Brandon Carr: “Bitter taste” from Week 17 loss to Bengals still there

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The Ravens crushed the Bills for a season-opening 47-3 victory last Sunday, but that result couldn’t do anything to change the fact that the Bills were in the playoffs last year while the Ravens were watching from home.

It was close to going the other way, but Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton hit wide receiver Tyler Boyd for a 49-yard touchdown on fourth down in the final minute of their game against the Ravens. The Bengals win knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs, which worked out well for Dalton’s charitable endeavors and it left cornerback Brandon Carr with a painful memory that lingers more than nine months later.

“If I were to say no, I’d be lying,” Carr said, via “We’ve still got that bitter taste in our mouths.”

Carr will be facing Dalton, Boyd and company on Thursday night in a game that won’t alter history in any way. Coach John Harbaugh said the team won’t revisit the play before the game, but it might be a good time to offer a reminder that winning more games now would help eliminate the possibility of having everything fall apart in Week 17.