Stephen Jones adds “armchair” label to a Hall of Fame quarterback

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A former Cowboys quarterback has concerns about the team’s current offense. And the team’s current ownership doesn’t seem to be impressed by that.

A day after Hall of Famer Troy Aikman questioned the creativity of the team’s offense during Sunday’s season-opening loss to the Panthers, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones adopted a dismissive tone.

“I just think at the end of the day, everybody can play armchair quarterback and point fingers after the fact,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Of course, Aikman isn’t just an armchair quarterback. Also, he wasn’t criticizing after the fact, but in real time.

“I do think we need to figure out how to get in a rhythm when you use six receivers and make sure everyone’s in there for what they do best. I think that’s a little bit of a work in progress,” Jones admitted. “But I think it’s unfair right now to point fingers at play-calling, whether it’s [quarterback] Dak [Prescott], whether it’s our receivers, I just think we gotta do a better job overall of executing and I think this thing will come together.”

Maybe it will, but Aikman is right when it comes to the offense’s lack of creativity. It’s a meat-and-potatoes attack, one that relies on the dominance of the offensive line and the effectiveness of running back Ezekiel Elliott, which in turn opens up the passing game. With the offensive line not dominant, it becomes much more difficult to run the ball and, with no receiver who commands double coverage and safeties not cheating toward the line of scrimmage, much more difficult to throw.

So if a basic offensive approach won’t work, creativity becomes even more important, with plays and concepts that mask the deficiencies of the personnel and that take advantage of what they do best. That’s not armchair quarterbacking; that’s competent coaching.

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  1. This is a high school offense being ran by a JV OC. Scott HAS to Go! We need to play like we are trying to dominate not like we are protecting our weaknesses! And the new QB coach has to go!

  2. Currently playing in the NFL? No. Currently sitting in a chair? Yes. That makes you an armchair quarterback. You may be more qualified than most, but your current situation dictates that you are indeed an armchair quarterback. I’ll fix the headline for you ‘Stephen Jones acknowledges offense struggles, and suggests that current Cowboys will need to fix it, not former players’

  3. Truth hurts huh Stephen? Aikman just calling it like he sees it and that is what he is paid to do. Cant question him

  4. Hmmm… tough choice here! Stephen Jones? Troy Aikman? Who might know more about an NFL calibre offense, I wonder…

  5. Stephen Jones adds “armchair” label to a Hall of Fame quarterback…it’s why the upper class is trying to destroy the middle class…protect their idiot offspring from falling too far down the economic ladder…

  6. So, Zeke only gets 60 yards behind that great o-line to establish the run. Not so much. Dak won’t make it the entire season and they have NO backup.

  7. captainwhodat says:
    September 11, 2018 at 4:13 pm
    Stephen Jones adds “armchair” label to a Hall of Fame quarterback…it’s why the upper class is trying to destroy the middle class…protect their idiot offspring from falling too far down the economic ladder…


    Decades of Progressive policies are what is destroying the middle class. Just look at that they did to the once proud city of Detroit.

  8. Stephen Jones – Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. He might be slower than his father.

  9. At this rate, as a reference point, the word Clueless will no longer point to a 1990s movie but will instead have been replaced by a picture of Stephen Jones. Talk about trying to corner the market on stupidity.

    To label Troy as an armchair QB makes Stephen what, other than an entitled utilizer of nepotism who manages to prove both the Fredo Theory and the Peter Principle at once.

  10. Mediocre Owner/General Manager + Mediocre Coach + Mediocre Offense Coordinator = Mediocre Results. Just because they have a star on their helmets doesn’t make them a superior team. The results peak for themselves no matter how you spin it, Stephen.

  11. At this point in time, Aikman is an armchair qb. Until he decides to take a team position he is just another voice that carries little weight. I think Aikman is wrong about Bryant, wrong about Kapernick and simply wrong in his harshness about other players and team situations. Aikman didn’t win until Johnson had time and players to put it together. Even then he was not as special as Montana, Young or some of his contemporaries.

  12. “Also, he wasn’t criticizing after the fact, but in real time.”

    What kind of logic is that? The play was over – criticizing plays that don’t work is after the fact. It doesn’t require an overnight to sleep on it…unless you used the term Monday Morning Qb.

    So way to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  13. Dallas still needs a QB. When you can’t throw the long ball teams line up 8in the box and take away the run and receivers can’t get open.

  14. It would be fun to see Aikman ‘go rogue’ next time he calls a Cowboys game, and diagnose the play as the Cowboys line up for each offensive snap.

    My guess is that he would be correct often enough to quickly end the “armchair” discussion, and really turn up the heat on the “we’re WAY too predictable on offense” discussion.

    Joe Buck’s hair plugs would fall out. Must see TV!

  15. Between Aikman and either Jones, Jerry or Stephen, I’d take Aikman every time!

    What ever Jones made the decision to keep Scott Lineham and fire the rest of the offensive coaches, made a huge mistake. Lineham is terrible because once he decides his game plan, he refuses to change a darn thing and he won’t adjust to the game situation. The definition of stupidity is to do the same things over and over again and expect a different outcome. That’s Scott Lineham!!!

  16. I mean, Aikman is more qualified than almost anyone alive (with the exception of other active and former coaches and a few players) to make those criticisms. He’s also doing his job by saying those things. However, Stephen Jones is also doing his job by defending his team’s gameplan, and it’s also only been a single game. Aikman is armchair quarterbacking, but he is likely correct in his assessment. That said, Jones almost has no other choice but to defend his team’s gameplan, even if Aikman ends up being right.

    Everyone else though I would agree with. Linehan needs to go. He’s had at least some measure of success in the league, but lately there’s a lot of evidence of redundant or uncreative playcalling that has held his team back, especially in clutch time.

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