 game under his belt, time will tell us how talented he is, particularly time against some of the defenses he will be facing this year. Keep in mind as he plays more games defenses will have more film to study, can he evolve to negate what they will inevitably throw at him?

    The Jets have some tough opponents coming up also. JVill, Chicago, The Texans, potentially the Pats twice and Miami twice and truly I believe Cleveland’s defense will be a test for them also.

  9. All the people pushing the USC narrative are just ignorant. Certain colleges don’t produce good QBs. Look at Michigan – they’ve never produced a good QB — oh except for Tom Brady — and he didn’t even start for them!

    Being a franchise QB is a statistical anomoly. There are going to be tons of busts along the way. Trying to predict it based on where someone went to college is just foolish.

  10. One solid win and suddenly Jets fans are acting like he’s going to be a HoF’r, Derek Carr looked like a franchise savior a few seasons back, so did Kap, so did Mariota, so did Winston, so did Jimmy G. I’m not saying don’t get a bit excited but let’s wait before we crown him.

  11. Giants: OBJ + Barkley, loss.

    Jets: Darnold, win.

    Any questions? (I know it’s only one game, but that’s how trash talk works.)

  12. kevpft says:
    September 11, 2018 at 10:54 am
    Giants: OBJ + Barkley, loss.

    Jets: Darnold, win.

    Any questions? (I know it’s only one game, but that’s how trash talk works.)


    Giants: OBJ + Barkley * top defense = loss

    Jets: Darnold * Detroit High School football team = win

    Congrats! You have a hall of fame quarterback against terrible teams. Let’s see how the rest of the season goes…….

  13. Darnold looked like he belonged. Of course he’ll have some tough games too, but if I’m a Jets fan, I feel very good about my team’s prospects right now.

  14. urmomsmyho says:
    September 11, 2018 at 10:27 am
    All the people pushing the USC narrative are just ignorant. Certain colleges don’t produce good QBs. Trying to predict it based on where someone went to college is just foolish.
    I can agree that becoming a great pro QB may not have everything to do woth college, however some schools can make a QB look better than he really is. Like USC and Ohio St. and Alabama.

    Which can be similar to like the UW Badgers, I love them and their ground game, but many RBs have struggled transitioning to NFL because they no longer run behind a dominating OL, and are use to a traditional FB leading the way.

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