Shaquem Griffin could see less time this week in favor of Austin Calitro


Seahawks rookie Shaquem Griffin started at weakside linebacker and played 41 of 74 snaps. Austin Calitro played 33.

But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll suggested Tuesday that Calitro could see more time this week as starter K.J. Wright remains out with a knee issue.

“Austin did pretty well and Griff, he had some problems on some stuff,” Carroll said, via Brady Henderson of ESPN. “There were some things that happened to him that wasn’t quite as clean as we would have liked. He got fooled on a couple things, but he played hard, and he played tough and all of that. It’s just [his] first game, trying to figure it out. Even through preseason, he’s had a lot of reps, but stuff happened to him for the first time in this game that hadn’t happened before, and he didn’t always see it the way he needed to.

“It’s a difficult transition that he’s making. It’s a lot to do in a short amount of time. They had a nice offense; they did some nice stuff, and he wasn’t quite where he wanted to be at times. So we’ll just keep going. We’ll find out during the week how the guys play and how they do and how practice goes, and we’ll see what we’re going to do about play time.”

11 responses to “Shaquem Griffin could see less time this week in favor of Austin Calitro

  1. Griffin made some rookie mistakes being out of position and a couple of bad angles on some tackling. Still needs more time to develop

    Calitro had a play or two but he also missed a big tackle.

    KJ Wright is a big missing piece especially with a defensive line creating next to no pressure.

  2. The chickens may be coming home to roost for Carroll a lot faster than he realizes.

    After about 5 years of incredible arrogance and basking in press clippings, it could be lights out.

  3. Calitro was the best LB in preseason and another of the “who’s he?” finds. Outplayed everyone on D. It was obvious.
    Glad to see Pete being open after what all happened this summer.
    Putting the blame squarely on Russell and now pulling the media darling Griffin and admitting he’s not ready is all about winning. Never would of happened before this summer.

  4. Griffin needs to hire Johnathan Martin’s Mom, who is a big-time employment attorney, and place the Seahawks on notice that violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act will not be tolerated. With the NFL trampling in Constittuional rights like nothing, they will think nothing of violating statutory law. I

  5. So griff really is the same size as chancellor was only faster and no one on the coaching staff thought hmmm.he might br able to more to strong safety or find away yo play E Thomas and Griff at safety at the same time….hmm

    Just sayin…. common sense is not that common i guess

  6. he belongs on the roster – he can really run and hit, and his attitude is obviously great – so there’s always a place for a guy like that.

    but yeah, he was just eaten up by the starter-level blockers on Sunday. He’s really pretty small for his position – and I know smaller LB’s are the thing right now, but you’ve got to be pretty special to be effective. It’s also just game 1 for a rookie player . . .let’s give the guy a little more time.

  7. Griffin is a practise and workout warrior but his anatomy simply renders him unfit for the NFL;

    teams will continue to attack his obvious natural weakness whether he is left at LB or moves back to safety and there is no compensation for it without creating a weakness elsewhere in your defense;

    ability cannot overcome anatomy, no matter how his supporters may wish for it;

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